Wordscapes Free Online - How to Get Free Coins in Game

You might have already heard about Wordscapes and how it's one of the most popular word puzzle games on mobile. Wordscapes offer challenging word puzzles that will surely tickle your brain and expand your vocabulary.

Challenge yourself by connecting letters and finding as many words as possible to complete the crossword puzzle to finish a level.Each time you progress, the words become more and more difficult, so you will need all the help you can get, especially when it comes to coins.


You might be wondering where to get coins on Wordscapes free online. Don't worry, this guide has got you covered. Check out this article for everything you need to know about how to get free coins in the game.

Wordscapes Free Online - How to Get Free Coins in Game
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How to Play Wordscapes

Wordscapes is a mobile puzzle game where you create different words from various random letters to form them within a crossword puzzle. 

Each level in the game presents a different crossword puzzle with each level becoming more challenging to complete the higher you get. The objective of the game is to fill out the entire crossword puzzle with the right words based on the letters that are presented to you. 


Form as many words as possible and make sure that these words fit into the puzzle correctly, leaving no blank spaces, in order to complete the level. 

You will receive rewards each time you complete a puzzle and move on to the next challenging puzzle.

Download Wordscapes on Your Mobile Phone

Wordscapes is available to download and play for free through the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Before you download the game, make sure that you have updated your mobile device to its current version. 


Download the game by tapping “Install” or “Get” and wait for it to be fully installed. Tap “Open” to launch the game and log in using your email address or through your social media. 

It is highly recommended that you use your social media account so you can easily reach out to your friends and invite them to download the game as well.

What Are Coins in Wordscapes?

Coins are the in-game currency used by players when playing Wordscapes. These coins can be purchased using real money but there are certain ways for you to get them for free. 

Wordscapes Free Online - How to Get Free Coins in Game
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Coins are valuable in the game as they unlock hints and other helpful tips, especially if you are having trouble finding the right word. Knowing how important it is to solve the puzzle, having these helpful tips can provide you with convenience. 

This makes coins one of the most significant features in the game, which is why many people are looking for ways to get them for free, especially those that do not have the money or do not want to spend real money in the game.

How to Maximize Using Coins in Wordscapes

If you are looking to maximize using your coins in Wordscapes to take full advantage of your hard-earned coins, you need to learn how to optimize their use. 

The best way to do this is to hold on to these coins for as long as possible. You should only unlock the hints and other helpful tips after you have exhausted all the other efforts in solving the puzzle and guessing the correct answer. 

Make sure that you use the coins to unlock hints, especially in extremely difficult levels in the game. Avoid using your coins the moment you get a few of them. Wait until you have accumulated enough to use them later on.

How to Get Free Coins in Wordscapes

Now that you already know the importance of having coins in Wordscapes, it is time that you know how to get them for free. 

Wordscapes Free Online - How to Get Free Coins in Game
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The simplest way to get coins in Wordscapes for free is to play the game. Every time you complete a puzzle and finish the level rewards you with free coins. 

Go ahead and finish each level at the fastest time possible to get more coins to use later on in the game.

Play the Daily Puzzles

One of the main features of Wordscapes allows you to earn coins for free. The Daily Puzzles are featured puzzles that give out extra coins when you solve them. 

The amount of coins that you earn is quite random, so there is simply no telling as to how much you can earn through this method. Needless to say, it is still a good option for you to earn coins that can help you in the game later on. 

You can treat the Daily Puzzles as your warm-up session before you head into the main game.

Guess the Bonus Word

Each puzzle in Wordscapes has a secret word or a bonus word that you can unlock by guessing what it is. The bonus word is connected to the main puzzle but you will need to guess it first before you complete the puzzle. 

This will give you a good amount of coins that can be helpful to you in the long run but aim to guess it first or else you might complete the puzzle and leave a good opportunity behind. 

To solve the bonus word, take a good look at the puzzle and see how many letters are there as this will give you a good idea of what the word is.

Invite Your Friends to Play the Game

Another good option to help you get free coins in Wordscapes is to invite your friends to play the game. You have your referral link that you can send to your friends. 

When they receive the link, tell them to click or tap on it so it will download the app. Once they've installed the app and start playing, the coins will be immediately added to your account. 

Make sure to invite as many friends as possible so you can have as many coins for free as you like.

Check Out Video Ads

Once in a while, you'll encounter an option to watch a video ad after completing a level. Take this opportunity to help you earn free coins as you watch a 30-second video ad. 

If you're willing to spend a few seconds to watch the ad, you'll be rewarded with a good amount of coins. Those who prefer to continue to play the game can skip the video ad but you won't receive the reward. 

Go ahead and watch those ads while you take a break from playing the game and get back to accepting the reward.


If you want to collect more coins and be able to pass through challenging levels, make sure that you follow the tips mentioned above on how to get free coins in Wordscapes. Challenge your brain today and solve as many puzzles as you can through Wordscapes.