Rise of Kingdoms: Free Download for Windows

Rise of Kingdoms offers a perfect blend of strategy and action, making it an incredible and enjoyable game to play for all kinds of players. Rise of Kingdoms is set in a historical time that lets you build your own civilization with its own set of unique buildings, units, and advantages.

With Rise of Kingdoms, you get to build monuments, recruit heroes, commanders, and units, research technologies, fight large-scale battles, and more. You can even join alliances that let you gain access to powerful bonuses and resources in the game.


If you want to learn more about Rise of Kingdoms and how you can download it on Windows for free, check out this guide.

Rise of Kingdoms: Free Download for Windows
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A Kingdom From an Ancient Time

Developed by Lilith Games, Rise of Kingdoms is a strategy game set in a historical fantasy world that allows players to choose from 11 different civilizations with their own unique features, advantages, and disadvantages. 

Rise of Kingdoms: Free Download for Windows
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It is up to the players to build up their civilization, expand their borders, research new technologies, and battle against other players or AI-controlled opponents. 


There are so many things that you can do in Rise of Kingdoms such as building structures to increase resource production, training units for battle, and taking part in PvP battles. The game also features various events and tournaments that you can join for rewards. 

Rise of Kingdoms has an extensive campaign mode where you can complete missions set out by your chosen civilization leader. This story-driven game mode helps bring the game's world to life.

How to Download Rise of Kingdoms

Rise of Kingdoms is known as a mobile game but it can also be played on other devices, such as a laptop or Windows PC. If you want to play Rise of Kingdoms on your Windows PC, you can download the game from the official website or through Steam or the Microsoft Store. 


Once you have downloaded the game, install it on your Windows device. You will be asked to allow certain permissions so read them carefully before agreeing. 

Once you have installed the game, launch the game and create an account using your personal email address and create your own password. Log in and make sure that you go through the tutorial to learn the basics.

Prioritize Upgrading Your Commander

Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms are powerful historical figures that lead your army into battle. They are often recruited through the Expedition feature where you can gather resources and materials. You can also obtain Commanders as rewards through events, chests, and many other activities in the game. 

Your Commander is one of the most important units of the game and you should make sure that you upgrade them as soon as possible. Upgrading your commander will increase their stats and abilities making them more powerful in battle. Once a Commander is recruited, upgrading them with experience points and skill points is a must. 

These points are used to level up your commander's abilities like attack strength, march speed, regeneration rate, and many more. You can take it up a notch by upgrading them further with equipment like weapons and armor. 

These items can be obtained through battles or you can purchase them at the store. Your Commanders will be more powerful when you equip them with better items.

Take Full Advantage of Freebies

Freebies are a great way for beginners to get a leg up on their competition and help them progress faster in the game. By taking advantage of these freebies, you can quickly build up your city and start competing against more advanced players in the game. 

Freebies are rewards given to players for completing certain tasks or milestones. It can be obtained by simply logging in to the game every day, participating in events, or simply playing the game regularly. Players should take full advantage of freebies as these often provide boosts that help speed up the progress of your kingdom. 

You'll also get various resources like food and wood which are very important for upgrades. You can also get scrolls and keys which help unlock special rewards. By simply playing the game, you'll get freebies that will give you access to different bonuses and rewards so you can progress faster than the rest.

Use Your Research Points Wisely

Research points are an invaluable resource in Rise of Kingdoms that can help make your kingdom stronger and more successful. They are commonly used to upgrade your buildings, research new technologies, and unlock new features in the game that can help you become more powerful.

Rise of Kingdoms: Free Download for Windows
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Research points can be earned through different tasks like completing quests, attacking enemy camps, and gathering resources on the map. Research points can help your kingdom in different ways like upgrading your buildings which can increase their output. 

Upgrading buildings through research also unlocks new technologies and powerful abilities. You can even unlock new troops and special units to give you more of an advantage during battles. 

Using research points properly is also key to more victories. Prioritize what you want to upgrade first, such as increasing the defence of your kingdom, by researching walls and towers first.

Strengthen Your Position by Joining a Dominant Alliance

Alliances in Rise of Kingdoms are groups created by players to work together to achieve their goal in the game. Most alliances can be used to coordinate attacks and defenses as well as share their resources with other members. 

Some even work in tandem with other players to perform various tasks like researching or building monuments. Joining an alliance will give you access to many helpful benefits like shared resources, advice from other more experienced players, and even help in building your kingdom. 

To join an alliance, try to find the alliance that fits your playstyle. Once you find an alliance that fits your interests, you can contact the leader or other officers to try and join. They may ask a few questions before you can join but these are just standard procedures.

Don't Take Gems for Granted

Gems are a premium currency used in Rise of Kingdoms that can be used to purchase exclusive items or speed up your construction time. 

Rise of Kingdoms: Free Download for Windows
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Make good use of them by buying specific things that will benefit you long-term instead of short-term gains. 

You can obtain gems by completing missions, participating in events, and opening chests. You can also buy  these gems using real money. 

Events are Made to Help You

Events can help players get extra resources and rewards while also helping their kingdom progress faster. Make sure that you participate in every event so that you can get the mot out of the experience.

Join an event by tapping on the Events tab and selecting the specific event that you want to join. There are different requirements and goals for each event so be sure to read all of them before playing. 


With its wide variety of content and engaging gameplay as well as a vibrant community of players, you will surely have a blast playing Rise of Kingdoms on your Windows device.