How to Get Gems on Darkfire Heroes

Darkfire Heroes is a rather simple game that has very direct gameplay. The entire premise of the game is to collect heroes and form them into a squad as I make my way through different levels and get stronger as I go. 

However, I've also noticed that Darkfire Heroes also has a certain level of depth when it comes to strategy. Choosing a certain hero, unleashing spells and skills, and striking at the right time will need a lot of precision as a player. 


Even just assembling your team can become quite complicated. In this article, we'll talk about the game and how you can get gems to enhance your gameplay.

  • Collect Heroes and Battle Evil
  • Essentials in Playing Darkfire Heroes
  • Assembling Your Team
  • Upgrade Your Gear
  • Getting Free Gems and Cards
  • Play the Arena
How to Get Gems on Darkfire Heroes
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Collect Heroes and Battle Evil

Darkfire Heroes is a hero collector game where I assemble a team of five different heroes and set them to battle evil creatures while slinging spells and upgrading gears and weapons.

How to Get Gems on Darkfire Heroes
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I use different special attacks and battle through a fantasy RPG world filled with dangerous monsters and dragons.


With over 75 heroes to choose from and hundreds of skills and equipment to choose from, Darkfire Heroes will always keep things fresh and interesting with how you assemble your team. 

Each hero brings something new to the table and can either buff your teammates or deal damage against enemies - the choice is yours.

Downloading Darkfire Heroes

Darkfire Heroes is developed by Rovio Entertainment Corporation and is made available for mobile devices. For Android users, download the game through the Google Play Store, while the App Store is the best way to download the game on iOS devices.


Take note that the mobile game has an in-app purchase feature so you might want to set up your payment option while the game is still downloading.

Essentials in Playing Darkfire Heroes

To me, it's always a gamble to assemble all the most powerful heroes in Darkfire Heroes. 

How to Get Gems on Darkfire Heroes
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Start by familiarizing yourself with the heroes and spells in this game. There are different classes of heroes in Darkfire Heroes and each of them offers something unique to the team. 

Damage dealers deal a tremendous amount of damage which can help carry the team while the tanks, healers, and supports keep the damage dealers alive.

Using Spells

Spells are often used by heroes to provide damage, control the enemies, or provide support to your team. Each spell works differently from one another and understanding what spells do in this is vital to how you work with your team. 

Check out the Spells tab on the main page and learn how the spells that you have unlocked work and use them for your team.

Assembling Your Team

When it comes to assembling your team, I would highly recommend having at least two tanks to soak up damage for your team and two damage dealers. 

How to Get Gems on Darkfire Heroes
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There should be at least one healer or supporter in the game to make the team balanced. Supports are very important for your team especially healers as they counter the damage dealt by enemies.

Some would recommend that you try to have more tanks in the front line and take a more defensive route, but having a well-balanced team that can take and dish out damage is the way to go. While some tanks do have some healing abilities, they do not outdo the heals that healers provide for the team.

I also suggest that you get used to having constant changes to your lineup. Each battle you face will have different monsters that are weak or strong against your current team. It is best to assemble a team that counters your current enemies than just playing the same lineup over and over.

Getting the Top Heroes

Many players might think that damage dealers are the most important members of your team when in fact, it's the support that truly shines in Darkfire Heroes. Most supports and healers enable the other members of the team to deal even more damage while also sustaining them during team fights. 

Dagmyr is a great support hero that can buff your entire team's damage for a short duration while Aleon is commonly picked to disrupt the enemy as long as possible with his Cause Fear ability. Meanwhile, Kataryn's supportive Vampirism buff makes her a formidable healer and trader in the game. 

Aul is probably the ultimate healer in the game as she brings different types of heals from single target to party heals. Adaline's long-range damage and critical attacks make quick work of the enemies so be sure to pick her up for your team.

Upgrade Your Gear

To keep my characters strong and able to withstand a plethora of attacks, I always make sure that I keep on upgrading each of the equipment and gears that my heroes have.

How to Get Gems on Darkfire Heroes
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There are even times when I replace them with better equipment if I have to. As I complete different levels and missions, the game offers me a reward that includes equipment and gear for my heroes.

Choose the appropriate weapon and armor for each specific hero on your team to increase their power. Make sure to put more defensive gear on tanks and upgrade the weapons on your damage dealers. 

Keep on pushing your limit when it comes to upgrading your weapon and gears as it will help your team last longer in battle.

Cycle Through Spells

The same way that I upgrade my gear for my team, I also tend to cycle through different spells so I can make them stronger. I also get familiarized with what each spell does to the enemy or my team by equipping them during combat. There are about 20 spells to unlock but I can only use 5 of them in battle.

Choosing the spells to equip will differ from the type of team composition as well as the enemies that I face. Each spell will have a variety of effects from one hero to another so make sure that you cycle through all these spells to know which ones are effective to your team and against your enemies.

Getting Free Gems and Cards

One of the best ways to get gems, coins, and chests in this is to simply play the game. Do a lot of quests and start your expedition. You should always check out the Quests tab on the main screen and see if there are quests that you may have missed in the past.

How to Get Gems on Darkfire Heroes
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You can also look to check out your daily and weekly quests and complete them before the time runs out. When starting your expedition, you will also get a free chest at least once every few hours which may contain random rewards such as gems and cards.

Special Deals

I also look into the daily, weekly, and monthly deals at the Special Deals section to see how many gems I can get. While they may not be enough, it's already a good start that you also try to collect them in this section. 

Once I have earned enough gold and points, I soon start to earn gems and chests along the way.

Play the Arena

Another thing to remember if you want to get more rewards from the game is to play the Arena and exhaust all of your daily arena allowances. 

How to Get Gems on Darkfire Heroes
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The more you play at the Arena, the more keys you will receive and sometimes earn a key chest. It won't matter if you win or lose as you still get to receive the keys but winning increases your chances of getting better rewards.

Play the Arena once you are done with some of the quests or PvP mode game modes. Once you have received all the rewards from playing the Arena, you can go back to playing the other game modes as you have already capped out from the rewards.

There will be times when you get so involved in the game that you tend to use up all of your energy. Hopping into the Arena will help you play the game and earn rewards while waiting for your energy to replenish.

Save Your Gems

As soon as you start racking up those gems, you might be tempted to use them all at once. Be sure to avoid spending everything in one go as you might need some of them later on especially during the later stages of the game.

I would rather suggest that you keep those gems and wait until you collect enough to purchase Heroic and Epic chests. These chests provide better rewards that you can take advantage of for your team.


There's a lot to like about Darkfire Heroes. At first, many players would be confused with the different mechanics or the varying heroes in this game but as soon as you get to read the tips above, you should have an idea of what to do in the game, and how you can get more gems.