Discover The Best Mobile Video Games

Every year, we are treated to a plethora of mobile video games. Some of them have been hits, while many are misses. Some mobile games tend to be quite generic and have limited mechanics due to being on the mobile platform. 

There are, however, mobile games that are considered amazing, and in this article, I have listed some of the best mobile video games to help you determine which games you should be playing this year.

Discover The Best Mobile Video Games
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Tabletop Racing: World Tour

With so many racing games on mobile, it can be tough to choose which ones I like. Tabletop Racing: World Tour is probably one of the best in the genre as it is unique. 

Discover The Best Mobile Video Games
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The game is a hybrid of some of the best racing games on mobile, with the races being one of the most competitive in the scene. In Tabletop Racing: World Tour, I get to control different vehicles and fend off opponents from reaching the finish line. 

Upgrading vehicles is a perfect opportunity to help you through difficult tracks, but it also makes it easier to beat the game. This is why this mobile game is a cut above the rest.


Call Of Duty: Mobile

Claiming the spot for the best mobile first-person shooter game, Call of Duty: Mobile is among the titans in this genre of gaming. 

Discover The Best Mobile Video Games
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The mobile game offers a battle royale mode where at least a hundred players parachute into an island where they are left to fend for themselves and eliminate one another until only one player or one squad is left. With its high popularity and rating, it is almost blasphemous not to put this game on this list with its high popularity and ratings. 

It is a mix of battle royale and the usual first-person shooter, but the number of things that I can do within the game is quite surprising. This free-to-play game offers more game modes and flashy plays than many other games within the genre.


Another Eden

Most games often have some sort of gimmick to draw players to download and play the game; however, Another Eden breaks that mold, especially within the gacha game genre, by totally immersing you into its storyline from the start of the game. 

Discover The Best Mobile Video Games
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Its focus on story and characters makes the game very different from most JRPGs. While the game still utilizes the gacha system where you need to draw 5-star characters to become powerful, the brilliant tale of Another Eden brought to us by Masato Kato changes the entire game. 

Another thing that separates Another Eden from the common gacha games is its old-school vibe. There are no skips or fast-forwards to progress in the game. You will have to grind through the different levels in the game much like many other players to get to the top, which makes playing the game and going through the amazing storyline all the more appealing.

Genshin Impact

Even before the game was released, Genshin Impact was touted to become one of the most popular mobile video games ever. The hype was palpable and rightfully so as the game offered something new that changed the mobile gaming landscape. 

Discover The Best Mobile Video Games
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Its impressive visuals and amazing gameplay have always been among the most vital points, but many are still apprehensive of the gacha mechanics. 

Genshin Impact follows the story of a traveler in search of their sibling as players get to meet different colorful characters with unique abilities to join your team on your quest to save the world and get rid of evil. The open-world also leaves players out of breath with its picture-perfect beauty.

Legends Of Runeterra

In 2019, Riot Games unveiled several surprises for long-time fans of League of Legends. They planned on expanding the line of games that included mobile games and one of which was Legends of Runeterra. Riot Games conquer the multiplayer online battle arena genre, but it was about to beat the trading card game as well.

Discover The Best Mobile Video Games
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Legends of Runeterra is a collectible card game that allows players to build decks of cards according to their play style. Once I have built my deck, I can then start playing against different opponents. What makes Legends of Runeterra different from other collectible card games is that it centers around champions from the League of Legends lore.  

Please invite friends and duel with them as you choose different champions. Battle it out and increase your rank as you duel with players from all over the world. Legends of Runeterra is available for download on both Android and iOS devices.

League Of Legends: Wild Rift

Speaking of League of Legends, another great mobile game from Riot just debuted this year. Wild Rift brings the League of Legends action from PC to mobile. Now, players can continue to enjoy playing against another team with their favorite champions in the game.

Discover The Best Mobile Video Games
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Wild Rift offers everything that players love about League of Legends. As a League player myself, I had the pleasure of playing the game during its Alpha testing phase, and it retains all the aspects that players are looking for in a League match. From skins to abilities to the map, Wild Rift is a direct copy of League and more.

Players choose different champions from the lore of League of Legends as they aim to destroy the enemy base. With game modes such as Summoner's Rift and Howling Abyss, Wild Rift offers more diversity apart from its long list of champions. Look to play with even more friends as the game is now available in the Americas.


Fantasian brings in the classic RPG experience to mobile. The game follows Leo as he wakes up and discovers that he has lost his memory, and now his robot companions help him recover his memory and find out what he is meant to do in this chaotic futuristic world. 

Discover The Best Mobile Video Games
Image Source: The Verge

As I travel across this chaotic world, battles are fought randomly, much like many other JRPGs in the past. However, what makes Fantasian unique is that I can unlock a system where I can fight my enemies later in the game when I'm stronger. 

The game features photo-realistic graphics as part of its visual appeal. This complements well with the game's unique battle system alongside its soundtrack from the composer of the original Final Fantasy games. If there is one mobile game that you do not want to miss, it's Fantasian. 

Night Of The Full Moon

Night of the Full Moon is an impressive mobile game that takes the usual fairy tale in Little Red Riding Hood and tells a new version. This time, the classic favorite tale is transformed into an RPG card game that will hook you from the start. 

Discover The Best Mobile Video Games
Image Source: Steam

The story follows a little child where you become whomever you want them to be, whether it be a knight, witch, or anything else, depending on how you want to play the game. Players will go up against creatures, and the way you can defeat them is through your deck of cards that you can use. 

It all boils down to strategy as you try to defeat different types of creatures. Each chapter ends with a boss, and you need to beat them to continue with the story.

Monument Valley 2

Only a few sequel games outclass their original version, and Monument Valley 2 is just one of them. In this game, I am tasked to guide a mother and her child through a maze of magical infrastructures and discover different pathways and puzzles as you explore and uncover the beautiful world and learn the secrets of Sacred Geometry.

Discover The Best Mobile Video Games
Image Source: Ustwo Games / YouTube

What drew me in with the game apart from the challenging puzzles is the architectural artwork and the highly detailed graphics of this game. Each level is very different from the next, and the best part is there's no need for you to play the original version of the game to understand the sequel.

Unruly Heroes

When I first saw the trailer for Unruly Heroes, I thought this was a game for handheld consoles like the Nintendo Switch or PC. This action-oriented platformer seems to work well on those platforms; however, after doing my research, I discovered that this hidden gem is played on mobile. 

Discover The Best Mobile Video Games
Image Source: Magic Design Studios / YouTube

Unruly Heroes is a fresh take on the platformer genre and looks fantastic. It is a level-based game where you control four different characters and fight your way through a series of enemies as you run and jump through each level. 

As far as stories go, Unruly Heroes goes for the generic plotline, but the characters and the bosses come together pretty well. The animated artwork of the game is very easy on the eyes, and the controls are very fluid. Polished to perfection, Unruly Heroes is one of those hidden gems within the platformer genre. 


From puzzle games to platformers to all-out MOBAs, these are just some of the best mobile video games that you can download today. Some of them have been popular for years now, while other are hidden gems waiting to be discovered and played.