Evertale - Discover How to Get Coins

Many of you may have heard about monster collecting games like the popular Pokémon or Monster Hunter. But if you want to play a mobile game that offers a different take on this subgenre of RPG, Evertale is a game suited for you.

Evertale is about collecting and training unique monsters while assembling a team to help defend the world of Erden. Fight alongside your team to defeat countless monsters or battle it out with other players from all over the world for a spot on the leaderboard.


Whether you want to become the best player in Evertale or you just want to save the world of Erden, you'll need help. I'll give you more about how you can play the game, how to build your team, how to earn coins and more in my guide below.

  • Play the Main Storyline
  • Building the Team
  • Don't Wait for the Daily Missions to Reset
  • Explore to Find Treasure Chests and Earn Coins
  • Look Out For Moving Bushes
Evertale - Discover How to Get Coins
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Play the Main Storyline

One of the best experiences to have with Evertale is playing the main storyline. It follows the story of a band of friends who must protect the world of Erden from a cataclysmic event called Pandemonium. 

Evertale - Discover How to Get Coins
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Players get to train and evolve 180 different creatures to fight alongside them in large-scale battles. I build a team of creatures and unlock different gear and power-ups. 


There are so many unique creatures to choose from that I'm still catching, training, and evolving them as we speak. There are six diverse regions where unique monsters can be collected. 

I also meet allies who help me on my quest to save the world while also battling foes. I've only been able to scratch the surface of the game by playing the main storyline and always find more to discover as I go deep into the game.

Play the Tutorial

The tutorial provides a lot of information and sound advice to new players in the game. The tutorial offers a complete perspective on what the game is all about while also informing me of what I need to know. This includes basic movements and combat within the game. 


However, what I like about the tutorial is that it also teaches me some mechanics in the game, for example, the elements. There are five different elements used in the game that counter each other. 

Water beats fire while fire is weak against wind. Wind wins against storm, and storm can beat water. It seems like a lot to remember but everything will be clear when you get into the game.

Building the Team

The tutorial also gives advice on what kind of team that I should be building. There are various characters that I can choose to start my team and slowly fill it up with different other characters and monsters

Evertale - Discover How to Get Coins
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The maximum number of characters and monsters that I can place within my team is eight. Everyone else can only be accessed if I choose to swap different characters and monsters with each other. 

Each character and monster bring something unique to the team, so I highly advise that you try to mix and match different characters and monsters together to bring out their strengths. 

I also take into consideration the cost it takes to form the team, so I rather start with only a few first and slowly grow my team.

Join a Guild and Meet New Friends

One key feature in the game that I like a lot is the Guild. Joining a guild is much like joining a group of friends who like to play the game. Upon joining a guild, I was introduced to a bunch of other players, and we immediately went on a journey together. 

There are various game modes where we get to play together, and I've gained new friends by just playing with them for an entire day. I also earned friend points that I can use to summon more troops to fight in battle. 

Make good use of this feature to earn new friends and get a strong bond with people from all over the world.

Don't Wait for the Daily Missions to Reset

After finishing the tutorial, the game unlocks more features, and that is when I'm able to play the main storyline. There are also other features, including daily missions and achievements, that are worth every player's time. 

Evertale - Discover How to Get Coins
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The daily missions helped me in getting experience and coins in the game. I suggest that you complete the daily missions every time you play the game. 

Don't wait for it to reset without finishing all the tasks provided on the list. Achievements are also a great way to earn coins, but they take a lot of time before they can be unlocked. 

Finishing the daily mission on a timely basis is much easier to do as long as you keep on playing the game.

Do the Side Quests Too

Side quests are also fun to do whenever I'm done with the daily missions. You'll encounter side quests when you hover over an NPC with a gift box icon on its head. 

This indicates that these NPCs have quests for you to accomplish, and rewards are waiting after you're done. Side quests are quite easy to accomplish and provide relatively good amounts of coins and experience. 

There are even instances that I was rewarded with a good set of equipment and a huge amount of coins. Don't miss out on these amazing rewards by doing side quests as well.

Explore to Find Treasure Chests and Earn Coins

While I was busy following the main storyline, there were instances within the game when I was captivated by the locale. I often explore different areas on the map and discover treasure chests hidden in secret locations

Evertale - Discover How to Get Coins
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I opened up these treasure chests to find coins and other rewards that are difficult to obtain in the game. Some of the rewards include consumables and experience points that have helped me in the game thus far. 

Take the time to explore the map you're on and wander off into the unknown path. I know it has led me to something wonderful with these treasure chests, and I hope that you do too.

Check Out Events and Other Game Modes

Playing the main storyline can sometimes be very repetitive. What I usually do is check out other events in the game that I can participate in. Most of the time, these events reward me with coins, experience, and exclusive items

These events often come after an update in the game. One event that I like is the Training Dojo which helps me strategize with different sets of enemies. There are also time-limited events with specific rewards, so I prefer you try to participate in them as much as possible. 

If you're down with some of your friends, check out the various game modes available in the game by tapping the bottom right corner of the screen. 

Look Out For Moving Bushes

The world within Evertale is expansive. It takes a couple of minutes just to travel from one town to another. Within that time, I had to travel great distances, which also included a few battles with a random monster. 

Evertale - Discover How to Get Coins
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There is one indicator that lets me know there's a rare monster that can be engaged in battle. A moving bush is an indication that I can battle a rare monster if I come close to it. 

Battling against rare monsters can sometimes be very difficult, so you'll need all the help that you can get. 

Always bring some consumables with you to help you heal up. Use special skills if necessary in order to capture that rare monster.

Join Their Discord

Discord is a great way to meet new people from the game. If you already have a Discord account, follow their official Discord server to help you join an active guild or simply hang out with other players in the game. 

I checked out their server, and it was full of players giving each other advice and tips on where and how to capture certain monsters in the game, as well as guides on how to deal with the more difficult stages of the game. 

I've also seen players share different strategies and team compositions while discussing different synergies with specific monsters. It's a great place to hang out and learn new information in the game. Go ahead and check it out.


Evertale perfectly blends traditional monster collecting with different RPG elements altogether. I like how the game continues to add more monsters through constant updates alongside more quests and stories to follow. It's free-to-play and free to download.

Check it out today on the Google Play Store and the App Store.