GTA 5 Horse Racing Guide - Things to Know

Maybe you can't run at the speed of light, but horses can (almost), and betting on their races has become a popular hobby around the world. And this popular hobby is also now available in the digital realm. 

Since GTA 5 horse racing lets online players access the casino and spend and earn money in slot games. Players can also cash-in big at the inside-track horse racing element.


Within the casino, a pod next to the slot machines enables players to gamble on horse races. You will see the odds on each horse participating and choose how much you want to bet. Read on to learn more about the game. 

GTA 5 Horse Racing Guide - Things to Know
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Know the Winning Odds

As in real horse racing, gambling on horse races in GTA means you should review the options available and settle on which of the horses is likely to emerge victoriously. A horse with higher odds of winning is likely going to have the upper hand. 

Horses with low odds of winning are a significant risk, but on the flip side, if they win that means you win big. That's because the majority of players will not bet on a horse with low odds. So if you bet against the odds, you win big. 


Single-player Matches Are Winners

Players can choose to get involved in the Main Event or the single-player races. Main event matches occur every five minutes, and they pit players from around the world against each other. 

Multiple open single competitions can be played and manipulated often, which puts the player in a better position of winning.

Moreover, players can restart a single-horse match by exiting and rejoining the pod; and this is so helpful for manipulating the horses’ list and acquiring another list of horses. This is a handy tool.


Players can refresh the page for some time until they get a race with the first horse having even odds while the second horse has 5/1 odds of winning.

Additionally, those players that bet on the first horse typically win more often. When you place your bet on the first horse, you are likely to double your money more often than not, using this simple trick!

Inside Truck Pattern Spotting

Most players have recognized that there are some patterns that the game exhibits within the Inside Track. So, players watch games to see under what conditions a horse comes out on top. 

Most players are keen on Hennigan's Seed, which is second to the first horse but has equal odds. Therefore, there is a higher chance that Seed may win. 

Further, in case the horse with the least odds is not even, it means that there is a likelihood that the third or fourth horse can carry the day. 

You can continuously back out of the menu to keep-an-eye on this pattern, however, the game may hold out for a few minutes if you exit repeatedly. Also, players that can work the system correctly can enhance their odds of winning drastically. 

GTA 5 Horse Racing Guide - Things to Know
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There Are No Miracles in GTA Casino

This rule will prevent you from wasting your hard-earned cash at the casino. Whereas you can be tempted to put a considerable amount of money on a horse with higher odds, you must appreciate the twists and turns of the sport.

Don't keep your head down betting on Sir Scrambled on each race just because of its high odds as you never know what can happen. 


You can win big at the GTA Casino. Be proactive and employ these simple tricks for a chance at winning. Remember, there are no miracles here, but with some practice, you'll be able to figure out a winning strategy. 

If you would like to play this game, you will first have to gain access to GTA Online. You can do this by purchasing GTA 5, which is available on Playstations, Xboxes, and PCs.