Games Like Grand Theft Auto - Discover Them Here

Games like Grand Theft Auto let you choose any kind of life you want, even if it's the kind that would not normally be permitted in reality.  

In Grand Theft's city of Los Santos, you can steal a car, hold up a store, and then hit the gentlemen's club.  Isn't life just full of possibilities in Los Santos? If you enjoyed your time there then you may be looking for other games that are like GTA.  


We've done our homework and researched games like Grand Theft Auto in the gaming universe. Up next, we list some of the best. 

Games Like Grand Theft Auto - Discover Them Here
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Watch Dogs 2

This game is available in PC, PS4, and Xbox One. 

The series started with an exciting premise when Watch Dogs made its debut in 2014 - an open world to explore in the Grand Theft Auto-style, combined with gameplay that turned you into a vigilante hacker. 


Watching Dogs 2 is something new. The sequel moves the series to San Francisco and places the charming and talented Marcus Holloway in an unknown hacker's role. 

Although Watch Dogs 2 is essentially very similar to the original - you'll still spend a lot of time hacking different electronics and creeping around buildings - these improvements make the overall experience feel more thrilling and fun.

Red Dead Redemption 2

This game is available in PC, PS4, and Xbox One. 


A Western tale of loyalty, faith, and infamy values, Red Redemption 2 is an eventual chronicling downfall of a motley band of Wild West holdouts setting off civilization's slow march to industrialization. 

Set in the most real and lived-in open world ever, Rockstar is jam-packed with things to do, enticing characters to meet, and places to go. Red Dead Redemption 2 has a linear and self-contained introduction, but a wise one. 

The sleek cinematics make this game a 10/10 on visuals alone. Then you are embedded in the gang and get close to these wild and crazy characters while blowing stuff up. 

Yakuza 0

This game is available on PC, and PS4. 

The first thing you do is beat up a gang of thugs. The second? Before the hard-boiled conspiratorial crime drama unfolds, you are singing karaoke, and then a real estate turf war costs you hundreds of millions of dollars. 

You tap your way through a minigame of rhythm action; the dingy bar that turns into a concert stage as the series lead Kiryu imagines himself in a leather jacket and bandana, rocking out into a power ballad of the 80s.

Yakuza 0 is the sixth game in the Yakuza series, which tells the story of Dojima's Dragon, Kazuma Kiryu, primarily. 

It's also a prequel, making it the ideal starting point for new players - handy, as it's the first game to be ported to PC in the series. Yakuza 0 is set in the '80s, making it the beginning of Kiryu's long tale.

Sleeping Dogs

This game is available in PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, and Xbox 360. 

Sleeping Dogs is a game of open-world crime for busy people. It's not packed with numerous cities at the edges of the world or the usual "slow burn" story. 

Sleeping Dogs is well suited to those who want quick action where it doesn't take long to get something done. Whether it's a story quest or a tension-relieving brawl you're chasing, you can do it fast with Sleeping Dogs. 

Just Cause 4

This game is available in PC, PS4, and Xbox One. 

When it comes to blowing things up, Just Cause 4 is at the top of its class. Virtually anything red - and a few items that aren't - will explode when hit  

And smashing one of the massive, Epcot Center-like fuel tank spheres will create some of the most impressive fireballs seen in any game. 

Saints Row: The Third

This game is available in PC, Xbox One, Switch, PS3, and Xbox 360. 

The absurd, amusing, disgusting equilibrium that Saints Row creates with its characters, and the all-in attitude towards mission goals, forms the glue that keeps everything together. Its dynamics, considered in isolation, are at best. 

Driving is fast and straightforward, even though the cars feel a bit weightless. Choppers are strong but sluggish, and point shooting is nearly laughably short. For the first third of the game, the most effective weapon was the gun. 

By chaining headshots together, you'll be able to wipe out a room: these enemies tend to cluster together, and they all seem to be about the same height. If you are looking for a good game, this one is for you with an easy set of tasks. 

Games Like Grand Theft Auto - Discover Them Here
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So if you've already explored all of Grand Theft Auto, then you can dive into the worlds in the games above to get the GTA-like hit of adrenalin until the next Grand Theft game comes out.