Here’s Why Halo Outpost Discovery Won’t Return

Halo Outpost Discovery shook up the gaming world in 2019. This was one of the largest franchises to shoot out greatness. And then it all stopped.

There were a number of stories that came out as to the reason why the game would not return. To get a real idea as to why the game won’t return, you need to read below.


You can find out more about Halo Outpost Discovery and how you can play the game. You also get to find out more about why the game won’t return despite being so loved by gamers. 

Here’s Why Halo Outpost Discovery Won’t Return
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Halo: Outpost Discovery

The game is based on an in-universal experience that happens to take place after the event of Halo. It’s more of a special education experience to teach and give info to the general public about the UNSC. 

The characters getting the teachings are the recruits. As a character in the game, you are one of the recruits and you have the opportunity to explore the venue. 


You have a whole load of different attractions when you play the game. These venues are all not only fun but also informative.

Why the Game Won’t Return - This Year

The first reason why you have this game suspended is because of the upcoming launch of Halo Infinite. According to 343 studios, the development of Halo Infinite will be a massive project. 

And with a massive project like that, it means that many resources will be geared towards it. The customer product division will have plenty of merchandise to prepare for.


That’s if they choose to pursue both games at the same time. So, it was preferable to prepare for Halo: Outpost Discovery absence.

With that idea alone, you’d expect that the game would only miss for only a year and nothing much. But that is yet to be confirmed by the developers who are tight-lipped at this point.

Studio Excitement

When people heard that the game was going to be canceled, it was initially thought that the studio wasn’t happy about the performance. 

But that isn’t the case as 343 Industries are said to be pretty happy about how the game performed. You need only look at the launch tour which had tickets sold out - and this was a three-day tour.

Performance of Tour

The launch tour can be termed as a success because of the attendance. If you take into consideration that t-shirts and other accessories were going for $20 - $30 and they were largely sold out. You also have the likes of zip-up jackets going for around $60 and above.

You can generally look at the whole concept as a huge success by any stretch of the imagination.

Here’s Why Halo Outpost Discovery Won’t Return
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When to Expect the New Halo: Outpost Discovery

Since there wasn’t any confirmation about when and if the new game will come up. There’s no certainty that it will ever come back. However, with the developer just brushing aside any hope of a 2020 return, you can only hope.

As far as anyone knows, the game was canceled because of a new bigger project and will come back after. The problem is with the new project, Halo Infinite, it is unknown if it will perform better. 

If it does, they may opt to keep it and do away with Halo: Outpost Discovery for good.


With a new offering in the market, there was a need to keep Halo: Outpost Discovery under wraps for quite a bit. Lovers of the tour who were taken by a storm by it were worried about why it won’t return for this year. 

Here are a few reasons why you’re unlikely to see Halo: Outpost Discovery this year. You also get a rough idea of when you’ll likely see the franchise back and maybe take part in the tour which is a hit.