Questland: Turn Based RPG - How to Get Free Diamonds

Questland: Turn Based RPG is a top-rated fantasy role-playing mobile game that incorporates a unique graphic style, deep character customization, and an immersive storyline. Its dynamic hero evolution, where you control the choices you make for your character, sets it apart from other fantasy RPGs for mobile.

The turn-based combat system encourages strategic moves from its players making it one of the most compelling mobile games that I have ever encountered. Join other players in large-scale PvP battles, participate in dozens of quest events, and get ready to raid opposing guilds. 


To learn more about Questland, check out my guide below.

  • Play the Campaign
  • Common Resources in Questland
  • Improve Your Gear
  • Using Diamonds/Gems in Questland
  • Accomplish Daily Tasks
  • Share Secret Codes
Questland: Turn Based RPG - How to Get Free Diamonds
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Play the Campaign

From the very start of the game, the campaign mode should be your go-to game mode to increase in level and acquire different items. Play the campaign to acquire gems, eternium, experience, and star prizes. 

Questland: Turn Based RPG - How to Get Free Diamonds
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There will be times when you get stuck on a certain level. Make good use of this by farming for essences and rare materials in each level. These materials will be needed later on if you want to craft some legendary items. 


It will also give you the experience you need to level up your hero. Once you have reached a certain level, you can once again push through the campaign and earn more experience.

Gathering Resources

Questland has such a myriad of resources that even I have trouble following what it does. This does not mean that most of them are useless. Most of the resources that you gather in this game are quite useful especially when it comes to upgrading your gear. 

I'll talk more about that later on. The best way to gather resources is by playing the campaign. However, there are also other methods to collect enough resources for your needs. 


The Docks is a good place to earn goods, barrels, event tickets, and eternium. Join Quest Events and you will soon find out that they offer plenty of resources for you to spend for your character.

Common Resources in Questland

Speaking of resources, there are a lot of them in this game. I'll discuss the more common ones that you usually encounter in this game starting with gold.

Questland: Turn Based RPG - How to Get Free Diamonds
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Gold is the most common resource in this game. It is used to upgrade your orbs and reforging your gear. Craft Tokens are another resource that you need to collect in the game. They are commonly used for crafting Legendary shards for your gear. 

Barrels are used to acquire Quest Event items such as arena tickets, spin tokens, eternal keys. I know it is quite complex but once you get these resources, it will be much easier to understand. 

Stamps are acquired by defeating the daily boss. They can only be obtained a few times in a single day so make sure to finish those quests and defeat the daily boss.

Open Chests for Gears

Gears are needed to help increase your hero's stats. Some gears boost your hero's attributes so it is always best to choose which gear you need to equip for your hero. There are five types of gears in Questland. 

These are common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary. There are also different chests that will reward you with different types of gear. The silver gear chest will reward you with uncommon, rare, and epic gears. 

Meanwhile, the eternal gear chest will reward you with legendary gear. Play the game, defeat more enemies, join events, and battle different bosses to earn chests for free.

Improve Your Gear

Once you equip your gear, it will increase the stats of your character. This is why choosing the right gear for your character is imperative. However, improving your gear is also essential.

Questland: Turn Based RPG - How to Get Free Diamonds
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When it comes to improving your gear, I highly suggest doing this later on in the game instead of using them immediately. Make good use of your time early in the game to gather the different resources used in improving your gear. 

Once you hit a certain level in the game and the game begins to feel difficult, this is the right time for you to improve all of your gears. 

Don't waste your resources in improving low-level gear unless you have legendary or epic gear.

Ways to Improve Your Gear

There are a lot of ways to improve your character's gear. First, you can upgrade the gear which will improve the stats through spending eternium and gold. 

Those who have multiple gears of the same type can use the extra gear as a booster. Boosting will increase the stats of the main gear. 

Reforging can also be done to improve your gear. You can use reforge powder and gold or use your gems to reforge your items. Reforging also gives you reforge points to help boost your skill.

Using Diamonds/Gems in Questland

There are a lot of uses for gems in this game. However, the main use for it is to promote your core talent. Use your Gems to purchase talent packs

Questland: Turn Based RPG - How to Get Free Diamonds
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Make sure to purchase a few talent packs at the start of the game and another one to fill the missing slots. Talent packs increase in price after purchasing your fifth one so it is best to save your gems for now and purchase them later on when it is needed.

Another great way to spend all of your gems in Questland is to get legendaries. Buy at least one gear scheme every day for a 5% chance to get a legendary. 

Purchasing 10 would guarantee one legendary but that would also mean using 5,000 gems. It is much better to try and purchase one at a time to help you save those gems than risk everything for one legendary.

Getting Diamonds in Questland

Diamonds or gems are the premium currency used in the game. These are very rare and have been known to be used to purchase different in-game items. 

Most of the time, gems or diamonds are used to buy cosmetic items. You can also use them to upgrade your items and many other things within the game. 

Considering how important gems are in this game, it is only right that you learn tricks on how you can get them. Here are some of the best ways to get free gems or diamonds in Questland.

Accomplish Daily Tasks

No mobile game would be complete without having to complete daily quests. It is quite the staple in almost all mobile games today to have daily quests and tasks for its players.

Questland: Turn Based RPG - How to Get Free Diamonds
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Finishing them usually rewards me with a good amount of gems. Make sure to fulfill all the tasks found within the Quest tab every day so you will also get yours.

I would recommend that you check the Quest tab the moment you log in to the game. Play the campaign or the main storyline after so you get to finish all the necessary quests during the time. 

At the end of the day, all you will need to do is to gather the rewards.

Watching Ads

Watching ads can also bring in a good amount of diamonds for players to take advantage of. Simply visit the tavern and watch a few ads a day. It will help you get to at least a few diamonds each day. 

Just make sure that you watch the entirety of the ad to receive the rewards. The Tavern is also a great place to restore your energy once it is depleted from playing the game. 

Head over to the Bank and watch videos to secure a 50% bonus on the amount of money that you earn.

Share Secret Codes

The game also provides a Secret Code once you hit level 8. To activate this code, share it with your friends. 

Questland: Turn Based RPG - How to Get Free Diamonds
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I was able to collect gems, golden chests, and eternal chest keys from using the secret code.

Use Jungle Spin 

Questland also has a feature called Jungle Spin. It can be found under the Tavern tab. Use the Jungle Spin regularly and receive different rewards. 

You should be able to get a good amount of gems when you use this feature. Make sure to do it at the start before you head out to finish all the quests so you can collect all of them. 

Using the Jungle Spin will earn you free chest keys, gems, and coins in the game.


Playing Questland should not be a complicated experience especially for new players like you. When I started this game, I had to learn all aspects of the game myself. Hopefully, the tips above will help you understand the game better as it is a very fun and strategic RPG game to play. 

Questland is available to download for all mobile devices at the Google Play Store and the App Store.