Learn How to Get Special Weapons in DEAD TARGET

Spending more time at home meant I had more leisure time than I would usually have. I wondered what could possibly be done to keep myself occupied. I tried reading books but they didn’t seem too interesting, and after a while, I started looking for different types of games to play.

While looking for these games, I came across DEAD TARGET. This game can essentially be known as the new House of Dead-esque theme-based shooting game for mobile phones. 


The game instantly attracted me and I began delving in deep to find more about it! Let’s discuss DEAD TARGET and how to get special weapons in the game. 

  • The DEAD TARGET Storyline
  • Classic Yet Weird Guns
  • Different Types of Zombies
  • Special Weapons in DEAD TARGET
  • Battle Pass Games
  • Watch Advertisements
Learn How to Get Special Weapons in DEAD TARGET
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Designed by VNG Game Studios, DEAD TARGET is a shooter game during a zombie apocalypse. VNG Game Studios has also developed several hits like World Cup Run and Sky Target, and all of these games have turned out to be huge successes. 

Learn How to Get Special Weapons in DEAD TARGET
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Your only goal in this game is to defeating layers of zombies with guns, grenades, and other special weapons that you can get your hands on. When I started playing the game, this was the one thing that excited me tremendously! 


On the other hand, you can also collect gold and cash in order to play in the only casino that has been left uninvaded in the town! 

The game has an easy control system that brings you a perfect zombie-killing adventure.

How to Download

DEAD TARGET is available on the Google Play Store and also on the Apple Store


If you own an Android, simply head over to the Play Store and search for ‘DEAD TARGET’ before installing the application. 

On the contrary, if you own an iPhone, then you go to the App Store instead to install the application.

The DEAD TARGET Storyline 

DEAD TARGET takes you forward to 2040 where World War III has already taken place, and have to deal with the effects that come from it. Warfare has advanced in order to keep individuals protected, but it really is every man for himself. 

Learn How to Get Special Weapons in DEAD TARGET
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There’s a project called DEAD TARGET, formed by the CS Corporation, a not-so-secret defense weapon in which prisoners get turned into horrible, scary zombies. While the secret weapon gets used by CS Corporation’s own needs, they release these zombies out in the city.

You, the player, are from team Operation Apocalypse and your job is to clear the city of this threat by ruthlessly killing all of the zombies that have taken over your city. So, gear up and head out, because you will have plenty of zombies to kill!  

Features of DEAD TARGET

With over 10 million downloads, DEAD TARGET surely seems to be the go-to game for many players! Zombie shooting games are one of the most popular genres on gaming platforms, and DEAD TARGET does not trail in this category either. Let’s discuss some of its features below. 

The game is based on a zombie invasion, and the main motive of a player in this game is to stay alive. All you need to do is survive through the time allotted and ensure that the zombies do not infect you with their poison! You need excellent survival skills in order to level up in this game.

Zombies will come straight for you at any chance they get and you need to stay alert at all times. Keep your finger on the trigger because you will never know when a zombie will come out of nowhere to have a piece of you! 

Classic Yet Weird Guns

In order to help you in your fight against the zombies, the game has interesting yet weird lethal guns to make your experience exciting and interactive.

Learn How to Get Special Weapons in DEAD TARGET
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You can expect to find as many guns as you are looking for and the game keeps on updating with new weapons – so it never gets boring!

DEAD TARGET now has a flamethrower in the game too that you can use to burn the zombies into ashes, however, you need to be careful and not burn yourself with it! 

Guns can also be customized with different types of skins so that you can kill in style. 

Simple and Addictive Gameplay

The battlefield will be calling out to you as you begin playing DEAD TARGET. 

You need to have your best sniper and your best shooter on the frontline in order to defend your borders and avoid zombies from rushing into places that they shouldn’t be in. 

You need to shoot to kill in this addictive styled gameplay and survive special operations. The control is very modern that will bring you an unmatched thrill and combat that becomes too difficult to forget! 

Different Types of Zombies

The game understands that every zombie in DEAD TARGET will be different and will have its own distinctiveness

Learn How to Get Special Weapons in DEAD TARGET
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Everyone knows how killing the same types of zombies might get boring at some point, but the game delivers uniqueness when it comes to the different types of zombies.

These zombies will come at you from hidden corners, where you wouldn’t ever expect an attack to come from, so you need to be ready at all times! 

The game has only recently decided to double the previous assault that came from zombies, so everything is 10x more exciting.

Win Big from the Casino 

The Casino in this game is where you get to earn bonuses, free items, and other things that will bring you entertainment of all sorts in the game. 

Spin the wheel in order to collect bonus items and boosts that will make your character stronger in the game.

How to Get Special Weapons

Now comes the main part about this article: everyone seeks the special weapons, but not everyone knows how to get them! 

Learn How to Get Special Weapons in DEAD TARGET
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Special weapons will obviously be an upgrade to the normal weaponry that you find or receive, so everyone seems to love the idea of having these unique arms to themselves! 

Special weapons offer features that can help you in more ways than the typical weapons could.

Let’s discuss how one can get special weapons in DEAD TARGET.

Earn Plenty of Coins

The first and foremost technique to get your hands on special weaponry is to grind in the game, kill plenty of zombies and then earn enough coins to buy yourselves some special weapons in the game. 

This method is a longer one and would obviously require you to play more and get as many shots on zombies as you can.

The quickest method of getting special weapons in DEAD TARGET is to simply pay for the weapons with real money. If you’ve got some cash to spare and you’d prefer to spend it on upgrading your arms in the game, then go for it! 

Battle Pass Games

Another unique factor about DEAD TARGET is the battle pass events that take place occasionally. These events give you a chance to get your hands on cool and impressive guns that you would not be able to get otherwise! 

Learn How to Get Special Weapons in DEAD TARGET
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The most recent battle pass event was called the Clone Warz event in which you could win special weapons such as Cyber Benelli M4, Stalker Sound Breaker, and also the Clone Warz Spray Laser. 

There was another event called the Dark Star event in which you could win weapons like Decimator FN P90, Wild Lotus Sound Breaker, and Dark Star Spray Laser. 

For these games, it is essential for you to have the most recent available version of this game. You get the opportunity to earn things that you would otherwise not be able to collect as these only appear once. Normal gameplay mode does not have these guns. 

Earn Free Gold in DEAD TARGET

There could be quite a lot of ways for you to earn free gold in DEAD TARGET. 

This gold can be used to buy weaponry and get upgrades for yourself in order to play DEAD TARGET, but with style. 

Through the following ways, I’ve been able to earn quite a decent amount of gold and get my character some pizzaz! 

Watch Advertisements 

On top of the map screen, you can see a free gold button. Click on this button and you will find offers like watching advertisements. These will land you a good amount of gold in your bank!

Learn How to Get Special Weapons in DEAD TARGET
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These videos will keep adding up over time and you simply need to keep watching them, coming back after a few minutes to make the best out of the offers you have currently available. 

Complete Achievements and Quests

If you find the aforementioned method a bit boring, you could always go back to playing and earning through that! 

All you need to do is check your achievements and collect the bounties that you get out of them. 

If you haven’t completed any achievements, then check the requirements and get on with it to get free gold!

Final Words

DEAD TARGET is a very addictive yet exciting game to play if you’ve got a knack for zombie/horror gameplay scenarios. 

I've now been playing the game for quite some time, and if you’re looking to play it too, then you won’t be disappointed – just keep these tricks and tips handy to get your hands on special weapons!