Bullet Strike - How to Get Money

There are so many mobile games that have similar gameplay that they begin to feel stale. Some are even just carbon copies of each other. With the mobile market already saturated with many PvP games, it's only a matter of time before developers begin to innovate.

Such is the case with Bullet Strike, a battle royale mobile game specifically targeting mobile FPS players who want to play snipers. Bullet Strikes put players against each other in a do-or-die battle by simply sniping at each other using specific sniper rifles.


To learn more about the game, improve your accuracy, proper positioning, how to get money, when to upgrade your stats, and more, check out our guide below.

  • Avoid Balconies and Terraces
  • Use the Scope's Glint to Your Advantage
  • Shoot Down Boosters
  • Complete Quests and Earn More Money
  • Get to Higher Ranks
Bullet Strike - How to Get Money
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Avoid Balconies and Terraces

Playing Bullet Strike is all about proper positioning. When you get to a position where you get a clear shot of the enemy, it can automatically net you a win in the game. 

However, many players want to go immediately towards the balcony or terrace in the game to get a clear shot of the enemies. There is a clear advantage to shooting behind the terrace or balcony but you also forget that you are widely exposed in this position. 


You may get a wider perspective of the map but you are also wide open for other players to snipe you out of the game. Consider taking another position where you can hide from the enemy and ambush them where they least expect it.  

I suggest trying to shoot enemies from a window instead. You can take cover whenever enemies are attacking you.

Be the Last Man Standing

The main objective of the game is to win and the only way players can do so is to be the last man standing. I know it can be very difficult for new players to achieve this but practice will also be the key to success. 


There are a lot of benefits to being the last man standing in the game. I get to earn up to 4x the amount of cash and experience.

Practice your aim and find a good position to camp enemies and you'll see yourself as the last man standing in no time.

Use the Scope's Glint to Your Advantage

There are a lot of ways to know the enemy's position in Bullet Strike. I usually use the Finder booster as it marks my enemies allowing me to track them down by the exclamation point right above them. 

Bullet Strike - How to Get Money
Image Source: MMO Culture

However, there is also another good way to spot an enemy even without the use of a booster. The scope's glint is a good way to spot an enemy. It's the bright glare that you can see whenever you are right inside the enemy's crosshairs. 

While this can be a very dangerous position for you to be in, a good eye and quick reflexes are all it takes for you to get yourself out of trouble. 

The scope's glint will immediately tell you where the enemy is so you can either take cover or be in position.

Don't Stay in One Place

As I've mentioned before, positioning is key to victory in this game. There are a lot of spots in different maps that you can position and camp your enemies. However, there are also times when enemies also recognize the exact same spot and want to beat you to it. 

Try to find an alternative spot in the game when you feel like another player has taken your spot. Additionally, if you do find yourself getting shot at frequently while you're in your spot, move away from the spot and explore the map

I try to move around as much as possible from one position to another so the enemies won't be able to track me down.

Shoot Down Boosters

Whenever I eliminate an opponent, I notice that symbols appear that start to float upwards. These are boosters and they can make a difference to the way I play the game. There are three different boosters that can be acquired in Bullet Strike. 

Bullet Strike - How to Get Money
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These are the cash drops, med packs, and finders. Cash drops provide a good amount of cash for the player who gets this booster and they become more frequent, the more enemies you eliminate. 

The red-colored symbol is called med packs which allow me to heal my health back. This is very helpful if I'm already in the last leg of the game. 

Lastly, finders help you locate other remaining players in the game. You can only acquire these boosters whenever you eliminate an enemy and then shoot down the boosters.

Don't Forget to Upgrade Your Stats

Earning money is important in Bullet Strike. Not only will I be able to afford the different rifles available for purchase in the game but they are also significant to improving the stats of the weapon that I've chosen. 

There are three stats for each weapon: Damage, Stability, and Accuracy. Spending cash in upgrading these stats will boost their efficiency allowing you to be better in the game. 

Always make sure that you upgrade these stats before you enter battle. There are also other upgrades in the game such as increasing the maximum zoom and upgrading your magazine which reduces the load time for your weapon.

Complete Quests and Earn More Money

Cash is an important currency in the game and you'll need more as soon as you get into the higher levels of play. The more money you have, the more guns and accessories that you can afford.  

Bullet Strike - How to Get Money
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The best way to earn money in this game is to complete quests. Quests are normally given early on in the game and they are often reward with some of the best cash prizes that I've ever seen in a mobile game. 

Completing quests will give you a lot of rewards including cash and experience. 

Make sure your're working on quests from the moment you log in to the game.

Watch Some Ads

Even though quests do give a lot of cash rewards, there are still times when I want to purchase a new weapon or upgrade some of my stats but I'm already short on cash. 

Watching ads inside of the game will help provide some gold for free. This gold will help me get the items that I want so I make sure to check this option regularly. 

You can tap the Gold Free option on the home screen to watch an ad.

Get to Higher Ranks

You'll receive cash at the end of each match but the amount will differ based on your ranking. This means that the more skilled you become, the more money you earn from playing. 

Bullet Strike - How to Get Money
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Get to the higher ranks in the game so you can receive a higher amount of cash. I would then activate the 1.5x reward at the end of the battle to further increase the amount of money I earned from the battle. 

Having good skills in Bullet Strike means being able to eliminate opponents faster. The sooner you're able to take out your opponents, the less of a threat they remain to you becoming the last man standing.

Killing an opponent will also drop some cash so be sure to be quick on your feet whenever you eliminate an opponent and grab the cash drop as fast as possible.

Invite Your Friends

Bullet Strike also has a social feature where you can add other players and talk to them. You can also add your friend to the game or even invite them to play the game. When they do, you can receive rewards when they install the game. 

Don't forget to add them to your friend's list and play games with your friends. Playing together with your friends increases your chances of winning more battles and even helps you unlock some missions and quests in the game. 

It's a win-win situation for you and your friend as you both receive rewards and get to play with someone you can have fun with.


Having the best weapon with upgraded stats is just one of the many ways to earn a victory in Bullet Strike. Proper positioning, good game knowledge, and better accuracy are additional skills that are necessary if you want to excel in the game and become one of the best. 

For those who aim to become a high-ranking player in the game, try out all the tips mentioned above, especially about earning money as it is one of the most important aspects of Bullet Strike. Check out Bullet Strike at the Google Play Store for Android devices and download the game today.