Shadow Knight Ninja - Learn How To Get Coins

Finding a good action game with hack and slash elements can be very difficult. It has to balance the action and the fantasy together with a good storyline. Fortunately, Shadow Knight Ninja blends the action well together with interesting storytelling.

Shadow Knight Ninja is an action mobile role-playing game where I get to play a ninja and many other characters in a fight against monsters in this dark fantasy world. I also get to explore different terrains and use my skills to either jump, climb, or discover new areas.


Explore towns, dungeons, and forests while mastering your combat skills. Learn about the game, how to pull off combos, how to get coins, and more with my guide below.

  • Practice Your Combos Early On
  • Always Watch Your Back
  • Finish Each Stage to Get Experience and Gold Coins
  • Complete Missions to Earn More Rewards
  • Upgrade Your Weapon of Choice and Make Your Character Stronger
Shadow Knight Ninja - Learn How To Get Coins
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Practice Your Combos Early On

If there is one thing that every player should master in Shadow Knight, it has to be the combos. Combos are done by combining my skills and auto-attacks

I often use combos whenever I want to destroy the enemy within a few seconds. Combos are quite destructive against enemies but they are also hard to pull off. 


This is why I highly suggest that you practice your combos in the early stages of the game. Combos can only happen when you weave your auto-attacks together with your skills. 

This often leads to devastating blows and deal huge amounts of damage especially when they hit multiple enemies. Make sure to practice your combos and use them effectively in battle.

Mind Your Skill’s Cooldowns

Speaking of skills, each time I use a skill, it immediately goes on a cooldown. These cooldowns often take a lot of time before these skills are available again. Using your skills in quick succession without mastering combos is quite dangerous to you as a player.  


Oftentimes, you'll end up using all of your skills and then a long wait for them to become available again makes you vulnerable to heavy-hitting monsters. Try to space your skills and mind their cooldowns. 

This way, you can manage your skills and produce amazing combos when playing the game.

Always Watch Your Back

After I finish killing all the enemies within an area, the obstacle that blocks the path is removed and I can proceed to the next area. This is how the game usually goes but as soon as I step onto the next area, there are instances when enemies start to appear behind me. 

Shadow Knight Ninja - Learn How To Get Coins
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This is not a great position to be in and I can easily get cornered by enemies from different angles. Always watch your back when you are moving from one place to another. 

I try to slow down a bit or at least find a way to group all of my enemies on one side. This way, I don't have to deal with enemies coming at me from every angle and run the risk of getting cornered. 

The very last thing that I want to do in this game is get cornered by a bunch of monsters and allow myself to get beaten up.

Switch to Another Character

There are moments when a melee hero has all the advantages in the game. A melee hero often has a huge chunk of health and has powerful devastating abilities. However, there are also times that this can be very disadvantageous. 

There were instances that I get cornered and there is no way out of that situation. Most players can fight their way out of it but end up getting destroyed since melee heroes don't have a lot of skills that help them escape. Fortunately, the game has a feature where I can switch to another character

I can switch to another character that specializes in escaping tight situations and that cans still with a lot of damage. One of which is the gunner. Try switching to different heroes especially when you're caught in bad situations.

Finish Each Stage to Get Experience and Gold Coins

Each stage in Shadow Knight: Ninja presents different challenges. There are some stages where I get to practice my skills and combos since it's way easier to defeat all the enemies. 

Shadow Knight Ninja - Learn How To Get Coins
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There are also other stages, especially the later ones, that are quite challenging. In these stages, there are a lot of enemies to fight and some of them are strong enough that they can instantly take me out of the game. 

No matter what stage I am in the game, I always remind myself to finish each stage and complete the tasks set by the game. 

This helps me earn experience and gold coins that can be used for my character in the game.

Login to Get Gems and Gold Coins

Gold coins are quite important in Shadow Knight. They are commonly used for different things like upgrades and other items which I'll discuss later on. 

While playing the game does give me a good amount of gold coins as rewards, there are still many other options for me to collect coins. One of which is just by logging into the game. 

Every time I log back into the game after skipping a few days, Shadow Knight rewards me with a couple thousand gold coins and gems for me to spend on upgrades and new weapons. This might not be enough to get the weapons that I want which are quite expensive but it's a good place to start.

Complete Missions to Earn More Rewards

Apart from playing the game and logging in from time to time, another good way to earn more rewards such as gold coins, gems, and exclusive items is to complete missions. 

Shadow Knight Ninja - Learn How To Get Coins
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There are a lot of quests that players are required to complete in the game. Each quest will have its own set of rewards so I can always choose which ones I need to do first. 

There are also achievements that I can finish aside from missions. Each achievement unlocks new rewards and over 100 achievements are waiting to be completed. 

Whether it is about killing several enemies or performing a set of combos within the game, these missions are highly valuable if you want to earn more gold coins.

Choose Your Favorite Weapons

What I like about playing Shadow Knight is the variety of weapons and items to choose from. There are over hundreds of different types of weapons and items to choose from in the game. Further, each of these items affects the way I play the game. 

Some items are given for free, especially after finishing a certain level. Others are only acquired from finishing missions. Many of the weapons and other items can be obtained by purchasing them with gold coins. 

I tend to collect a lot of weapons to help me stand out from the other warriors. With these weapons, I get to fight in style and have a more efficient way of dealing with my enemies.

Upgrade Your Weapon of Choice and Make Your Character Stronger

I mentioned a while ago that gold coins are really important in this game. 

Shadow Knight Ninja - Learn How To Get Coins
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One of the reasons why is that coins are commonly used to purchase new weapons but the most important reason why I want to collect as many gold coins as possible. Coins also help upgrade them into better and more powerful versions of the weapons. 

Even when I'm away, the system does help me train my fighters and collect different resources. However, it is still up to me to upgrade the weapons that I want to make my chosen fighter stronger in battle. 

Do yourself a favor and spend your gold coins wisely on powerful weapons and upgrade them to make them godly during battle.

Use Your Gems to Revive Dead Characters

Another resource that is commonly underestimated in this game is gems. Gems are harder to collect in the game, unlike gold coins. While they are more difficult to find, gems are often more useful in the game. 

One of the main purposes of collecting gems is to help me revive my character if it dies in the game. I can spend around 20 gems to revive my character and continue the game. 

For those who have not collected enough gems to revive their chosen fighter, you can always watch ads to do so. It may take a while since you'll need to watch the ad until the end but it's an option that offers to revive your character for free.


I'm fond of playing high-skilled action-packed hack and slash games like Shadow Knight: Ninja and I find it very interesting. If you're new to the game, follow the tips above and you'll surely have the best time playing the game.

Check out Shadow Knight: Ninja Game at the Google Play Store and the App Store and download it now on your mobile device.