Guardian Tales - Discover How to Get Free Coins

Guardian Tales follows the typical storyline of an RPG game: an attack on the city, abduction of the main female lead, and the humble beginning of the warrior. Plus, the quirky characters add to the magnificence of the storyline.

The game starts in the city of Kanterbury. During a regular day, Invaders attack the city, and the mayhem begins. The Guardians take it upon themselves to save this place and its people of tyranny. 


In this article, I will share with you all the information about Guardian Tales, how to play, and how to get free coins.

  • Main Features of Guardian Tales 
  • What to Know to Begin Gameplay
  • How to Download Guardian Tales
  • How to Get Free Coins
  • User Feedback for Guardian Tales
Guardian Tales - Discover How to Get Free Coins
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About Guardian Tales

Launched in February 2020, Guardian Tales has a major fan base, with over 1 million installs and a 4.7 rating on the Google Play Store. The game was published by Kakao Games in South Korea, developer of the massive popular PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on the web.  

Guardian Tales - Discover How to Get Free Coins
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The game is popular for its puzzles, which make moving throughout more challenging and exciting. 


The gameplay is relatively simple. To move from round to round, players must fight enemies, using all tactics at their disposal to with the battle in order to level up.  

Players can find upgrades like new heroes and weapons throughout the game, and can also Summon a Hero using Gems, an in-game currency.  

Game Modes

Game modes throughout include Colosseum mode, where players send 4 Heroes into battle again 4 opponents. Another mode called Arena mode enlists three Heroes to face the opponents, using only one at a time, with each subsequent hero called up when the prior one fails in battle.  


The Kama-Zone mode sees similar gameplay to the Colosseum mode, but players will level up to the boss level.  

Co-op mode was added in 2021 and features dungeon rush levels consisted of four players.

Main Features of Guardian Tales 

The game allows you to do things like use weapons, throw boulders and bombs, and in the process, find treasure along the way. In short, it's not only an action RPG but also has a mini puzzle-solving activity on the side. 

Guardian Tales - Discover How to Get Free Coins
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You can use life-saving actions like dive and duck to get away from the enemy. It helps your hero to survive and fight powerful villains eventually. 

What I liked about this game is that you can also build your castle the way you want. For example, if you like restaurants, you can add them and, if you like fancy decor, you can use that too. Customizing your floating castle to make it something to be proud of!

The game also features seasonal activities like easter eggs. I challenge you to find out as many as you can.

A Broad Inventory

Another feature of this game is an inventory of heroes and weapons to choose from if you are not happy to use one particular hero for a strategy to win against your enemy. 

Try different combinations and see what works best for you. 

What to Know to Begin Gameplay

You will explore the entire geography to find hidden monsters in dark and dingy places. I had fun exploring the dungeon and challenging authoritarian bosses.

Guardian Tales - Discover How to Get Free Coins
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These monsters create havoc with their attacks. I engaged with the game better because of the variation in the fights and the meaningful games surrounding the central plot.

I have played Guardian Tales with my friends online. You can identify your top three heroes, assemble them as one unit and challenge others to a fight. You can also make friends and hang out with them in something known as the guild house. Do watch out for the scarecrow, though. 

To play I recommend starting with the tutorial mode. The tutorial will help you get the hang of the game. Next, you can choose your avatar between a male or female knight. Give your character a name and set their base emotion between passionate, aggressive, or polite.

How to Navigate

As you begin, suddenly, you will come under attack from aliens. You will find yourself scrambling for cover that leads you to start playing the game. 

Use your navigation buttons on the left-hand side of the panel to maneuver your player. Navigate through the castle to complete tasks and get equipped during the process.  

At the end of the first tutorial, you will fight the monster minotaur. A level after that, you are on your own.

How to Download Guardian Tales

Guardian Tales is free to use and free to download on Apple and Android devices. It is highly rated and the developers have been working to constantly make improvements

Guardian Tales - Discover How to Get Free Coins
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The game does equally well on the Apple Store. It has a rating of 4.7 given by mobile users. Do note that all the iOS devices will need version 11.0 and above to play the game. To download, search 'Guardian Tales' and click 'Get' to install onto your device.

To download for Android, Go to the Google Play Store and search for ‘Guardian Tales’ in the search bar. After locating the correct app, click ‘Install’ to download it onto your device. You need an Android version of 4.4 and above, and the app contains in-app purchases. 

I also recommend joining the official community on Facebook and Twitter for regular tips and tricks.


Guardian Tales is available for free, however, there is a charge between $0.99 to $99 for in-app purchases

You can buy a number of packages that offer various features like gems or awakening stones which can help you advance more quickly in the game. The stamina package starts at $1, the special package starts at $4, and the starter package costs $10. 

Buying 300 gems will set you back $3. The costliest item is the jumping package that costs $26. 

How to Get Free Coins

You can get unlimited coins or gems in Guardian tales. One way that I suggest is to start with the story mode. Consider it as a safe mode where you practice and make coins. 

Guardian Tales - Discover How to Get Free Coins
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Against every roadblock on your way, you will see more coins. Complete allocated tasks that are easier compared to other game modes. Collect the stars to get as many free gems as possible. 

Join the Guild as soon as possible to get signup bonus gems and daily login gems too. Try to rank among the players in the guild house which will help you to get another good bunch of coins for free every week. 

The second biggest source of coins will be the Colosseum gems so, take it seriously and get free gems every week.

Earn During Battles

Battles will get you a good chunk of change every time you enter into a spat with your fellow contestants. 

Expect 20 coins for every win and a loss of 10 coins for every loss. 

Take your battles seriously because this will help you rank better in arena games. It will give you a better possibility to get more gems during these events.

User Feedback for Guardian Tales

Gamers have commented with a five-star review about the storyline, the interface, and the quirky characters. They love that one can collect multiple resources in the game. Gamers also appreciate the use of many currencies in the game.

Guardian Tales - Discover How to Get Free Coins
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Gamers found the parallel storylines engaging and that many puzzle games were attached to the main gameplay. They think the puzzles are interactive and therefore make it more engaging. 

The storylines are emotional which can arouse a feeling of camaraderie for the heroes of the game.

Most importantly, the game does not push you to make a purchase. Some players have enjoyed the game over weeks and have conquered different worlds without paying a single penny. While some have made purchases, they feel the in-app purchases are priced reasonably. 

The Downsides of the Game

It seems that multiple crashes are the reason for a few bad reviews. Also, loyal players who have managed to play up to World 10 complain that from the 11th level onwards it becomes impossible to play and win the game. 

One needs to have near-perfect skills at playing which discourages them to play any further, abandoning the game altogether. Some gamers have said this is a tactic to get money from them after a certain level.

Not only that, people have lost their accounts altogether with no possibility to get back in the game when you drop off. They say the developers are not doing enough to fix this issue.


Guardian Tales is one of the best RPG games available in the market today with its amazing storyline and exciting and developed characters. 

If you find yourself struggling with the game, do not immediately abandon it. Instead, join the Discord to get all the tips you want to succeed in the game.