Learn How To Play Resident Evil And Receive Rewards

I remember the days playing with my PlayStation One, and I found myself running through the streets of Raccoon City and into the doors of the Raccoon City Police Department to seek shelter from the hordes of zombies. 

When this giant monstrosity was featured during a cutscene, I found my favorite survival horror video game of all time. When Nemesis was introduced as this hulking creature who never stopped chasing our protagonist Jill, the game became one of the classics.


Almost two decades later, Resident Evil 3 was announced to be in line for a remake after the successful remake of the second Resident Evil game. This remake captured everything that I loved in the original game and more. If you want to learn more about the game, check out the following:

  • Resident Evil 3 Remake
  • Saving Raccoon City
  • Challenge Yourself
  • Earn Points Fast
  • Kill More Enemies
Learn How To Play Resident Evil And Receive Rewards
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Resident Evil 3 Remake

Resident Evil 3 is a survival horror video game from Capcom. This version is a remake of the original Resident Evil 3 game released way back in 1999. 

Learn How To Play Resident Evil And Receive Rewards
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The video game follows Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira. They try to find a vaccine from the deadly T-Virus that turns humans into zombies while also being relentlessly pursued by a creature known as Nemesis.


The game was hyped up to be the next game to be remade after the success of the Resident Evil 2 remake. Both games have a more action-packed approach than the original by infusing more combat skills such as dodging and adding more weapons into the game. Resident Evil 3 also features a separate online multiplayer game.

As a player of the original Resident Evil 3 game, I was beyond excited to play the game. I was not disappointed with how it built upon the fundamentals laid by the original game. By emphasizing on the game's action elements and by keeping the tense game atmosphere, the remake exceeded my overall expectations as a player.

Where Can You Download Resident Evil 3?

Resident Evil 3 is available for download for Windows PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. To download the game on your PC, head over to the official website and click on the download link. 


For PlayStation and Xbox owners, check the PlayStation Store and the Microsoft Store for more details.

Saving Raccoon City

Resident Evil 3 Remake follows the same storyline as the original game. In this version, Jill continues her fight against the evil Umbrella Corporation who has unleashed a deadly virus within Raccoon City. 

Learn How To Play Resident Evil And Receive Rewards
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She must fight her way out of the city as it is slowly overrun by the undead and the biohazard creatures that lurk in every corner. 

As Jill tries to rally up her fellow STARS members, she is soon hunted down by a relentless and unstoppable creature known as Nemesis. 

Jill must race against time as she receives information that the US Government has launched a missile strike into the city to contain the virus from spreading.

Same Setting, More Action-Packed

Upon learning that Capcom has plans to revisit Resident Evil 3 and would want to remake the game, I was beyond ecstatic to finally be able to play the game in high-definition graphics alongside an upgrade to an already action-packed game. 

The original Resident Evil 3 game featured different situations where the player would choose from two options. In the remake version, the game builds upon the tension and improves the gameplay of the original game.

Now, players can play Jill and can do a lot more this time around. She can climb up ladders, open doors, pick up items, examine different items, solve puzzles and even have better combat moves than before. Her ability to dodge incoming attacks is far more fluid and better in this version than the original.

Challenge Yourself

Apart from the challenging main story campaign, Resident Evil 3 also provides in-game achievements and challenges that I can do, which will unlock different rewards in the game. 

Learn How To Play Resident Evil And Receive Rewards
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These challenges are called Records. Records are a list of in-game achievements set by the game, which can be completed through gameplay and provides points after finishing all the requirements set within each Record. 

Most of these challenges are simple, like killing counts, speed runs, and story progression. However, there are also others that I have discovered to be quite difficult to accomplish and may take some time to finish. 

It is best to finish the easiest first so that you can unlock rewards within the shop.

What's Inside The Shop?

The shop is a place where I get to purchase different items after earning points from the game. The shop can only be unlocked once I finished the game for the first time. A message will appear at the end of the game that the shop has become accessible.

The in-game shop features many items and weapons that I can buy, such as infinite ammo guns, skins, tools, item buffs, and many more that will certainly favor the player in the game. Of course, it will take a lot of time to farm points, but it will be all worth it. 

To purchase the items, I would use the points that I have earned by finishing each Record by playing through the main campaign. Some of the rewards found within the shop include costumes from the original version of the game, such as Classic Jill and Classic Carlos. I also like the STARS Jill costume from the first Resident Evil game. 

Earn Points Fast

There are many ways for players to earn points without running through the game multiple times. Since points can be earned through achieving all the prerequisites for each Record, I get to finish each record without having to run through the game.

Learn How To Play Resident Evil And Receive Rewards
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The best advice that I can give to you if you want to earn points fast is to reload your saves. Get back into the game and see to it that you achieve all the requirements set into each Record so that you can earn points fast and then get the rewards as soon as possible. 

One of the best possible rewards that I could unlock through this method was the Infinite Rocket Launcher which made the game even more fun for me.

Play Assisted Difficulty

One good piece of advice that I would highly recommend that you do when farming for points is to play the game in assisted difficulty. Playing the game through this level of difficulty will give you the ability to recover your health passively. 

This will help you beat the game and reach all the record challenges without any issues. Once I'm used to playing the game on assisted difficulty, I would then take advantage of finishing record challenges that are pretty difficult. 

Playing through assisted difficulty also makes the game much easier, so I get to complete the game within 2 hours, which provides another 7,000 points.

Kill More Enemies

Another way to get more points fast is to kill different enemies as many times as you can. I always aim to complete this record quickly since this is the easiest Record to beat. 

Learn How To Play Resident Evil And Receive Rewards
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As long as I have the time, I can easily search for enemies in the game to reach the requirements. I earn around 1,200 points by killing 80 enemies using a handgun, while killing 200 enemies through a handgun would earn me approximately 5,200 points. 

Killing a total of 400 enemies would net around 5,200 points while disposing of 800 would earn me about 8,200 points. Killing a total of 2,000 enemies would earn a whopping 11,000 points.

The easiest condition to earn a large number of points is by killing 20 enemies using my Magnum. The Magnum is one of the most powerful weapons in the game and can easily one-shot enemies. Killing around 80 enemies with my Magnum would instantly earn me approximately 10,400 points.

Farm Enemies

Speaking of killing a lot of enemies, there aren't a lot of those in the game. However, there is one specific area in the game that allowed me to farm enemies for points. The final battle in the hospital where I get to control Carlos is the best mission in the game to farm for points.

At that stage, I dealt with hordes of zombies as they flooded the area, which gave me the perfect opportunity to earn points. I also advise that if you have already unlocked infinite ammo weapons, make sure to bring them with you, so you get to kill enemies faster and never have to worry about running out of ammo.


Resident Evil 3 is a fun and entertaining take on the original version. Resident Evil 3 is a well-made game that surprises both fans of the original and new player alike. Everything it offers serves as a nostalgic, non-stop action-horror experience that is worth playing.