A Brief Guide to CoD Ghosts

Without intricate maps, and stressful stealth missions, it wouldn't be a Call of Duty game, and CoD Ghosts provides some of the most memorable encounters in the series with a twist. 

The Federation's Space Station's zero-gravity spectacle inspires another thrill as the floor and buildings collapse around the players during orbital arms attacks. 


The whole structure collapses during the day's mission. It can be stressful at the time, especially when you get started. Up next is a simple guide to making this experience fun and less confusing. Read on to learn more about CoD Ghosts.

A Brief Guide to CoD Ghosts
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Mobile App Details

Note that CoD Ghosts is a special version of the Call of Duty game. To access the Call of Duty mobile app, you can download it in the Google Play Store. To access the Ghosts game, however, you need to visit the official Call of Duty website.

Location, Location, Location

First of all, get familiar with all of the maps. One new thing about Call of Duty is that Ghosts could mess up your old strategies.


The contact points are where players can make things happen or appear, such as elevators, doors, and more.

Indeed, it's not a revolutionary matter, but what can be done and where it can be done is fascinating. You certainly can make the game work for you, especially in team games, if you know how the map works.

Scan the Available Weapons

You need to look at the Ghosts loadout choices. It isn't easy to see where the team's hard-won points should be invested, so long as you scan available weapons. 


Note that you will find yourself unequipped if you spend frivolously while struggling in your primary loadouts. 

Complete the Tasks

In Call of Duty Ghosts, there is a new function, and it is called Field Orders. Downloaded soldiers can drop a case of Field Orders, where they will obtain and execute tasks for a free Killstreak.

Most of them are very simple, like shooting two enemies with your secondary weapon, or getting two eliminations. You pay a small fee for a random bonus from Killstreaks.

Get Armed for Anti-Air

One of the most valuable things that can be done for your team is to keep the skies free from Killstrikes and the enemy. 

A significant range of airborne vaporization challenges go on in a fiery blast between helicopter snipers, attack choppers, and explosive mounted drones.

Speedster Class

It is safest to walk around on certain levels some of the time, but you may want to travel quickly through some others. 

The Speedster Class comes in handy here. You want to be as light as you can be for this class. So, get rid of the rifles, LMGs, and attack rifles. 

You want to fit an SMG or shotgun, load the equipment and grenades you want, and that's what will compliment this class.

Defender Class 

When on the defensive, LMG's are your best bet. You have a large clip to fire numerous attackers that are right in reach, and their additional weight is a challenge, as they limit your movement abilities. 

For advantages, load the category resistance. Sleight of hand will minimize the time your LMG can pack for a more extended period, and Ping can teach you how to attack players as you defeat opponents.

Sniper Class 

This is an excellent class for vast maps. You may feel exposed with your Speedster class and your SMG. Instead, choose your favorite sniper rifle with a variable zoom lens.

An alert perk will let you know if there are enemies around your spot, and Wiretap will let you have enemy places on your mini-map if both teams have an active SATCOM.

A Brief Guide to CoD Ghosts
Image Source: Call of Duty


Although the game changes often, over-complicating stuff, Ghosts is one of the best to date thanks to its robust multiplayer gameplay, enjoyable cooperative modes, and demanding campaigns. 

Equip yourself, pick your loadouts wisely, and find the best location. Games like this require you to be on your toes all the time.