Find Out How To Get Money In Traffic Rider

Racing games have always been a favorite of mine as it never fails to give me an adrenaline rush. If you are a fan of racing games, especially on mobile, Traffic Rider should be on your list of mobile games to download. 

Traffic Rider is a mobile racing game developed by Soner Kara. In this game, I can jump on a motorcycle and feel like I am the king of the road. 


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  • Rev-Up And Ready To Go
  • Playing Traffic Rider
  • Unleash The Daredevil
  • Try Playing The Endless Mode
  • Play Traffic Rider On Your Phone
  • Earning Cash In Traffic Rider
  • When Playing Traffic Rider, You Have To Be Patient
Find Out How To Get Money In Traffic Rider
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Rev-Up And Ready To Go

Traffic Rider is a motorbike racing game that adds a whole new level of fun and excitement with its crazy action. 

Find Out How To Get Money In Traffic Rider
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Players are treated to a first-person perspective with better graphics and overall authentic experience as you drive through different tracks and highways. 


Learn the mechanics of the game or unleash the devil inside you as you break traffic rules. Upgrade your bike or buy new ones by completing different missions. 

Play different game modes such as Career Mode and Endless Mode with friends and race to become the best in the game.

Downloading The Game

Traffic Rider is available for download in the Google Play Store and the App Store for all mobile devices. Tap Install to begin the download and wait for the full installation of the game.


The app might ask for several permissions from your device before allowing you to play the game. Traffic Rider also features in-app purchases.

Playing Traffic Rider

The controls of the game might be easy for players who have experience with racing games. But don't let the seemingly easy controls fool you. I've learned the hard way that you need more than just easy controls to win more races in this game.

Find Out How To Get Money In Traffic Rider
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You will need to have perfect timing, skill, patience, and put in a lot of hard work to master all of the different ways to play Traffic Rider.

Here are some of the tips that you can try to improve your game.

Practice A Lot

If there is one thing that I would like you to focus on, it is practicing. With practice comes perfect; you can practice how to easily navigate through different roadblocks, perfect your timing and learn how to drift your bike. 

Do not be too hard on yourself if you do not get everything right the first time. The game can be unforgiving for many players, but once you understand your mistakes and harness them to improve your skills, you will soon find out that the game is not as hard as you expected it to be during the first few hours of playing. 

Expect many failures and mistakes in this game, but if there is one thing that can solve such an issue, it is lots of practice.

Unleash The Daredevil

Traffic Rider isn't exactly a game that teaches you the rules of the road. In fact, it is the other way around. Traffic Rider wants you to unleash your inner daredevil and find a way to make things fun.

Find Out How To Get Money In Traffic Rider
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I'll tell you more about why you need to drive like a mad man if you want to know how you can earn more cash in this game. 

Nevertheless, Traffic Rider is a game that is made to be fun, and what better way to improve your skills than to play without any caution.

Don't Mind The Time

When playing Career Mode, I noticed that there is a timer within each level. I would advise that you stop looking at the timer and focus on what's ahead of you. 

The timer is not that important in the game as the goal is not to beat the clock but rather to play and get to the end as fast as possible.

Speed is still one of the best ways to win in this game, but looking at the timer ever so often would only distract you from the real goal. Stick to what matters most.

Try Playing The Endless Mode

If there is one way to improve your skill, it's by pushing yourself to the limit, and what better way to do this than by playing the Endless Mode.

Find Out How To Get Money In Traffic Rider
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The game features an endless mode where you get to race an infinite amount of time without any end in sight. I get to practice different stunts as well as polish my driving skills in this mode.

Use The Brakes

Yes, you heard that right. For a very much "ride or die" game, it still uses the same rules as we do in real life. Make good use of the brakes, especially when you are about to drive into a traffic jam.

Many would want you to live in the fast lane with this game, but there is a reason why the brake button is still a feature in this game. This is highly useful, especially in the later stages of the game.

Play Traffic Rider On Your Phone

The best way to play Traffic Rider isn't on your tablet - but rather play it on your mobile phone. The reason behind this is that the game is built to be played on your phone due to its smaller screen, which allows for better control of your bike. 

Find Out How To Get Money In Traffic Rider
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A larger screen would mean a more difficult control which can be detrimental if you want to improve in this game. While many might want you to play on a larger screen, I suggest that you play it on your phone to make sure you get better with the controls and better in the game.

Buying A New Bike

While upgrading your current bike might be your best choice considering your limited resources, I would rather suggest that you buy a new one if you have enough cash to do so. 

The upgrades you make can help you perform better, but if you look at the stats on new and more expensive bikes, the difference is uncanny.

As I've said earlier, what you need in this game is patience. Be patient and frugal with your spending, especially if you plan on buying a new bike. You can upgrade all you want, but a new bike always beats a heavily augmented bike.

Earning Cash In Traffic Rider

Cash is one of the most important aspects of Traffic Rider. It allows me to finance all of the upgrades on my bike and even helps me purchase a new bike. Earning cash, though, is another story.

Find Out How To Get Money In Traffic Rider
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I know it can be pretty difficult for new players to learn more about the game and how to earn cash for their motorbikes. 

This guide will teach you how you can earn cash and upgrade your bike as soon as possible. You might even have enough resources to purchase new and better motorcycles if you like.

Get Cash Fast By Doing Following This Trip

The best way to earn the most cash in Traffic Rider is by spending as much time as possible driving into oncoming traffic, especially on a two-lane highway. As crazy as it may sound, the game wants you to be a daredevil on the highway and live life on the edge. Another way to earn cash fast is to perform combos as many times as you want.

Staying true to the legacy of living life in the fast lane, Traffic Rider also gives you a good amount of cash if you perform these stunts close to cars. The game wants you to do these nail-biting stunts as many times as possible if you're going to get rich fast.

Lastly, going over the speed of 100 kph and staying on that speed for a long time would also earn you a hefty amount of cash. Make sure to practice these stunts first so you can maintain speeding through a hundred kilometers per hour. 

When Playing Traffic Rider, You Have To Be Patient

Some players might not have the patience to work for their cash. I highly suggest that you keep on playing the game and be patient. You won't be able to afford those high-end motorbikes if you do not work for them. 

Find Out How To Get Money In Traffic Rider
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Play every day, and make sure to avoid spending too much of your cash on items that do not bring anything to your game. Examples of these are new colors or environments in the game. 

Make sure to focus on upgrading your bike or save up your cash to buy a new one instead.

Watch Ads In Traffic Rider

Probably the simplest method to get more cash in this game is to watch ads. I know that it is inconvenient to be bombarded with ads in this game, but it does help a lot in the game's development. Why not give it a try and watch some ads?

You can check out the Free Cash option at the upper corner of the screen, and you either follow their social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter to get around a thousand cash. Watching ads that last for about 15 seconds will also get you 500 cash.


Never had I ever encounter a mobile game that encourages me to live dangerously on the road as much as Traffic Rider. 

From performing different stunts to accelerating over to a hundred kilometers per hour, nothing is more exciting than getting to experience the fast and furious lifestyle, even if it is just a mobile game.