How To Get The First Weapon In Outriders

Imagine our Earth getting consumed by climate disasters, and then eventually, it becomes uninhabitable. Now, only a few thousand humans must travel across the galaxy to find an Earth-like home, only to find out that dangerous creatures occupy the planet. This is where the Outriders are called to action.

I've seen a lot of praise and felt the excitement when Outriders was first announced way back in 2019. It's one of those shoot'em up games that are both satisfying and complex at the same time. 


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How To Get The First Weapon In Outriders
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A New Tactical Sci-Fi Shooter

Outriders is a multiplayer action role-playing shooter game from Square Enix and are made available for the PlayStation 4 and 5, Stadia, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. The story follows a group of elite soldiers known as Outriders who are tasked to scout an Earth-like planet known as Enoch to secure a settlement. 

How To Get The First Weapon In Outriders
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Players are introduced to four different classes in the game, and each of them has its own unique set of abilities and specialties. Players can also use various weapons such as shotguns, SMGs, assault rifles, and other firearms that can be customized. 


The game also features world tiers which are equivalent to the game's difficulty. The higher the world tier, the more difficult the challenges become.

The game also features different hubs to talk to NPCs and complete various side quests that also bring forth many rewards. Outriders can be played solo or together with two other players.

Where To Download

Outriders are available for download on the Windows PC through Steam. Meanwhile, gaming console owners can download the game at the PlayStation Store for PlayStation 4 and 5 and the Microsoft Store for the Xbox console.


To download the game, select Outriders to purchase and pay the amount. Download the game once the purchase has gone through and wait for the entire game to install before launching to play the game.

Unlock The Best Weapon In The Early Game

Playing Outriders mean you will need to get the best weapons as early as possible. There are many weapons to choose from at the start of the game, but the best ones are always the most effective at eliminating hordes of enemies in the shortest amount of time. This is why I highly recommend that you get the Blue Blood shotgun at the earliest possible time.

How To Get The First Weapon In Outriders
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I acquired this weapon early on when I could unlock the third area called Eagle Peaks through the main story. I approached an NPC named Joselyn, where I was presented with a choice. There will be two other weapons to choose from, but I would rather suggest that you take the automatic Blue Blood shotgun for its efficacy.

Paired with Fireworks and Minefield, the Blue Blood shotgun might be one of the most powerful early weapons in the game as it deals great single-target damage while also providing a good area of effect damage. 

Fireworks shock the enemy with severe damage and have a three-second cooldown. Minefield creates mines after killing a single enemy, which helps deal with stragglers after fighting off a swarm of enemies.

Get The Best Legendary Weapon

Once I outgrow the Blue Blood shotgun, it is time to get the first and probably the best Legendary weapon in the game - the Wicker. The Wicker is an SMG that deals great damage and offers great accuracy in landing all of my shots. SMGs are typically favored for their short and effective way of dealing with hordes of monsters in short to mid-range combat.

The Wicker shines as the best legendary weapon in the game due to both the ultimate Ashen bullets and Ricochet. Ash immobilizes the enemies and interrupts channels while ricocheting deals area of effect damage that can also stun a large group of enemies. Pyromancers might want to get this Legendary weapon as it bodes well with their play style.

The Wicker can be acquired once you reach World Tier 4. While I still have to risk it with a random chance, the chances of getting the legendary weapon increase based on how high my World Tier is. Players might want to unlock this weapon as early as possible to finish certain missions with ease.

Playing Outriders

The game's tutorial might give you all the basic knowledge on how to play the game, but Outriders is far more complex than that. This multiplayer shooter game might be straightforward to understand, but the execution during skirmishes is far more challenging to pull off. This is why I highly suggest that you try to learn as much as possible.

How To Get The First Weapon In Outriders
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Some elements of the game might even be challenging for new players. I recommend checking out the tips below to know how to play Outriders and be an exemplary player.

Try Different Classes

There are four different classes in Outriders that can be chosen at the start of the game. These are the Devastator, Trickster, Technomancer, and the Pyromancer. Each of these classes brings its unique flavor to the battlefield, so I highly advise that you try every one of them to know which suits your play style.

At the start of the game, you can only choose one class, and it will be your character for the rest of the game unless you start all over again. Choosing the right playstyle is imperative if you want to last longer on the battlefield. 

These characters have their unique strengths and weaknesses, so trying them all out should allow you to choose which one suits you best.

Understanding Heals In Outriders

One of the best mechanics in Outriders is that healing is tied to killing enemies. I think this keeps the game well-balanced, knowing that killing enemies also helps me in battle; thus, the game ensures that I need to be skillful with how I eliminate my enemies. 

How To Get The First Weapon In Outriders
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Offense is the best defense in Outriders, so the sooner I train myself to accurately hit enemies, the easier the game becomes. In Outriders, each class has different ways of healing. 

Pyromancers heal when marked enemies die around them, while Tricksters get a shield and heal every time they kill an enemy. Technomancers, on the other hand, heal whenever they deal damage, while Devastators often recover health from enemies that they eliminate in close range.

Keep On Moving

I've noticed that many new players make the mistake of staying at one place while shooting. Being stationary will only harm your game, especially when there's a swarm of monsters heading towards you from all directions. 

It is always best to keep moving around the area while ensuring that you land all of your shots. All of your enemies will surely focus on taking you down, but you will soon learn that constant movement will help you develop the skill to dodge attacks. 

I also like to move around to use the terrain to my advantage and avoid becoming overwhelmed by the enemies quickly.

Auto-Loot Is Your Friend

I know for a fact that it becomes pretty tedious for players to go through every item scattered on the floor and collect them piece by piece. Outriders have specifically made a good feature that allows you to pick up any loot that is dropped on the ground. Just make sure that the auto-loot feature is enabled before playing the game.

How To Get The First Weapon In Outriders
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While you may be flooded with useless items in your inventory, there is still a good chance that you might end up with an excellent weapon. I tweak the auto-loot feature and allow the system to pick up specific items through their rarities so I won't exceed the limit of my inventory.

Make Good Use Of Your Abilities

Unlike many other shooter games, Outriders is focused on each character's abilities instead of just relying on weapons. There is still significant importance in using weapons, but abilities far outweigh weapons when it comes to combat.

Make good use of your abilities and spam them whenever they are available. Most of the abilities in the game have a very low cooldown. Burn through your abilities the moment you step into the game.

Use your abilities in large groups of enemies, and since you heal by dealing more damage in this game, you get a good chunk of health back once you cast those areas of effect abilities. When it comes to priorities, abilities will always come first and once they are on cooldown, use your weapons to buy yourself time, then get back to punishing your enemies with your devastating skills.


Outriders offer a lot of interesting combinations for both your character and the weapons that you choose. From the gear that you want down to the skills you want to use, there is an extensive amount of freedom for players to carve their path and play the game at their own pace and style, and that is where Outriders truly shine.