Hero Wars Adventure 9 - How to Get Free Emeralds

If you're looking for a new mobile strategy game, Hero Wars is a great addition to your list of mobile games to play.

Hero Wars is an action-packed role-playing strategy mobile game where you recruit different heroes to join your team. You can upgrade your hero to make them more powerful as you go through a series of quests to save the world from evil.


If you want to learn more about Hero Wars and how you can get free emeralds, check out this guide.

Hero Wars Adventure 9 - How to Get Free Emeralds
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Play Through the Campaign

Hero Wars is a hero collector mobile game where you get to recruit different types of heroes to join you in your quest. This quest is unraveled as you go through the Campaign mode which offers the main storyline of the game. 

Hero Wars Adventure 9 - How to Get Free Emeralds
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The Campaign mode is also where you get to discover more heroes and different items to help you reach the end. 


The main focus in the early stages of the campaign is to teach you how to play the game and as you go through different levels, you'll discover that the game becomes challenging as you go. 

Playing the campaign also has its own benefits. You get more experience, get to recruit more heroes, and gather as many items and equipment as you need to make your team of heroes stronger.

Replay Stages to Grind for Items

The stages that you have already completed can be played again several times. The more you play and clear each stage faster, the more rewards you will get. This is why it is highly recommended that you try to replay each stage after your first try. 


This allows you to get as many rewards as you can including equipment. Make sure that you clear each stage and get a 3-star rating so you'll get the most out of your run. 

You can grind for equipment through this method but after a few tries, you will need to use a raid ticket that can only be acquired through quests or at the theater to replay the stage again.

Understand Each Hero

Hero Wars is packed with a wide variety of heroes to choose from. Some are weaker than others while others are powerful on their own depending on their tier and rarity. 

Hero Wars Adventure 9 - How to Get Free Emeralds
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While you may start the game with weaker heroes, you can always recruit more powerful ones later on once you have enough resources. 

You may also think that one powerful hero is enough to win the game but chances are, there are a lot more other heroes that are powerful when placed within your team. This is why it is always a good strategy to know all the heroes in your roster. 

Each hero has their own unique attributes such as healing, tanking, damage, and more. It is up to you to find out which one suits you and your team the best.

Promote Your Heroes

As soon as you hit a few levels in the game, Hero Wars will introduce to you a mechanic that will help make your team of heroes stronger. You can promote each hero in your roster to become powerful. 

Each hero will require resources for them to be promoted so you'll need to grind for them when you're doing the campaign or when you're doing your quests. 

Don't throw away any items or rewards that you have acquired when playing the game as it may be one of the prerequisites in promoting one of your heroes. It will take some time before you can promote all of the heroes in your roster so make sure that you promote them evenly.

Form a Well-Rounded Team

Recruiting new heroes in Hero Wars is quite difficult since you don't have full control. The game has gacha mechanics when pulling new heroes to join your team. 

Either way, once you get the hero that you want, you still need to consider their place within your roster. Some heroes work better when they are paired with other heroes as they complement each other in terms of skills. 

This is why it's important to learn all heroes and create a well-balanced team. Tanks, supports, healers, mages, marksmen, warriors, and control heroes should always be present within your team so they can go up against different kinds of enemies. 

A well-rounded team enables you to cover the different weaknesses of each hero and increase your chances of winning more games.

Gain More Experience With Daily Quests

Experience is key to allowing your heroes to thrive and become more powerful. Aside from promoting them, you also need to gain experience to level up in the game. 

You can gain experience by clearing different stages in the Campaign mode but if you're looking to gain experience as quickly as possible, here's one way to do it. Check for daily quests right before you log in to the game and see which ones can be completed immediately. 

Daily quests offer a large portion of experience and when you play the game and finish a few stages, you'll gain this experience. Go ahead and make sure that you meet all the criteria in accomplishing each daily quest so you'll gain more experience and level up faster.

Always Claim Your Rewards

Speaking of daily quests, Hero Wars makes it easy for players to gain experience and receive rewards. 

Hero Wars Adventure 9 - How to Get Free Emeralds
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Even just by playing the game, you get rewards all the time. Each time you gain a level or finish a daily quest, you'll receive chunks of experience alongside chests and loot boxes that contain random rewards. 

Make sure to always claim chests and loot boxes at the end of the day and open them immediately. You'll never know what rewards you'll get, especially if you're in dire need of resources like experience and emeralds.

Visit the Theater to Get Free Emeralds

Emeralds are a precious commodity in Hero Wars. You don't get a lot of emeralds in the game especially if you're not a paying player. But that does not mean you'll never have a chance to get some emeralds in the game for free

To get free emeralds in the game, be consistent in playing regularly. You can also check out the Theater and watch a few video ads. 

After watching ads, you'll either get gold, energy, raid tickets, or a chance to get free emeralds.


Hero Wars is a fantastic mobile role-playing game where you can test your wits and strategy in building a roster of powerful heroes and fighting against evil creatures. Follow the tips mentioned above so you can build the most powerful team.

Hero Wars is now available to download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.