Discover How To Get Gems On Magic Tiles 3

Ever wanted to play a music game where you get to play the piano? There are many piano mobile games that offer unique gameplay, but none is more interesting than Magic Tiles 3. 

That's right if you are looking for the newest and most popular piano game today, check out Magic Tiles 3, and you'll be in for a surprise.


I find playing Magic Tiles 3 relatively easy since I come from a musical background, but for those who want to play the game for fun, you will need all the help you can get. In this article, I'll teach you the following:

  • Play With Real Music
  • Ways To Earn Gems For Free
  • Get More Lives
  • Unlock More Songs
  • Playing To Get Better
  • The Game Start Slowly
Discover How To Get Gems On Magic Tiles 3
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Play With Real Music

Magic Tiles 3 is a free-to-play online piano game where you get to choose the songs you want to play and tap the screen according to the notes being played. The rules are very simple. Tap the black tiles as accurately as possible and avoid the white tiles.

Discover How To Get Gems On Magic Tiles 3
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The game features real music, with new songs constantly being added with every update. You can experience playing the game with different genres of music such as pop, Latin, country, EDM, and more. 


Become a real pianist today and download Magic Tiles 3.

Downloading Magic Tiles 3

Magic Tiles 3 is available for download at the Google Play Store and the App Store for all mobile devices. Once installed, the game will ask you to allow permissions on your mobile device to ensure the best experience when playing the game.

Developed by Amanotes, Magic Tiles 3 has billions of downloads to date and is constantly updated with thousands of new songs.


Ways To Earn Gems For Free

Gems are often needed in this game. There are countless times when I wish that I could have gems on my account to unlock different advantages in the game, but alas, I come up short. 

Discover How To Get Gems On Magic Tiles 3
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No need to worry, though, as I have several tips on how you can get the premium in-game currency for free, and I will share those tips with you. I've noticed that whenever I visit the store, I am prompted to watch an ad, so I got curious and watched a few of them. 

I was pretty surprised that the game rewarded me with a few gems after watching the ads. I guess it was something unexpected that was also helpful, and I got five gems after watching a single ad, so make sure to keep on doing so until you get a good amount.

Complete Quests And Offers

Completing quests can also provide me with a lot of gems in this game. There are many quests that are lined up for me to finish, and there are even more quests once I've completed all of the quests. 

The game constantly provides many quests for players, so I suggest completing them as soon as possible so you'll get your gems.

I also noticed that there are many offers for free gems when I go to the in-game store. Check out the in-game store regularly and see if there are offers given to your account and see if they are anything worth your while.

Get More Lives

At the start of the game, you are given around 15 lives. Every time you play the game, it will use one of those lives so, you can thus only play up to level 15 if you start with 15 lives. 

Discover How To Get Gems On Magic Tiles 3
Image Source: HuntMagnum / YouTube

This can be quite frustrating for many players who want to continue playing the game, but I have found many ways to collect more lives in Magic Tiles 3, so you can continue playing. The first thing that I did was wait until my lives refresh. 

Take note of the time that you first played the game and come back after a few hours once you have used up all of your lives. The game will slowly replenish the lives that you have used up so you can continue playing at a later time.

Apart from that, you can also use your coins to purchase around 5 to 20 lives. Be sure to use them as soon as possible since there is no cap for lives. You can always purchase them whenever you have the coins.

Watch Even More Ads

As always, ads are the bread and butter of any free-to-play mobile game. One simple way to get more lives in this game is to watch ads. I've already mentioned above that watching ads will also get you some free gems, and this time, doing so will also provide you with a good amount of lives.

Watching ads within the game will give you at least five lives per ad. This should be enough to last you for a few more levels until the game replenishes some of the lives you have used up before.

Unlock More Songs

Magic Tiles 3 features many songs for me to play; however, they are locked behind levels. This means that I have to play more levels to unlock the songs that I want to play. 

Discover How To Get Gems On Magic Tiles 3
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Playing the game lets me earn experience points, so the more experience points I can gather, the more I level up. 

To check out the songs, tap the music note option, and there you will find all the available songs that you can play immediately and the songs that you need to unlock first by playing.

Get Free Diamonds

Diamonds are another in-game currency that players are using so they can challenge one another. This is highly useful for those who want to compete with others or want to prove to the entire community that they are the best. 

Getting free diamonds in this game is relatively easy as long as you know what to do to get them. Fortunately, the process is similar to the ones that I have mentioned above. Finishing missions and quests will also net you with a good amount of free diamonds. 

Another great way to earn diamonds is when you like the official Magic Tiles 3 Facebook page and follow their posts to see if they give out free diamonds.

Playing To Get Better

Magic Tiles 3 is a fun game to play when you like music. Like me, I easily understand how the beats of the music work, so it is easy for me to understand and play the game. 

Discover How To Get Gems On Magic Tiles 3
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Those who are new to this genre might tend to have a little bit of difficulty when first starting to play the game. Don't worry, though; I got you covered with some simple tips on how you can get better at playing Magic Tiles 3.

Use Your Fingers

One thing I noticed with beginners is that they play this game with only a single finger. While I do not blame them for doing so, the first few stages of the game are rather simple and do not need for you to use all of your fingers. 

I would rather suggest that you try to use both your index finger and thumb so you'll get used to using them, especially at higher levels of the game.

The way I do this is that I divide the screen into two parts. I then allocate an index finger on one part and my thumb on another part. This would help me reach different keys in the game much easier.

The Game Start Slowly 

The very first thing that everyone should know is that the game becomes progressively more difficult. As you play and progress in the game, each level becomes much faster, and they are mostly very difficult to complete. This is the reason why I urge new players to start slow.

Discover How To Get Gems On Magic Tiles 3
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Starting the game slowly makes you a bit more comfortable with how you play the game. Make sure that you focus on accuracy instead of speed. You'll soon learn how to be quick with your fingers once you have the accuracy needed during those difficult levels.

Master One Level

Magic Tiles 3 offer different levels of difficulty. The more difficult the song becomes, the more experience you get; however, it is not always the best idea to jump from one difficulty to another. Learn to stick with just one level and master it before moving on to the next.

Familiarize yourself with the song first, then get to mastering the difficult part of the song so you can rack up all the points you need to level up and unlock all the other songs in the game.


Magic Tiles 3 will truly test your ability to hit the right notes with your fingers. The trick here is to follow the song's beat, and you will notice that the keys will become far easier to hit. Follow the tips given above, and I assure you, you will get better in no time.