MIR4 - Learn How to Get DRACO Coins

Developed by Wemade Co, MIR4 is the first-ever MMORPG that also functions as an NFT game. If you don't know about NFT games, it's a gaming format where players can earn real money while playing. 

This is one of the many reasons why MIR4 has become so popular all over the world, apart from its massively open-world gameplay and amazing graphics.


Set in an ancient world with oriental aesthetics, MIR4 allows players to play the game how they want to. From hunting to gathering to crafting or even joining powerful guilds. To learn more about the game, how to get DRACO Coins, and get tips to level up, check out my guide below.

  • Choose from a Wide Variety of Classes
  • Finish the Main Quests
  • Take Advantage of the Auto Combat
  • Join a Clan or Create One of Your Own
  • How to Get DRACO Coins
MIR4 - Learn How to Get DRACO Coins
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Choose from a Wide Variety of Classes

The very first thing I encounter after launching the game is choosing the class that suits me most. There are up to four different classes in the game, and each of them has its unique playstyle. 

The Warrior is the main DPS class in the game and carries a large sword. The Sorcerer uses elemental magic to defeat the enemies. 


Meanwhile, the Taoist is the support class by helping party members with heals and buffs. Lastly, the Lancer uses a spear to either engage in a fight or protect allies. 

All four have different playstyles, and most players tend to make the mistake of choosing a class that has the fanciest graphics without knowing what their purpose is in the game. Try each class to see which ones suits your playstyle the most.

Get to Know the Classes

Let's dive deep into the character classes and what they can do. Sorcerers want to stay far away from enemies as they're very vulnerable to attacks. However, they deal tremendous amounts of damage, making them an essential part of the team. 


Taoists help you and your team survive longer fights. There's not a lot of healing properties in MIR4 so Taoists are one of the most vital members of your team. I don't have to use a lot of my money to purchase health potions whenever a Taoist is at my party. 

Choosing the Warrior is all about diving into battle and dealing as much damage as you can. Lastly, Lancers are the jack-of-all-trades. They often fight together with the Warrior but are usually tasked to protect both the Sorcerers and Taoists from getting dived by enemies.

Finish the Main Quests

The main storyline of MIR4 explores the battle between good and evil. While it may seem generic, there are a lot of ups and downs in the storyline that I find to be very compelling. 

MIR4 - Learn How to Get DRACO Coins
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Following the storyline can be done by doing the main quests in the game. Most of the main quests will teach you how to play the game and then learn a few tricks and even unlock new features and skills. 

However, I noticed that as soon as I began reaching the higher levels, the game became increasingly difficult, and the main quests became more challenging. This is where I suggest that you start inviting your friends to a party so you can complete the main quests together.

Completing the main quests will also reward you with items, experience points, and resources that will help your chosen character become stronger.

Complete All Daily Tasks

Apart from the main quests, the game also features up to 30 daily tasks that players can complete if they want to earn more rewards. These small tasks can be done while playing the game, and most of them are repeatable. 

However, what I like about these small tasks the most, apart from being easy to complete, are the rewards. Completing these daily tasks has rewarded me with experience points and resources. These resources can help make my character stronger through item upgrades. 

The experience points also allow my character to unlock new skills allows me to face tougher monsters and more difficult quests in the main storyline.

Take Advantage of the Auto Combat

I find playing MIR4 to be very easy, thanks to the auto-combat feature. Many mobile MMORPGs feature auto-combat, but in MIR4, the game takes it to another level. Take advantage of the auto-combat feature to make grinding less tedious. 

MIR4 - Learn How to Get DRACO Coins
Image Source: Steam

We all know that grinding can become very monotonous, so you might as well skip it by letting the game play itself during combat. I often leave the game online and go do something else while my character farms for gold and experience through auto-combat. 

By the time I get back, I've amassed a ton of gold and items that I can then use in the game. Auto-combat can be good for grinding and farming but be warned, do not use it against boss monsters. 

This feature does not have a very effective or accurate dodge or defense mechanic, especially when you're dealing with a hard-hitting boss monster. If you're going to deal with a boss, play the game manually.

Don't Forget to Turn on Vigor Before Grinding

Vigor is another feature in the game that has helped me with my progression. This feature can be activated right before I leave the game to auto-combat. 

I highly suggest that you make sure that you have Vigor turned on before grinding, as it allows your character to get even more experience from defeating monsters

It also provides many bonuses apart from experience boost, so make sure that you activate it before grinding.

Join a Clan or Create One of Your Own

A clan is a group of players joining forces to play the game together. I've had a lot of fun playing together with my friends who are also members of the same clan. 

MIR4 - Learn How to Get DRACO Coins
Image Source: DFG

We often go out and party together, hunting for items or taking down bosses. We also party together to complete the more difficult missions, so we progress together. 

If joining a clan is not your thing, you can also create your own clan and start inviting your friends who aren't yet members of a clan. 

Having a clan also helps you and other players achieve certain rewards, like chests, that provide resources to increase your survivability in the game.

Stay in Safe Zones

The world of MIR4 is very large and can oftentimes be very dangerous, especially for newbies. The maps are divided into safe zones and kill zones. Whenever I go out of the safe zone, other players can attack and kill my character. 

Dying outside of the safe zone can be very punishing. You may either lose an item from your inventory, lose your hard-earned experience from playing the game or suffer reduced stats. 

However, there are also consequences for killing other players. If you enjoy murdering other players too much, you'll reach a point where you'll only get 30 percent of the experience from killing monsters, which is not a fun way to play the game.

How to Get DRACO Coins

One of the main reasons I started playing MIR4 is the opportunity to earn real money in this game. DRACO Coins can be acquired by exchanging Darksteel. Darksteel can be mined in the game, but it takes a lot of time. 

MIR4 - Learn How to Get DRACO Coins
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Darksteel is commonly used in the game to upgrade equipment and make them stronger; however, the demand for Darksteel is very high, and players can get very aggressive in mining for it. 

Once I have enough Darksteel, I go to Jae Joman at the Bicheon Castle or simply access the in-game menu to smelt Darksteel into DRACO Coins. It will be automatically stored in your wallet that is linked to your account. 

You can smelt up to 100 DRACO Coins per day, and the results of your smelting will be announced through your inbox. Afterward, you can put your DRACO Coins up for sale in order to earn WEMIX Credit. You can then exchange the credit for cryptocurrency and earn real money.

Upgrade Your Equipment as Much as You Want

Speaking of equipment, I always make it a point to upgrade them as soon as possible. 

Upgrading items, weapons, and gear will enhance their stats and make them more powerful, making grinding a lot easier and faster. 

Another benefit to upgrading all of my equipment is to make them stronger, thus allowing me to survive attacks when I'm outside the safe zone.

To Sum Up

The success of MIR4 is only the beginning of NFT games making a statement in the world of gaming. The tips above should help you find your footing in the game and earn DRACO Coins along the way. Check out MIR4 at the Google Play Store and the App Store on mobile and Steam for PC.