How to Get Gold in Zero City: Last Bunker

Ever wonder how you would fare when the world is engulfed in a zombie apocalypse? There's a mobile game that simulates all the aspects of living in a zombie apocalypse. 

Zero City: Last Bunker is the best mobile strategy game where you get to control civilization, make it thrive, and endure countless attacks from the zombie horde.


The premise of the game is quite similar to others but there are a lot of features that are very unique to this game. I will be teaching you what the game is all about, how to get gold, and more with the guide below.

  • Keep Your Residents Happy
  • Getting Stars for Your Residents
  • Send in Your Best Fighters
  • Where to Get Materials
  • Earning Gold in Zero City
  • Add Friends
How to Get Gold in Zero City: Last Bunker
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Keep Your Residents Happy

The ultimate goal of the Zero City: Last Bunker mobile game is to keep your residents happy. However, getting there is going to be a challenge for many new players.

How to Get Gold in Zero City: Last Bunker
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This is the reason why I always make sure that I have these five factors in check. First, food is an important part of survival. Keep your residents fed. Next, protect them from the environment by giving them shelter, clothing, and weapons. 


Let them thrive by having your residents meet and procreate. Lastly, give your residents something to work with on a schedule but give them breaks so they can also rest. 

All of these things will affect how your residents will work within your base. It can affect production, reproduction, and the defense system of the base.

Build Your Base According to Type

Zero City: Last Bunker is also about building your base. You will need to strategically build your base according to their type if you want to maximize the potential of each building. 


Each building affects one another hence I build and place them according to their type. Place two to three rooms of the same type together. Each of these rooms must be of the same type so the game can merge them. 

Study the layout of your base first and build them according to their type so that you can save enough space for your residents.

Getting Stars for Your Residents

Each resident has a star rating. The stars from each resident relate to their potential. The higher the potential, the more likely they are to have more significance in the game.

Residents with high potential are also able to produce babies with equal or more potential. To get stars for your residents, always pick the resident with 3 stars or more to partner so they can bear a child. 

You can also use your real money to upgrade the star rating of your resident to five. 

However, what I do is I use the gold I collect in this game to upgrade them first to 4-stars then later on to five.

Maximize Your Residents' Potential

You already know how to maximize your resident's potential through the use of the in-game currency. There are still other ways to improve the potential of your residents.

Focus on increasing the potential of women so that they can bear a child with a high level of stars. They usually turn out to be great fighters who can defend your base effectively. 

Gather all of your power and stardom in selected residents so they can help in defending your base. The importance of maximizing the potential of your residents is key to the survival of your base. Make sure to make it a priority.

Send in Your Best Fighters

Now that you have residents that have the highest potential to become fighters, always put them as a priority when in battle.

How to Get Gold in Zero City: Last Bunker
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Send in your best fighters to increase your chances of survival. When it comes to residents, always use them for their purpose. Place a resident in the appropriate line of work. 

For example, a resident with the highest potential for cooking should be placed inside a dining room instead of the battlefield. Your best fighters can help with defending your base so put them out there. Don't leave them inside your base.

Use the Appropriate Weapons and Upgrade Them

As explained above, you also need to equip your residents with the right tools and weapons for their purpose. Equip the appropriate weapons for your fighters as well as your cooks. These will help them generate more resources and allow you to capitalize on their potential. 

Now, you might be overwhelmed by the number of items that you have collected and don't know which items to equip. What I do is I tap on the resident, then tap their class, and select Best Equipment and the game will automatically choose the best item for that specific role. 

You also need to upgrade them from time to time with the materials that you have gathered.

Where to Get Materials

Materials can be collected if you disassemble another item. This is why I recommend players avoid selling their items and instead, disassemble them.

How to Get Gold in Zero City: Last Bunker
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This is important especially if you are planning on crafting legendary items for your residents. You can always disassemble an item if you feel like they are not working so you don't have to worry about getting it right the first time. 

Avoid selling items that are marked green as they are more likely to be recipes for legendary items. 

Make good use of the disassemble mechanic in this game so you don't have to go out looking for materials or resources to craft a legendary item.

Crafting Legendary Items

Legendary items are premium items in this game. They boost a lot of stats from your residents so crafting and equipping them should also be a priority. 

At the start of the game, you will be able to access a simple workshop where you can assemble different items. As soon as you can unlock a weapons workshop and an armor workshop, you should be working towards creating legendary items with the materials that you have gathered. 

Most legendary items require a lot of materials tagged as purple. Legendary items are tagged as orange and it takes 10 purple materials to build one orange item.

Earning Gold in Zero City

Every transaction done in Zero City is through gold coins or cryptocoins. Many of the things that you need for your city will require you to pay a lot of gold. 

How to Get Gold in Zero City: Last Bunker
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Many might think that it is difficult to acquire the cryptocoins in this game but here are some tricks that I can share with you to help you earn more. 

First, you can watch videos and start earning gold. Complete different tasks and make sure to finish them as soon as possible. These give off a ton of gold. Accomplish certain achievements in the game and you will also receive gold. 

Lastly, gold coins can be earned through opening chests as well. Make sure to gather as many cryptocoins as much as possible to build your base properly.

Benefits of a Premium Account

There are a lot of people who might not want to go this route but I would recommend that you upgrade to a premium account to enjoy the benefits. 

I can say that some open up a lot of advantages in the game that non-paying players do not have. You can send and receive more gifts when you have a premium account. 

Construction and item manufacturing are 30% faster and you get the bonus from completing missions and daily tasks. There are still a lot of benefits from getting the premium account and I leave that up to you to find out how you can take advantage of it.

Add Friends

Zero City has a feature that lets me connect my Facebook account in the game. This allows me to invite your friends to play the game with me. In doing so, I get to receive several benefits as well.

How to Get Gold in Zero City: Last Bunker
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One of which is that I can receive gifts and chests for more gold. I can also trade resources with my friends which is quite useful when building my defenses. 

To link your Facebook account, go to the upper left corner of the main screen and tap on ‘Friends’. You will be prompted to link your Facebook. You can also play on another device and continue your progress once you link your account.

Collect All Gifts

Gifts don't come often in Zero City so you should collect them immediately once they are available. Gifts often give out a lot of rewards and resources that will help you. 

Here's a neat trick to get gifts and crates from events. Focus on Zombie Hordes when they appear and they will give out crates at the end of the fight. Completing daily tasks and quests, as mentioned, will also help you get more gifts. 

There is simply no reason for you not to collect them as they are free and would oftentimes give you an edge over your competition.


Zero City: Last Bunker is all about managing your resources and keeping your residents happy. Protecting your base is also important but it is all down to how you keep up with the demands of your people. I hope the tips mentioned above will help you establish your city better.

Zero City is available for download on all mobile devices at the Google Play Store and the App Store.