Best Solo RPG Options - Discover Them Here

The need to have games that you can play alone has further been emphasized after COVID-19 struck. Thanks to social distancing rules there's a lot of things we just can't do right now. And that includes playing games with others.

So, what are some of the games that you can play alone while you maintain your distance? Solo Role Playing Games (RPG) are a great idea. These games transport you to another universe, all from the comfort of your couch.


To get a list of the best that you can play today, you need to read below. Info on the objective of the said games and how you can ensure you ‘win’ can also be found here. You also get to find out some of the main features of the game below. 

Best Solo RPG Options - Discover Them Here
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Knights of Pen and Paper

The first game that you should be looking to play is this one as long as you have $10 to spare. The game is available on Nintendo and Steam and although it is available in multiplayer mode you can play the game as a solo player as well. 

It creates a tabletop roleplaying group on the small screen that you have on your console. It features a more fantasy-style combat exploration making it a game that catches your attention. 


You venture into dungeons and try to gather loot there with there being a number of obstacles that you need to overcome smartly. You also have to stop the dragon that’s there while you try to take the loot from the specific dungeon you’re in. 

All in all, this is one of the best ways to get the most out of RPG experience. 

Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls

A game you can relate to when you’re looking for a classic game is this one. The game was originally developed in the 70s. The developer of the game created the game with the idea that the rules applied in the Dungeons and Dragons were pretty much complex. 


It is a game that mimics the Lord of the Rings and is open to interpretation and expansion as well. 

You can assume that this game is better suited for multiplayer but when you get the hang of it you’ll find being solo is the best way to go. Especially when you have to go through the multiple solo adventures which do pretty much to prickle your mind. 

You can get the game through PDF on DriveThruRPG at a cost of $20. The normal cost for the game however is $40.


Another game that you need to check out in this category is Mythic as you have a game that doesn’t require a GM. This is also a game that doesn’t require any other player at all - it’s a full solo game. Here, you have a true solo tabletop RPG. 

Unlike most RPGs, you don’t have to prepare to play this particular game. And it is up to you to decide on the opening scenario and other details, as well as you, move on. You can also choose to set up a number of details before you get your hands dirty. 

Best Solo RPG Options - Discover Them Here
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What makes the game interesting is that the actions you take with regards to the game are taken from answering a series of ‘’Yes and No’’ questions. You should also consult the book that comes with the game as well. 

The book pretty much moves the adventure and it can also spring surprises and gives you different events as well. Mythic is available in PDF and you can get on DriveThruRPG at only $9. You can also opt to get the print edition of the game if you so wish. 


When it comes to games, there are only a few games that can compare to RPG games as they tap into your mind. This is why they are popular as they are today and you can play them all on your own at a safe social distance.