Discover How to Get Free Cash on Township

Imagine playing a mayor of a town where you have to build it from scratch by finding resources, growing and harvesting crops, or even procuring resources through different means necessary. 

If you are into this kind of game, I have a great suggestion for you: play Township. It's a mobile game made for players like us who want to get better at resource and time management. 


The goal is very simple in this game - build your city. If you want to learn more about Township, read on below and learn how you can get free Cash, the in-game currency, to help you build.

  • Build Your Dream Town
  • You Need Township Cash
  • Playing Township
  • Fulfill All Requests
  • Set Up Before Logging Off
  • Expand Your City
Discover How to Get Free Cash on Township
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Build Your Dream Town

Township is a mobile game where you get to choose whether you want to be a farmer or a city-builder. 

Discover How to Get Free Cash on Township
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Choose from a wide selection of infrastructures and resources and take your town and make it an agriculture-centered settlement or a bustling and busy metropolis. Explore different mines to get resources or even find ancient artifacts as you dig deeper.


The game offers a lot of features including the ability to grow crops and harvest them, build factories, bridges, community parks, schools, universities, and many other decorative infrastructures. 

Manage your farms and expand them or you might want to import exotic goods from nearby islands. Everything can be done with the world of Township - the rest is up to you to decide which path to take.

Downloading the Game

Developed by Playrix, Township is available for download on all mobile platforms including Android and iOS devices. 


Check out the Google Play Store or the App Store to download and install the game.

Make sure to allow permissions for the game. Note that the game offers an in-app purchase feature which may require you to set up a payment option.

You Need Township Cash

Township cash is the premium in-game currency used in Township. 

Discover How to Get Free Cash on Township
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It is primarily bought through the in-game store and is commonly used to accelerate different processes in the game. Most of the time, I use it to process goods at the factory at a much faster rate.

There are also times that I want to grow my crops and produce them a bit faster so I use cash to speed it up

I also use cash to purchase different items in the game and use materials to build more structures and upgrade them.

Getting Cash for Free in Township

There are various ways for players to get free cash in Township. The first thing that I did was play the game for several days. After four days of consecutive play, I was able to collect a good amount of cash from the game through the daily reward section. Make sure to check it regularly and see what other rewards you can get.

Another way of earning free cash is to build more structures. Your residents will thank you for constructing more buildings for them and as a way to appreciate your efforts, they will often give you free cash. You may also exchange gifts with your friends as part of the gifts may contain cash.

I also suggest that you try to check out all of your achievements in the game. The Town Hall is the perfect place to check to see if you have fulfilled a lot of your achievements. The more difficult achievements you fulfill, the more cash rewards you get.

Playing Township

Township is quite an easy mobile game to play. There isn't that much in-depth strategy to think of when playing the game however, there will be instances that you will need to have time and resource management skills to effectively play Township.

Discover How to Get Free Cash on Township
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You will also need to juggle different tasks as the mayor of the town hence it can get complicated at times.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when playing Township that have also helped me when playing the game during the first few hours.

Farm for Coins

Probably the easiest way to farm for coins in this game is to plant and harvest wheat

Since wheat is readily available all the time and is one of the cheapest to produce, it is highly recommended that you always have an area where you can plant wheat whenever you are low on coins. I noticed that I can easily get a lot of coins from producing wheat and selling it.

While wheat is a good start for getting coins in this game, you always want to branch out on different crops to diversify your gold income. Try other crops and rotate them as much as possible and see which ones help you earn more gold coins.

Fulfill All Requests

When playing the game, you'll encounter a helicopter flying around your town. The helicopter brings the requests of the people from your town. 

Discover How to Get Free Cash on Township
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It is wise that you should be focused on resolving all of those requests first before turning to another set of challenges and tasks in the game.

I've noticed that some requests might not even be good for the efforts that I've made but at the very least, it has made my citizens happy in the meantime. 

By the time I rolled around level 20 in the game, I'd only pick up requests that would help earn me more than 300 coins.

Use the City Market

As soon as you have all the buildings in your town built, the Jewelry Store will soon begin requesting for you to produce ingots. You will have to dig for ores in the mine for that which can be quite tedious. 

While the demand for pieces of jewelry won't be that high against any other resources, the Mafia will regularly send out a request for you via the Helicopter.

The best thing I did to help solve this request is to use the City Market and see if they have pieces of jewelry available and then sell them to the Mafia guy. This will immediately fulfill that specific request and it gave me a lot of rewards.

Set Up Before Logging Off

There is a lot of waiting in this game especially when I want to build different structures. It can take a lot of time before they are finished so I might as well do something else. Whether I would start my farm or do other tasks, players need to keep on doing something within the game.

Discover How to Get Free Cash on Township
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Whenever I find myself with nothing to do, all I do before logging off is set up all of my structures. This way, the moment I log back into the game, the long completion times for buildings are already done and I would then collect cash and coins after completing them. 

The game is all about time management and the best way to do this is to time the completion of each project properly to make them more efficient.

Add More Friends

Township enables me to connect my Facebook account to the game. This means that I can add my friends to the game or find new ones from the community. There are a lot of advantages in adding friends to the game apart from getting free cash as I've mentioned above.

The best part about having friends in Township is the gifts that I receive. Apart from the cash, I also get other rewards that would help me upgrade the buildings in my town. The City Market also opens up more options for me to choose from whenever I add more friends to the game.

Even if I don't have a lot of friends in real life, I can always add some of the friends I have on Facebook. Don't hesitate in sending them the request and maybe you get to receive one yourself and get rewarded for it.

Expand Your City

In the early stages, the game will provide you with a lot of resources to work on. Take advantage of this phase in the game and expand your city as much as possible.

Discover How to Get Free Cash on Township
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Find ways to budget your resources into constructing more buildings, farms, and other structures that generate income for your town.

The more income-generating structures you make, the more resources you get to earn later on. Invest and expand your territory so you will have access to other resources and materials needed later on when your town becomes a bustling metropolis

These resources become very difficult to achieve later on so make sure you have enough of them while you are still building your city.

Claim Your Rewards

One final tip that I want to share with you is to remind you that there are a lot of rewards in this game. 

Never forget to claim all of your rewards as they will help you build more structures and offer you more resources to help you expand your town. Log in every day and when you play five days in a row, you get to have an exclusive gift.

These rewards will help you get factories, community buildings such as zoos and parks, and even decorations that will help you earn both experience and income for your city. Claim the rewards and use them to their full efficiency so you can expand your city in no time.


Whether you are fond of building factories or just want to harvest your crops, Township is the ultimate mobile game to make your dream town come true. 

Managing your town can be quite difficult and the goals can be very challenging but I hope the aforementioned tips above will help you reach them and make playing the game as smooth as possible.