Frostborn - Learn How to Get Coins

Survival games can pose a great challenge, especially for mobile gamers. However, one game has captured my interest recently due to its aesthetics and gameplay. 

Frostborn is a survival game where I play a Viking on a mission to collect resources and survive the harsh new land. In this game, I get to set up camp, expand my horizon, meet new friends and foes, defeat enemies, collect resources, and more. 


I'll tell you what the gameplay involves, which class to start with, how to gather resources, get coins, and more with my guide below.

  • Choose Between Three Classes
  • The First Few Levels Are Important
  • Avoid Getting Killed by Other Players
  • Use Spells to Their Maximum Potential
  • Search for a Family
Frostborn - Learn How to Get Coins
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Choose Between Three Classes

Upon launching the game, players create their characters and name them. I was then able to choose a class for my character. There are three classes to choose from, and each of them has varying degrees of gameplay. 

The Warrior is a fighter who excels in melee combat and carries a sword and shield. Warriors tend to do DPS and tanking at the same time. The Bowman is the bow and arrow wielding class in Frostborn. 


They often deal damage from afar, making it a safe bet for those who do not want to get down and dirty. Lastly, the Curer is the healer class that supports the entire team. 

Don't worry too much if you don't like one class or the other as you can freely switch between them. Your initial choice of weapon is used only at the start of the game.

Start Gathering Resources Immediately

From the moment I spawned inside the game, gathering resources became the most important thing to do. Gathering resources such as logs, limestones, and others will help you craft items and protect yourself from the incoming danger when you try to explore your surroundings. 


Since I start the game with only a weapon, it is essential that I gather different resources and craft items that will help protect me from damage. 

Make sure to gather resources and then head on inside the village to the hooded man so you can unlock the blueprints for such items before you can craft them.

The First Levels Are Important

The first few levels of the game are important if you want to have a long and fruitful life in the game. 

Frostborn - Learn How to Get Coins
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Most new players I encounter in the game lose interest in the first few minutes simply because they are often overwhelmed with either the tasks or the monsters surrounding them. 

In these first few levels, it is crucial that you immediately craft a spear using two sticks and limestones. The spear is a good way to poke enemies out while also farming and gathering resources. 

You may even leave your character on auto mode while equipping this weapon. Be sure to equip other items on your character found in your stash as well to increase its protection. This way, you'll have enough resources by the time you get back into the game.

Learn How to Manage Your Resources

As a survival game, players will have to contend with the meager resources that we have. This means that I have to conserve a lot of resources, including the ones that I have gathered. 

I would also have to be careful when taking damage from monsters when hunting, as there aren't enough supplies in the early game to help me heal up. While the healing spell in level 7 is a good way to heal your health back up, it has a long cooldown. 

Eating food is another way to get your health back up, but it also costs some of your resources. Be careful with how you spend your resources.

Avoid Getting Killed by Other Players

Survival games can be very brutal for many players. Whenever I go out of the safe zone, I only carry with me a single weapon and some food. All the other valuables are kept inside my home base stash, where it is safe. 

Frostborn - Learn How to Get Coins
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Remember that when you go out in the wild, other players are going to ambush you and take all of your loot, including the ones you've gathered. 

It is best that you try to look out for other players early on and hide behind a bush. If you see other players, let them duke it out first and do the killing blow on the last man standing, do and take all of their loot. 

It's a sneaky way to take some resources from other players, but it is also necessary.

Craft Workbenches Immediately

Once you've gathered enough resources, I highly recommend that you craft workbenches. Workbenches are important since they will help you craft your basic resources into a more profound and valuable item. 

You can even upgrade items through the workbenches to make them even better. The game has a diverse list of items to craft, and most of them have special effects

Once you're able to craft your item, you should be on your way to becoming a stronger and more self-sufficient player in the game.

Use Spells to Their Maximum Potential

Spells are available once I hit level 3. The first spell that I was able to unlock was Firebolt which sends a blot of fire to damage enemies at a distance. This can be very effective at killing monsters immediately and protecting me. 

Frostborn - Learn How to Get Coins
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However, be careful when you cast the Firebolt spell, as it has a very long cooldown. Make good use of this spell as a killing blow instead of using it to initiate a fight. 

When I hit level 6, the Frostbite spell, which slows the target, becomes available. This is the spell that you should be using to start a fight as you gain enough ground between you and your enemy and then execute them with a firebolt. 

Healing Wave becomes available by level 9, so you can heal the damage you've taken after each battle. There are more spells waiting to be unlocked, so take advantage of them whenever you can.

Be Careful with Your Equipment

You won't probably notice this in the first few hours of playing the game, but as you go on and use most of your items, especially your weapons, their durability starts to degrade. Whenever it reaches a very low level, there is a risk of it being destroyed. 

Avoid having this kind of problem by constantly checking on your item's durability and repairing them whenever possible. Always have a backup item whenever you go out of your base to gather resources. 

And while I can still craft items out in the open, it does help save a lot of time if I do this beforehand and have the extra item with me. However, save yourself the hassle of crafting an item by simply practicing care with the durability level of your equipment.

Search for a Family

Frostborn also incorporates a social aspect with the use of a family. A family allows other players to connect and socialize while also receiving benefits. I was able to join a family and took advantage of the experience boost as well as the camaraderie from playing the game. 

Frostborn - Learn How to Get Coins
Image Source: Pocket Tactics

Some families often provide you with tools to help you in the game. It is a good move that you try to introduce yourself to other family members and get to know them. 

A good family will help protect you from harm whenever you are out in the open or go on raids. The best way to search for a decent family is through scouting for them in the game, or you can try and join social media groups or in Discord. 

However, the best way to have a family that you can trust is by playing with your friends

Learn How to Get Coins

Coins are the basic currency used in Frostborn. There are a lot of ways to earn coins in the game, but the most effective method is to sell your items. This includes old equipment that you do not use anymore or resources that have outlived their use. 

You may also want to trade your items for coins through another player but be careful when dealing with other players to avoid getting scammed. 

Unlock more rewards by participating in missions, events, and quests and receive coins alongside many other exclusive items.


And those are the tips that I have for playing Frostborn. The mobile survival game can be very tough for new players, and it can be so unforgiving that sometimes, people get discouraged from playing. 

This should be taken as a challenge, and with the help of the tips mentioned above, you should be on your way to becoming a powerful Viking someday. Frostborn is available for download on the mobile platform through the Google Play Store and the App Store.