Megalodon Simulator - Discover How to Get Gold

Ever wonder what it's like to be the apex predator of the deep ocean? Experience being at the top of the food chain in Shark Simulator Megalodon where you get to play a shark that consumes every living creature in its path while also completing a set of objectives to win each level. 

Finish each level and be rewarded with coins and stars to use to unlock even more levels and worlds. Unleash the massive and terrifying Megalodon as you navigate through more than 50 oceanic levels and explore the depths of the ocean.


Megalodon Simulator boasts smooth navigation controls and real water physics as well as awesome graphics and sound effects. If you want to try it out, read up on how to upgrade your shark, get more gold coins, discover which creatures to avoid, and more with my guide below.

  • Upgrade Your Shark
  • Be Careful of the Jellyfish
  • Avoid Floating Bombs
  • Use Boosters to Save More Time
  • Connect to Your Facebook and Get a Free Shark
Megalodon Simulator - Discover How to Get Gold
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Upgrade Your Shark

In this game, I get to control a shark that swims around the deep sea in search of food to eat and treasure to discover. There's a wide variety of sharks to choose from and each of them has its own unique stats. 

Megalodon Simulator - Discover How to Get Gold
Image Source: iGameplay1224 / YouTube

I've seen sharks that have better health but also have lower speed while others move around fast but have very low health. 


Choose the shark that best suits your playstyle but start with the basic shark first and work your way into making your shark awesome by upgrading it. There are three stats to choose from: health, speed, and booster. 

The booster stat allows my shark to dash through the ocean and can be used to escape enemies or tear them apart.

Check Missions Before Starting the Game

The game has over 50 levels to go through with many worlds to unlock. Each level will have its own set of missions. Some of these missions include devouring a set number of fishes while some might require me to seek out a treasure chest. 


Make sure to read the missions before starting the game to save time. Shark Simulator Megalodon is a time-based game and the points that you earn are based on the time you spend on each mission. 

At the end of each level, I was given stars and gold coins for successfully completing the mission. Get more stars to unlock more worlds.

Be Careful of the Jellyfish

Each level presents a different kind of challenge for players. I've noticed that in the early levels, there are not many adversaries to avoid, however in the later stages, there are deep-sea creatures that attack my shark. 

Megalodon Simulator - Discover How to Get Gold
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I've also noticed that once the timer starts, the sharks slowly lose health and can only be restored by eating fish along the way. 

It is best to check the list of edible fishes and avoid some that might hurt your shark. 

There are fishes that will attack you but the creature that you should be wary of is the jellyfish. They take a chunk out of your shark's health and it will be very difficult to regain your health.

Beat the Clock to Get More Gold

The objective of the game is to complete each mission before the timer runs out. Each mission will be different from the next so always be careful when you read them. Beating the clock will net you with even more gold at the end of each level. 

It will still depend on how fast you complete missions and devour animals along the way. The game will calculate all the things that you have done within each level and reward you with extra gold for doing something extra. 

Clearing each level without receiving any damage from other animals is also a good way to earn more coins.

Avoid Floating Bombs

There are a lot of deep-sea creatures that I try to avoid in this game especially when the mission requires me to go deep into the ocean. 

Megalodon Simulator - Discover How to Get Gold
Image Source: STE Primo

Some of these creatures include the jellyfish, which I've already mentioned to be quite deadly, alongside other aggressive fish that slowly chip away the health of my shark. There's also the angle fish that relentlessly chase my shark whenever I get into their vicinity. 

However, there is one thing in the sea that I urge you to avoid bumping into at all costs - floating bombs. These bombs take a huge chunk of health from the shark and can even kill your shark immediately. 

Make sure to avoid them or try to swim slowly if you have to be near them.

Find Chests and Collect Rewards 

Gold coins are the basic rewards I get for accomplishing the missions at each level. They are used to upgrade my shark or even purchase a new one with better stats. 

However, there are also other rewards to be discovered within the game and they can be found within treasure chests. Treasure chests are scattered all over the ocean floor and all you need to do is to explore the ocean's depths to find them. 

Once you do, open them for rewards such as gems and gold coins. I often try to seek them out first while I still have time to finish the mission.

Use Boosters to Save More Time

Swimming through the ocean can be very detrimental for my shark. The shark's health slowly deteriorates over time and it can be very critical if there are no fish around to regain the shark's health. 

Megalodon Simulator - Discover How to Get Gold
Image Source: vsGaming / YouTube

This is why using the booster to travel through the ocean is key to saving a lot of time. Use boosters at the most opportune time especially if you are out in the open or if you spot a school of fish swimming around. 

Rush through the ocean to get to your objective as fast as possible. Try to avoid using boosters when you are in cramped spaces or near floating bombs. You might trigger them to explode if you are careless enough to use them within the vicinity. 

Boosters can help you save time when going back and forth to complete your mission. It is best to try and upgrade boosters once in a while.

Double Your Reward by Watching an Ad

Finishing each mission is critical when playing Shark Simulator Megalodon. Rewards are given at the end of each level and I typically I receive a few hundred gold coins after finishing each mission but there is also a chance for me to get more gold and stars by simply watching an ad. 

The option is readily available at the bottom of the screen and tapping the button will immediately play the ad. Watch the ad and return to the game to collect the reward. 

Most of the time, watching an ad would double the amount of reward that I've received from accomplishing the level. This is a great option for those who are in dire need of coins to upgrade their shark.

Connect to Your Facebook and Get a Free Shark

Speaking of sharks, I've discovered a new way to get a free shark for the game. This option is available at the start of the game so I highly suggest that you take advantage of it early on.  

To do this, simply connect your Facebook account to the game and you can hen unlock a new shark to use in the early levels. 

This shark has better health and speed so you get to clear the early levels much faster than just using the basic shark. 

Keep in mind that this shark can also be upgraded into a better shark so being able to finish each level and getting the rewards will help you fund the upgrades for this shark.

Share Your Progress and Get More Gold

Now that I can connect my Facebook to the game, I can share my progress over on Facebook and receive more coins by doing so. 

Sharing is a great way to advertise the game and let people know about it. 

Whenever a Facebook friend of mine clicks the link, I also get a portion of coins if they decide to download and play the game. It's a win-win situation for me and my friends plus, we get to play and enjoy the same game.


Getting coins is a very easy thing to do if you know how to play Shark Simulator Megalodon. Go ahead and explore the depths of the ocean, devour underwater creatures, and complete each mission to unlock even more worlds to discover. 

Whether they are small fishes or even the humans you come across in this game, gobble up everything that stands in your way. Shark Simulator Megalodon is now available for download at the Google Play Store for Android devices.