How To Get Free Diamonds On Legacy Of Discord

Every once in a while, I check out either the Google Play Store or the App Store for some fun games to play. Then I bumped into Legacy of Discord and decided to install the game to find out what it was all about. 

A few friends have hyped the game up for me, and I was curious to know what the game offers as a fan of action role-playing games.


Well, the mobile action RPG truly did not disappoint as it brought some of the best action and PvP combat to the mobile genre. Want to know more about Legacy of Discord? Check out the following:

  • Play An Ancient God
  • In-Game Currencies
  • Getting Diamonds For Free In Legacy Of Discord
  • Level Up In Legacy Of Discord
  • Sign-In Everyday
  • Binding Your Socials
How To Get Free Diamonds On Legacy Of Discord
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Play An Ancient God

Legacy of Discord is an action-adventure multiplayer online role-playing mobile game where I get to start as a warrior and turn myself into a powerful ancient god. 

How To Get Free Diamonds On Legacy Of Discord
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I can collect different items and battle through the skies together with my guild or ravage an entire swarm of monsters as I hunt down powerful items or farm for gold. 


The mobile game features stunning visuals with special effects that make battles even more appealing and action-packed. 

I get to join boss fights to test my skills and get a chance to get better equipment. I also get to tame mythical beasts and transform them into gigantic creatures that fill up the screen.

Download Legacy Of Discord

Specially built for mobile gaming, Legacy of Discord is available for download at the Google Play Store and the App Store for all mobile devices. Check the game out by searching for the title and tap on Install to begin downloading the game.


The game also features in-app purchases for in-game currencies and other premium items.

Legacy Of Discord In-Game Currencies

Legacy of Discord uses many different in-game currencies. Each in-game currency has different functions and is used in many ways. One of the more popular in-game currencies is diamonds. Diamonds are the premium in-game currency, while gold is the more common currency that many players use.

How To Get Free Diamonds On Legacy Of Discord
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Diamonds are bought using real money through the in-game cash shop, while gold is earned by selling items and other transactions. Both diamonds and gold can be stored in the game, and players can easily retrieve them or deposit them in the storage.

There are other in-game currencies that circulate within the game that many of us players use. Obsidian is used to pay for valuable items at the Obsidian Store, such as HP and MP potions, while Eternium is used to buy dragonstone and can be used to pass through the different floors at the Tower of Eternity. 

Arcanite, Battle Tokens, Wild Souls, Blue Fruit, Guild Gold, and many more are just a few examples of in-game currencies used in Legacy of Discord.

Diamonds And Its Uses

Diamonds can be acquired in many different ways. I will be explaining to you later in this guide how you can get diamonds for free if you do not want to spend cash in this game. 

For those who want to know more about diamonds and their uses, diamonds are commonly used to purchase rare items in the game. These rare items often come with special attributes limited to players who can buy them through diamonds. 

This is why diamonds are pretty important and is often pronounced as the premium currency since they are used to purchase rare items. Diamonds are also used during competitions and events in the game.

Getting Diamonds For Free In Legacy Of Discord

Legacy of Discord often finds different ways to help you earn diamonds even without buying them. One of which is through mining them. Diamonds are one of the precious in-game currencies, and if you are not willing to purchase them, you might want to work hard to acquire them for free.

How To Get Free Diamonds On Legacy Of Discord
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Mining is an excellent option for me as I do not have the funds to purchase diamonds in the game. What I do is I head over to the mining section and mine for different items such as gems and other fragments that I can sell, enchant my gear and other items, and even use them to buy more items. 

I can also mine diamonds while mining for other items. Players can only mine once a day, but the thing is, I can use that mining opportunity to mine for diamonds. 

So what I do is leave it to auto mine and come back after a few hours to collect the diamonds that I have mined for that day. Be careful, though, as other players can raid and steal your mined items.

Complete Daily Quests Diligently

There are a lot of ways for me to get diamonds in Legacy of Discord. Apart from purchasing them at the in-game store, there are more meaningful ways that I can get diamonds for free. One of which is by simply doing the daily quests.

There are a lot of things that I can do within the game, and completing all the tasks set for the day is one of the best things that I can recommend to you if you need diamonds. Each task will reward you with at least 50 diamonds. I know it may not be enough, but as soon as you finish one quest, you can move on to the next until you complete all of the quests for the day. 

Doing the daily quest every day will surely help grow the diamonds you collect. I have collected as many as 300 diamonds in just a few days by doing daily quests. Make sure to collect as many as you can for the entire day and save them up.

Level Up In Legacy Of Discord

Apart from the usual daily quests that I get to finish every day, I also gain experience that will help me level up my character. I receive a certain reward when reaching a certain level in the game.

How To Get Free Diamonds On Legacy Of Discord
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For example, upon reaching level 10 in the game, I would receive a Level 10 Leveling Pack containing gold and a few other items. 

Another great reward that comes with the package is a good amount of diamonds that I can use in the game. I can either use them immediately or save them for later. 

Check Online Gifts

Legacy of Discord is an excellent game for those who are loyal. Every time you get into the game, the system will provide you with online gifts. Whether it is all about logging in or just playing the game, it will reward you with online gifts.

One of the many rewards and gifts you get from the game is diamonds. Be sure to check them out and collect them at the specific tab called Online Gift. Check them every day and see which rewards you can collect.

Everyday

Apart from online gifts, I've known Legacy of Discord to be quite extravagant when it comes to rewards and prizes. The game rewards me by just signing in every day. There are different rewards to signing in to the game and playing it for a couple of hours.

How To Get Free Diamonds On Legacy Of Discord
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These rewards are not restricted to diamonds, and signing in to the game is very easy. The game wants you to play more, so rewarding you with diamonds should encourage you to play the game.

Join The Feast 

The game has a stamina system where you can only play the game for a certain time. When the stamina runs out, you can either wait for the game to refresh your stamina or go and join the Feast. 

I usually use this feature in the game, so I can continue playing the game. Once I join the Feast, I immediately restore my stamina to about 60% and receive additional rewards. One of which is diamonds which can help me more in the game. 

The next time you want to refresh your stamina, and if you are short on diamonds, head over to the section where you can Join the Feast, and you will get instant stamina and diamonds.

Binding Your Socials

When I launch the game, there are a few options for me to log in to the game. One of which is to log in through my social media accounts. If I connect my social media account like Facebook to the game, I will get diamonds for free.

How To Get Free Diamonds On Legacy Of Discord
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Mind you, this is only a one-time deal, so linking and unlinking your Facebook account does not refresh the diamonds. 

Make sure to link the account that you are most active on to share your progress in the game on your social media.

Check Their Facebook Page

Speaking of Facebook, I also discovered that they have an official Facebook page that often gives out different prizes for their loyal players and fans. 

Check out their Facebook page, and you will see gift codes and rewards that you can use in the game. Copy the gift code as seen on their post and enter them within the game.

You will then receive your rewards, and most of the time, they often give out gift codes for diamonds. Just make sure you have fast hands, as many other players are also waiting to get their hands on those codes.


Experience the adrenaline rush of combat as you make your way through a dangerous world filled with monsters and deadly boss creatures. 

Raid in dungeons or mine for gold and diamonds to get rich and get the rare equipment you need to defeat your enemies. In Legacy of Discord, everything is possible.