A Brief Guide to Some of the Asphalt 8 Cars

The Asphalt 8 Airborne racing game lets you drive some of the fastest cars on the planet. It also allows you to operate on different identifiable landscapes globally. And guess what, you do all these at impossible speeds and improbable jumps!

Asphalt 8 game comprises over forty cars, and you must have heard of some of them, such as the Lamborghini, Ferrari, or Aston Martin. Variety rules supreme in the Asphalt 8 game, which is composed of several impressive tracks. 


You can compete in a match in Iceland, French Guinea, Venice, or the Nevada Desert, among other spectacular localities. Up next we're going to tell you about some of the latest cars available in Asphalt Airborne 8. 

A Brief Guide to Some of the Asphalt 8 Cars
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Asphalt 8 game has both single-player competitions and a multi-player championship where you can get to know the best drivers globally with regards to the online listings. Interestingly, you can also ghost race.

Additionally, the Asphalt 8 Airborne game resembles other series with its breathtaking graphics. Note that the textures aren't the same on a console or PC game.



Asphalt 8 has 270 cars currently, with the fastest one being hypercar Devel Sixteen. Get to know this and many more cars below. 

Volkswagen Beetle Turbo

This is a low D-class vehicle and is currently ranked number 527 in the latest updates. It almost has the same performance as the Renault CLIO RS 200 EDC, yet it is faster by 10km/h.

Its top speed is below cars like Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA, though it exceeds that of Renault DeZir. So, to accommodate this gap, it has a vast, yet inefficient installed nitro. In general, that weakens Beetle than the DeZir.


Still, the Beetle starts lower compared to the DeZir, and Camaro Z/28. It has unusual fast speed, and it is faster than F-150, Impreza, and DeZir. 

Similarly, on the multi-player mode, the Beetle is among the fastest cars around and ranks between 550-880. However, it is still slower than the DeZir, and the Impreza, though it has the chance of overtaking Camaro z/28.

Dodge Dart GT

This car is a sporty version of the standard Dodge Dart. It is a compacted sedan made by Dodge and was launched in 2012.

The Dodge Dart GT is a low-class D car with a current starting position of 505. Its maximum rank is 778, and the Max+PRO level is 802. It is the first game in the game, yet considered the worst. This does not, however, indicate that it is unable to compete against other cars.

It is still a good option in the multi-player mode if all cars are not upgraded, particularly versus vehicles such as Renault DeZir, and Ford F-150.

If you are a beginner, you can be given the Dart GT for free. Other cars that can be used as a starter's cars like the Dart are the Tesla Model S, Audi R8 e-Tron, Cadillac ATS, or Cadillac XTS.

Tesla Model S

The Tesla Model S is a luxurious electric car in Asphalt. It is a low- class D car and has a starting position of 551. Also, it has a maximum rank of 877 and a MAX+PRO position of 938.

It is slow and has slow nitro-energy with weak handling compared to Audi R8 e-Tron. However, it has a long nitro-duration with top velocity.

Tesla Model S is the most efficient car in the Career mode to acquire more stars, given that it is a low-end class-D car.

A Brief Guide to Some of the Asphalt 8 Cars
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Cadillac ATS

Cadillac ATS is the first comfortable entry-level sedan car in Asphalt 8. It replaced the Cadillac BLS, and its range includes the coupe shape and sedan orientations.

It is a low class-D car with a beginning rank of 586, a maximum grade of 921, and a MAX+PRO 983. The ATS performs the same as Tesla Model S, though all of them have pathetic speed, and are below average.


The game Asphalt 8 has several new cars, and this is just a fraction of them. The vehicles have different starting points based on their features, while some are perfect for starters, such as the Tesla Model S car.