How to Get Coins in Golf Rival

Playing golf might seem boring if you are not into the game. However, what I found out after playing Golf Rival is that golf is quite a very strategic game that requires a lot of skills even with just this mobile game. 

The mechanics are very simple to understand but it takes skill to make sure that I'm able to score a good point and beat my opponent.


There are also several features in Rival Golf that make for an exciting competition with friends and other players from all over the world. Is Rival Golf good for new golf players? Find out more about the game, how to get coins, and more with my guide below.

  • A Perfect Game for Fans of Golf
  • Play Different Game Modes
  • Unlocking a New Stage
  • Dedicate More Hours Playing the Game
  • Mind the Wind
  • Using Different Balls for Different Situations
How to Get Coins in Golf Rival
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A Perfect Game for Fans of Golf

I have to say the graphics in this game are beyond amazing. Golf Rival is the perfect game for fans of golf who want to appreciate the simplicity of the game as well as the complex skills that you need to pull off to win more games

How to Get Coins in Golf Rival
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The game features an exciting 1-versus-1 competition using real golf physics and realistic golf equipment that will help you harness your skills and make you a better player. 


Put your golf abilities to good use and practice your golf skills today with Golf Rival. Seek out tournaments and get rewarded when you put your skills to the test.

Downloading Golf Rival

Golf Rival is available for download on all mobile devices including iOS and Android. Make sure to check out the game at the Google Play Store or the App Store to download the official version.

Just search for Golf Rival by GR Sports and click ‘Install’ or ‘Get’ to download to your devices.


Avoid downloading the game on third-party sites. Invite your friends on social media and get to win more prizes when you both play the game.

Play Different Game Modes

Play with different game modes to earn more rewards. Golf Rival has two major game modes including a Quick Match that allows you to match against opponents from all over the world to play against each other.

How to Get Coins in Golf Rival
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The newly added Tournament Mode is for players who want to prove to themselves and others that they are the best of the best. If you have the skills to challenge seasoned players, check out the Tournament Mode and put your skills to the test and become a golf champion. 

Get your name featured on the League and Global Ranking list when you perform well in the Tournament Mode.

Collecting Rewards and Getting Coins

There are a lot of ways to win in this game. Some use skill and technique while others just play the game out of luck. This is where casual players and hardcore players differ. 

I play the game more by harnessing my skills first in the Quick Match option. By playing the game, hitting certain criteria, and earning more wins, I get to collect rewards such as chests. 

Chests contain gold coins that are used to purchase and upgrade golf clubs and balls. Another way to get more coins in this game and earn free rewards is just by watching a video.

Unlocking a New Stage

Every time I won a match, the game rewarded me with chests and trophies. Each trophy that I receive will contribute to unlocking the next stage of the game.

How to Get Coins in Golf Rival
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By collecting enough trophies from winning more games, I get to unlock a new stage that offers more challenges and allows me to express my skills better when playing Golf Rival. 

You will notice that some stages are grayed out. This means that they are locked and you will need to collect the required minimum trophies to unlock that certain stage. 

From what I've experienced, you will need around 200 trophies to unlock Stage 2.

How to Unlock a New Club

Golf clubs are critical items in Golf Rival. There are different types of clubs and each of them serves a different purpose. Unlocking new clubs is essential especially when you get to the later stages of the game where it becomes very challenging to play. 

Golf clubs are used for a particular shot and this means that you will need to gather almost every club that you can find. To unlock a new club, complete missions to unlock chests. 

Most chests give out new clubs. You can also purchase chests with diamonds or immediately purchase new clubs using real money at the in-game store.

Dedicate More Hours to Playing the Game

If you truly want to excel in this game, I highly recommend that you dedicate more hours to playing it. Doing this helps me to understand what the game is all about, why I lost the game, and what I needed to do to improve.

Apart from that, you also need to play a lot of matches to get more rewards so you can afford more balls and clubs that are useful in different situations. 

It is not easy to collect all of these items in the game so you better be prepared to make time to play more games with Golf Rival. 

This should allow you to fine-tune your skills and be a better player.

Learn to Make Your Shots Count

The ultimate goal of the game is to beat your opponent. The best way to do this to make each shot count. The more accurate your shots become, the fewer shots you have to make. 

This should help improve your chances of winning by a large margin. The best way to do this is to formulate a plan before you take the shot. Get the ball as close to the hole as much as possible without taking a lot of shots to do it. 

I know it can be difficult at first which is one of the reasons why I suggest that you dedicate a good amount of time to playing the game.

Mind the Wind

There are a lot of factors that affect the way you play Golf Rival. One of the major factors in this game is the wind. The wind can become a challenging aspect of the game as it changes the way you take your shot.

How to Get Coins in Golf Rival
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This will require you to exert less power on your shot as the wind might put more force on how far the ball will travel. 

Putting too much force will extend the distance and you do not want that to happen as well. Mind the wind and how it affects your game. 

If I am working against the wind direction, I usually exert more force to counter the effects when the ball is traveling. Take the shot according to how the wind goes.

Hitting Hard

Apply maximum power when hitting the ball. If you want to make the ball travel farther and faster, hit the ball with maximum force

The higher the power, the greater the distance. However, you should also take timing into consideration. 

You will still need to take the shot at the right moment or else it will all be for naught.

Using Different Balls for Different Situations

Now that I've discussed the wind conditions in the game, it is time to let you know that the terrain also plays a huge part in where your ball will land.

How to Get Coins in Golf Rival
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Unlocking a certain type of ball in the game will help you negate some of these factors. Same with clubs, each ball has its size and weight. 

Having the Viper ball will help you gain more power and is a great ball to use in rough terrain. 

Meanwhile, those who are playing against certain wind conditions should look to using Bat balls instead.

Aim High

Before you take the shot, the game provides a little bit of information like estimated distance. While it is not an accurate reading of the distance, it can still be useful to gauge how you want to aim your shot

I suggest that you aim as high as possible. Aiming high lets the ball travel farther than it should. And since it travels farther and much closer to the goal, you will only need to take a few more shots to shoot the ball. 

As I've mentioned before, the fewer shots you make, the better your chances of winning this game.


Many seasoned players have dedicated a lot of their time to playing the game and understanding how Golf Rival works. 

With these tips, I hope you were able to get some good information to begin training and becoming a well-rounded player. Make sure to collect those rewards and earn more gold so you get to purchase more clubs and balls in this game.