Bike Simulator 2 - How to Get Coins

If you're looking for a racing game on the mobile platform, there are tons to choose from. However, there's one game that I've recently discovered that has changed the way I view mobile racing games.

Bike Simulator 2 is a racing game where players get to choose and modify bikes, travel to different locales, and complete different missions while also challenging other players to race to the finish line.


There's even more to the game than what I've imagined with many other features that suit the adrenaline-pumping game. Learn more about Bike Simulator 2 with my guide below including how to play the game, how to earn coins, what to do during missions, how to get a high score, and more.

  • Learn the Control First
  • Use Turbo to Gain Advantage
  • Get to the Finish Line and Earn Coins
  • Finish Missions to Earn Even More Coins
  • Use the Coins to Buy New Bikes
Bike Simulator 2 - How to Get Coins
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Learn the Control First

The very first thing that new players need to manage is the game's controls. From my experience, Bike Simulator 2 has intuitive controls however, for new players, it can be a bit wobbly at times.

Learning how to master the controls first is key to winning more races.


The main objective of the game is to get to the finish line without crashing. But without first learning how to control your bike, you'll find yourself crashing a lot.

Crashing can be frustrating, especially in the early levels, so practicing is key to mastering the controls. It wasn't long before I was able to rush through different cars and obstacles and get to the finish line as fast as possible.

Stay in the Middle

The road can be very dangerous for newbies. After mastering the controls, more challenges lie ahead, one of which is the traffic. In Bike Simulator 2, you're not just racing through an empty street.


There are a lot of cars on the road and this can cause you to crash and end the race. But there's one thing I noticed on the road in my early days of playing. There's a middle section where cars don't drive and this is by far the safest area for you to travel.

Stay in the middle as much as possible as you race to the finish line especially early on. The middle section is your guide to help keep you steady in your lane as you learn the ins and outs of this game.

Use Turbo to Gain Advantage

As I was rushing along the middle section, I began to encounter bottles floating on the road. As soon as I was able to go through and pick up the bottles, it filled up the turbo gauge on the right side of the screen.

Bike Simulator 2 - How to Get Coins
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Turbo can be used once you've filled the meter. I suggest continuing to collect turbo bottles on the road before using them.

When you do, use turbo around the time you're near the finish line. This should keep your opponents from overtaking you.

You can also use turbo whenever you want to keep your distance from your nearest opponent and gain massive ground away from them.

Restart the Level

Racing through different roads in the game can be very challenging sometimes. There were times when I felt that I wouldn't be able to get past some of these levels in the game. However, perseverance is the key.

Whenever you crash your bike, you get the chance to restart the level again. Make sure that you learn from your previous mistake and try to avoid it from happening again.

There's a lot to learn about racing in Bike Simulator 2. Keep on learning and you'll be on your way to becoming a master in this game.

Get to the Finish Line and Earn Coins

As a racing game, the main goal is to get to the finish line but there are still a few more things to know.

Bike Simulator 2 - How to Get Coins
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Besides avoiding cars, not crashing, and gathering turbo, if you get to the finish line without damaging your bike, you'll earn points depending on how fast you get there.

The faster you get to the end, the more points you acquire. At the end of each level, the game will calculate the points that you've earned and convert them to coins.

The coins that you earn will then help you purchase different items.

Beat the Clock to Get High Scores

Getting to the finish line is just one way of earning a good score. However, the best way to get the highest score is to get to the end at the fastest time possible.

Beating the clock will land you a good score but always make sure that you're at the finish line way before the timer runs out.

Each second that's still on the clock when you reach the end will correspond to a higher score so be sure to get there fast.

Finish Missions to Earn Even More Coins

Part of what makes Bike Simulator 2 more fun than its predecessor are the missions. There are different missions in the game apart from just getting to the finish line and earning points.

Bike Simulator 2 - How to Get Coins
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Some of the missions that I've encountered require me to finish in a certain time frame but as the game goes on, these missions become very challenging.

There's even a mission where I get to shoot cars on the road to help me unlock more rewards. Earning coins is what you should be aiming for in this game and the best way to earn more coins is to finish missions.

Be sure to finish each mission while also beating the clock and you'll find yourself with more rewards at the end of each level.

Watch Some Ads and Double Your Coins

For some, having a good amount of coins is enough to use at the in-game store. Personally, I'm not content with just a good amount, I want to have even more coins so that I can afford more at the shop.

I found a way to double the coins that I earn after finishing each level. There's an option to watch an ad at the end of each level. Tapping the play button will automatically play a video ad.

After watching the ad, the game will then double the coins that I've earned for that level. If you want to earn more coins, or if you're short of coins to purchase the items at the store, choose this option. You'll thank me later!

Use the Coins to Buy New Bikes

You should notice by now that coins play an important part in the game. Coins are earned so players can purchase different parts of your bike.

Bike Simulator 2 - How to Get Coins
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You can upgrade several parts of your bike to make it look better. Another way to spend your hard-earned coins is to purchase a new bike complete with a powerful engine and great maneuverability.

There's a lot of options to choose from at the in-game store so be sure to check them all out before purchasing one immediately.

There are also times when the game offers you great discounts especially during events so take advantage of them when they appear.

Don't Forget to Capture and Share

There are times when I've made a huge play and I want to share it with my friends. Now, I'm able to with the Capture and Share feature found on the right side of the screen.

Being able to capture some of the action while playing the game and then sharing it on my social media is one of the best features that the game has ever had. Now, I'm able to show off my skills or the new expensive bike that I purchased to my friends and invite them to join me in the game.

I can even share a screenshot of the car that I've just blown up or share the fastest time I've reached the finish line. Whatever it is that you're proud of in the game, you can now share and brag about it to your friends on social media.


Bike Simulator 2 brings more fun and action to this mobile racing series from Virtua Games. If you want to get the best bikes, beat challengers, finish missions in fashion, or feel the adrenaline rush of speeding through the busy road, Bike Simulator 2 is just the game for you.

Take note of the tips I've mentioned above so you can get the best experience in the game. Bike Simulator 2 is now available to download for Android devices from the Google Play Store. Check it out today and start earning coins and sharing your racing prowess!