How to Get Moolah in Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath

Far away from the realm of reality lies the murky region of Western Mudos. The townsfolk are terrorized by badmen. Enter their savior: You aka Stranger. 

You are not the usual knight in shining armor who came to save the damsel in distress. Stranger fights for himself and only wants to rake in money. He has a mysterious, life-threatening disease that demands a quick operation. 


Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath is the fourth installment in the Oddworld series. In this article, I’ll talk about the ins and outs of the game along with tips to get those precious ‘Moolahs’ in Oddworld.

  • About Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath
  • Updated Features of Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath
  • How to Play the Game
  • How to Download Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath
  • How to Get Moolahs
  • Tips for Success
How to Get Moolah in Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath
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About Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath

Developed by Oddworld Inhabitants this adventure-thriller game was developed for Microsoft Xbox. Later when the original game was released for PlayStation and Nintendo, it caught quite a hype among gamers.

How to Get Moolah in Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath
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Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath was released in December 2010 after which an updated version was developed for PlayStation 3 and a version for mobile. The latest addition has been the Nintendo Switch port released in January 2020. 


The game is centered around a mysterious and enigmatic protagonist called the Stranger. Stranger is an outlaw and was later discovered to be the last surviving member of a powerful species called Steef. 

In his quest to collect money for a life-saving operation he travels through the three enchanted towns namely Gizzard Gulch, Buzzarton, and New Yolk City as a bounty hunter. As the game proceeds, the Stranger demolishes trouble-makers and bad guys. 


The game revolves around our hero Stranger as he makes his way through different towns fighting villains. Halfway through the journey, he learns about the tormented Grubbs species. Their town’s water supply was restricted by a demon named Sekto, the main nemesis of Stranger. 


The story gets interesting when Sekto hires a goon, D. Caste Raider, to kill his enemy. An interrogation by Raider leads to the revelation that the Stranger is the last Steef, the species that was depleted by Sekto. 

The ultimate goal of the game is to defeat Sekto and break the nefarious dam that he built to stop the water supply of the Grubbs.

Updated Features of Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath

Packed with enthralling graphics and the latest updates, Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath has swayed us with its unique hybrid mode and unconventional weapon choices. The new Nintendo switch offers 1080 HD graphics at 60 fps, super-fast processing, and loading times.

How to Get Moolah in Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath
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Players have to transition from the third person to the first person as they shift from traverse to fight mode. The HD version of the game has updated all 84 characters with increased texture quality. 

The update has enabled Armour upgrade which restores the Stranger’s health. Difficulty modes have been added as a new feature of the game to keep it interesting. 

The original version of Oddworld was playable in English, German, and French. The subtitled version consists of more language options like Russian, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, etc. 

Another Impressive Feature

Another impressive feature about the game is that a pacifist style is rewarded over a killing spree. To fulfill this, Oddworld has averted from the usual ammo, and instead, there are critters who can be little furry balls or slimy creatures shot from a crossbow. 

The game demands a constant juggle between a platformer, a puzzler, and a shooter objective. Players are engaged in power-packed fights, entertaining role-playing, and problems that require on-the-spot thinking

That makes it quite different from a regular action game that is more about destruction and power display.

How to Play

The protagonist must vanquish or capture criminals and outlaws in order to collect ‘Moolah’ (I’ll introduce them later in the article). 

How to Get Moolah in Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath
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The most notable feature about this game is the Stranger’s main weapon: a double-barreled, semi-automatic Crossbow that is capable of shooting live creatures instead of regular ammunition. 

There are nine classes of organisms: Chipmunk, Stingbee, SniperWasp, Thudslug, Zappfly, Bolamite, Fuzzle, Boombat, and Stukz. Each type has a different effect upon being fired and acts like a regular weapon. 

The game has to be played in a combination of first-person and third-person views. First-person is used for range firing and third-person for long-distance controls like sprinting, jumping, and combat. 

More Tact, Less Violence

In the game, villains can be captured or killed, but captured outlaws will give you more points The two bars shown on the screen are the health and stamina bars. 

Maintaining the health bar is crucial as the Stranger will die upon its full depletion. The stamina bar is affected each time he performs a high jump or engages in melee combat. 

The game incorporates the element of role-playing very well as you proceed through the story. Ammo and armor can be found throughout the game in vendor shops. Acquiring more ammunition enables the stranger to combine two creature types at once unleashing a deadly attack on the opponent.

How to Download

To download Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath, you can go to the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, or Amazon App Store. You can buy the game for $2.99 on any of these platforms. 

How to Get Moolah in Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath
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The device requirements for the game are a 1.2 GHz dual-core CPU, 1 GB RAM with Adreno 220, Nvidia Tegra 3, ARM Mali 400-MP, PowerVR SGX 543MP, Intel HD Graphics, or Vivante GC1000 GPU.

Where to Download

To get the game on your iOS device, launch the App Store and search for the game with the name ‘Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath’.

The game can be downloaded for Android devices through the Google Play Store by searching for 'Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath'. 

You can also play the game on Amazon devices like Kindle Fire, etc. by downloading it from the Amazon online store. 

How to Get Moolahs

Like most other role-playing games, Oddworld also has an in-game currency that is used by the characters of the game. In Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath, the ultimate goal of the game is to earn this currency, called Moolah, to pay for a secret operation. 

How to Get Moolah in Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath
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Moolah can also be used to buy weapons and upgrades inside the game. These upgrades can enhance your abilities and help you finish the game more efficiently.  

You can get Moolah by killing bounty targets and turning them into the Bounty Store. Bounty targets are wanted criminals who can be killed but capturing them yields twice as much Moolah. 

Aside from the bounty targets, if you kill or capture the random outlaws you encounter during the game, they will also yield Moolah. You can also get Moolah by hitting Clakkerz, the chicken-like inhabitants of the Mongo River settlements. 

Other Ways to Get Moolah

You can also get Moolah from Moolah Chests and Moolah Pots by looking up barrel, chest, and pot location guides. Moolah Pots are grey and have light green crystals in them. Orange Crystals, worth one Moolah each, are found in the two caves near the settlements along the Mongo River.

You can also raid nearby towns and acquire the Grubb Idol, a small statue owned by the native Grubbs that yields 75 to 95 Moolah. During the game, you will find wooden boxes, crates, and barrels. You can break these open with a charged Zappfly or melee attacks. 

These boxes often contain Moolah bags inside and each Moolah bag can yield 2 to 5 Moolah. You can also raid the home of farmers to get some more Moolahs in the game. Farmer Beeks' house at Beek's Opple Farm has a wealth of Moolah bags that yield up to 30 Moolah each. 

Tips for Success

During the game, you should converse with the natives and townsfolk. The locals say strange things that may give you ideas for solutions. 

How to Get Moolah in Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath
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The new shipment for the General Store usually arrives right after you complete a bounty. Make sure you visit the Store right after the bounty is turned in. 

Whenever you encounter an outlaw, chances are that they have hidden Moolah in a box or crates. Make sure to crack the boxes open if you find any. Before going on a bounty hunt, ensure that you have stocked up enough weapons

If you are out into the desert, the killed bounties/outlaws will disintegrate faster. So bag the dead bodies as soon as you can before they disintegrate


Whenever you have to retreat, first switch to the third-person run before fleeing as it’s faster. This will also allow you to find a more strategic hiding place or a stronger ground if you feel overpowered by your enemies.

You are also prone to be spotted more easily when you are spying if you use your first-person camera. Using the third-person camera can help you spy and not be spotted by the enemies. 


Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath is a role-playing game that has excellent graphics and an engaging storyline. This game can keep you on your toes for hours on end. 

With a strong presence of mind, a penchant for immersion gameplay, and these tricks up your sleeve, you can succeed in the game and enjoy it as much as I did.