Girls X Battle 2 - Learn How to Get Coins

Girls X Battle 2 brings a new style to idle RPG gameplay with hundreds of anime-style characters waiting to join your team. This game is all about recruiting empowered girls to create a formidable team and leading them into legendary battles. 

Developed by Carolgames, Girls X Battle 2 features different game modes, challenging missions, carefully crafted anime characters, and a sprawling world with an exciting storyline. The game offers a deep strategy with hundreds of unique girls to choose from to recruit to your team. 


I welcome you to my guide on how to play the game, how to start strong, how to make your girls stronger, where to collect coins and more.

  • Level Up and Unlock More Features
  • Summoning Girls to Your Team
  • Scout Every Day to Earn Coins
  • Complete the Campaign for More Coins
  • Character Classes and Their Differences
Girls X Battle 2 - Learn How to Get Coins
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Level Up and Unlock More Features

At the start of the game, new players will only have access to certain features of Girls X Battle 2. One of these is a campaign mode where I get to learn more about the game's basics and get introduced to the game's main storyline. 

Girls X Battle 2 - Learn How to Get Coins
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As I learn more about the game while I go through each level, I am rewarded with experience points and coins. 


These rewards slowly level up my character and unlock more features in the game like guilds, trials, challenges, and other game modes. Leveling up also means I can recruit more girls into my team making it more formidable as the team grows. 

Slowly but surely, advancing in the game will unlock even more features so I suggest that you keep on playing the game.

Unlock the First 10 Levels Fast

Playing Girls X Battle 2 is not that difficult, especially in the early stages. All you need to do is to make sure to unlock the Arena first. Go through the first 10 levels as fast as possible to unlock the Arena. 


The Arena is one of the many facilities in the game that will help you recruit and train girls. The Arena is very useful if you want to train your girls into better fighters. 

There are no opponent challenges at this stage so I would recommend that you focus on learning all your can about the game during this time.

Summoning Girls to Your Team

Summoning girls is one good way to recruit them to my team. Each girl will have their own unique set of abilities that can be very useful in battle. To summon girls into my team, I have to collect capsules first. 

Girls X Battle 2 - Learn How to Get Coins
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There are three different capsules that can be collected or purchased using the in-game currency. Each capsule is responsible for summoning a different level of girl to your team.

The regular capsules can summon any type of girl but chances are higher of summoning the 1-Star girls rather than the 5-star ones. The BFF capsule will allow me to summon 2-Star girls and above.

The advanced capsules can only summon 3-Star girls and above, and are quite difficult to acquire. 

Add More Friends

Regular capsules are quite easy to acquire but they don't often result in better recruits. The advanced capsules are very expensive so the best option to get the 5-Star girls is through BFF capsules

BFF capsules can be difficult to acquire since I have to rely heavily on my friends to unlock them. Add more friends inside the game and you will be rewarded with more BFF capsules. Share your in-game ID on social media so they can add you. 

Once you have more friends, make sure to send hearts and ask them for hearts as well. This way, you'll have more BFF capsules to open and recruit girls with.

Scout Every Day to Earn Coins

Friendship currency is one of the most important aspects of the game. It will open up more options for you to increase the potency of your team and make your girls stronger. 

Girls X Battle 2 - Learn How to Get Coins
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However, earning friendship currency can be very difficult and you'll need to have diligence to get even a small amount. 

The best way to earn this currency is by scouting every eight hours. Tap the Friends option and go to ‘Co-op’ and then choose ‘Scout’. In this option, you'll be able to collect crystals, friendship currency, coins, and more. 

You can also use this time to sign in and receive diamonds and shards through the homework option. Collect all these freebies in the game and make good use of them.

Battle Your Way in the Arena

Remember when I mentioned that unlocking the Arena is essential in the early game? That's because the Arena gives specific rewards that will help you in the early stages. 

You can even get gems or diamonds from playing the Arena so make sure that you fight and win every challenge in this game mode. 

Take advantage of these battles to get the best possible rewards, including cards that have specific rewards in them.

Complete the Campaign for More Coins

Once you have played a few rounds in the Arena, you will have collected enough rewards to help you progress through the game. 

Girls X Battle 2 - Learn How to Get Coins
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This is the right time for me to continue the campaign and complete it as I now have enough rewards to boost my progress. 

Each level presents different kinds of rewards and I've noticed that the more difficult the level is, the better the reward. 

Make sure to tap both the Claim and Loot buttons after each match to collect all the rewards. This has given me enough experience to level up and earn me more coins.

Join a Guild as Soon as Possible

I highly suggest that as soon as you've unlocked a few features in the game you should join a guild. Joining guilds unlocks even more perks for you as a player. My favorite feature is the office where I can obtain guild coins and contribute to the guild's experience and success. 

The gym also allows me and my guildmates to battle raid bosses which reward us with coins and a lot of experience. The academy has an option to upgrade the passive stat effects of my team with the use of the coins and guild coins. 

The merchant lets me exchange guild coins with 4 or 5-Star girls. And lastly, the cafeteria is where I can order food using coins and gold coins. I can also help my guildmates by donating some coins as well.

Character Classes and Their Differences

Each girl will have a profession, also known as a class. Some classes deal damage while others are more supportive and help their allies. All classes contribute to the strength of the team and having various types of classes will help you succeed.

Girls X Battle 2 - Learn How to Get Coins
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For example, Rangers have high attacks and are more suitable to be placed strategically at the back since they are vulnerable. 

Attack girls have high health and defense are the best place in the front lines. Priests are the healers while the mages cast spells and cause chaos on the battlefield. It is best to lump them together with the Rangers

The Assassins are classes that deal burst damage and can eliminate an opponent in an instant. Place Assassins near the Attack girls so they can attack whoever gets near the team.

Increase Every Girl's Power

Increasing a girl's power means enabling them to be more powerful in the game. There are three ways to improve a girl's power. One of which is by equipping them with weapons, gear, and items. I can choose a specific weapon, armor, shoes, and accessory for each girl. 

I then use the experience and coins that I've gathered to help increase a girl's level, thereby allowing them to be much stronger. When a girl reaches level 40, she unlocks a crystal slot where I can then place a crystal to increase her power even more. 

Always make sure to level up each girl, equip them with weapons and gear, and don't forget to unlock the crystal slot when you have the chance to further increase your girl's power.

To Sum Up

Girls X Battle 2 is not your typical RPG where you collect characters, assemble them, and let it all play out. Girls X Battle 2 offers a more in-depth strategy and gameplay to the RPG idle genre on mobile. I hope these tips will help you gain an advantage and increase your chances of starting strong in the game. 

There are over 100 girls waiting to be recruited to join your team so make sure to use all the necessary tips above to get them, make them stronger, and secure many victories. Girls X Battle 2 is now available for download on the mobile platform through the Google Play Store and the App Store