eFootball 2022 - Learn How to Get myClub Coins

The eFootball franchise has come a long way. When I first heard about this game a while back, I thought that I would never touch a game that has microtransactions in it. Flash forward a few years later and here I am writing an article about one of those games and loving the game more and more 

eFootball 2022 is a solid soccer simulation game from Konami Digital Entertainment where I get to recruit, form, manage, and lead a team of professional soccer athletes to victory. Don't let the rumors fool you into thinking this is a bad game. 


This is a good soccer game that is just as enjoyable as the previous iterations and more. Learn more about eFootball 2022, the basics of the game, how to get myClub Coins, and more with my guide below.

  • Learning eFootball 2022
  • Getting myClub Coins for Free
  • Surprises for Legacy Players
  • Learn the Types of Players That You Can Get in eFootball 2022
  • Change Your Control Setup
  • Modify the Camera Setting
eFootball 2022 - Learn How to Get myClub Coins
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Learning eFootball 2022

The main goal of eFootball 2022 is to create a roster of professional soccer players. Many of the players can be purchased using different resources, currencies, and mechanics in the game. 

Some might think that getting the player that you like is based on luck, others might think it's not. To me, it's all about how wisely you spend your resources. 


First, let's talk about all the currencies and resources that we'll be using in the game. There's Deal in the Dark which acts as a random token to recruit a player from a pool for characters that is shuffled regularly. 

Then there's the Targeted Contract which allows me to pick a specific character from a pool of players.

Currencies and Resources in eFootball 2022

eFootball Coins or better known as eFootball myClub coins are the currency used in eFootball games and can be used to sign random players and purchase the Match Pass Plus. eFootball points on the other hand are used to engage players while GP is used to sign coaches and players. 


I know it's a lot to take in and most of these resources and currencies overlap each other in terms of uses but they also all have their specific purpose. I'd like to focus more on eFootball myClub coins, where to get them, and how to use them properly. 

myClub coins can be purchased using real money through the myClub Store found inside the game. A hundred myClub coins costs around a dollar. 

Getting myClub Coins for Free

What about those who don't want to use real money and still want the eFootball myClub coins? Luckily, there are some amazing ways to acquire these coins without ever having to pay for them. You just have to be very resourceful about it.

eFootball 2022 - Learn How to Get myClub Coins
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The first step to earning these coins is to play the game and complete different in-game objectives. Every time you play a single game, there are objectives shown right before you enter the field that you should accomplish. 

Every objective you complete will correspond to a specific amount of myClub coins. I always make sure that I read all the objectives first before playing. 

I also aim to do all of the objectives within one game as fast as possible so that I can collect the rewards and then play the rest of the game without having to focus on the objectives.

Logging in Every Day

Another great way to earn coins is through gifts. Gifts are given to loyal players who play the game every day. 

I log in to the game as much as possible so that I am rewarded with gifts. These gifts contain different rewards such as GP and myClub coins

Even if I don't play any matches that day, I always make sure to log in to the game for at least a few minutes to collect my rewards.

Surprises for Legacy Players

Those who have played the game for the longest time and have been with the franchise since the beginning will also be rewarded with prizes. 

eFootball 2022 - Learn How to Get myClub Coins
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Konami has rewarded players that have previously played the game, especially those who have played Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 which was the former name of the game. You'll get a bunch of rewards and it includes some of the things that you're looking for in this game. 

Apart from this legacy bonus, players who have an active subscription to PlayStation Plus will also receive bonuses and rewards. There is an exclusive package at the PlayStation Store where you can redeem these rewards. 

A lot of surprises await those who have the PlayStation Plus subscription so don't miss out on this and collect all of them immediately.

Check Out These Game Modes

eFootball 2022 offers a good amount of game modes for players to enjoy. Some of them are not quite available yet but those that are have been very enjoyable based on my experience. 

Event Tour is a classic mode where I play against an AI opponent. Winning matches in this mode will help me earn event points and some rewards which may include the resources and currencies that I was talking about previously. 

Challenge Event is where things get pretty competitive. In this game mode, I get to challenge another player and duke it out with them. Rewards and experience await the victor in this game mode. There are also online game modes and the very entertaining Creative eFootball Championship.

Learn the Types of Players That You Can Get in eFootball 2022

Now that you've learned how to get eFootball myClub coins, it's time to learn the types of players you need for your team and how you can sign them. There are four different types of players in eFootball 2022 and these include the Standard, Trending, Highlights, and Legendary. 

eFootball 2022 - Learn How to Get myClub Coins
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Standard players are players that are based on their current performance on the season. They are available through purchase using GPS or can be randomly pulled from loot boxes. 

These loot boxes can be acquired through the use of—yes, you guessed it—myClub coins. See how important coins are in this game? If you want to own the performing players of the current season, it's time to hoard those coins. 

Then we have the Trending players. Trending players are very difficult to sign since they require the Targeted Contract. These players cannot be upgraded but are highly valuable players due to their special features.

The Most Coveted Type of Player

Highlights or Featured players are special players that are featured in the game within a period and can be acquired through eFootball points. They can also be randomly pulled through the use of myClub coins. 

Lastly, Legendary players are the rarest type of players. These players yield exceptional results and are usually linked to their legendary performance. They can be obtained through eFootball points and eFootball coins. 

Legendary players are the most coveted type of player in the game. Any player of eFootball 2022 knows that having a Legendary player on your roster means having better odds at winning matches.

Change Your Control Setup

eFootball 2022 is known for its heavy mechanics. Even up to the point where a slight movement of your controller might cause you to lose the ball and entirely lose the game for your team.

eFootball 2022 - Learn How to Get myClub Coins
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This is why many have resolved to change the control setup on their console to make sure that they have full control of their players and the mechanics in the game. 

I highly recommend that you try to play a match or two with the default controls first and see if you're comfortable with it. Try to tweak a little bit of the setup later on if it feels awkward. 

Dribbling the Ball Takes Skill

Concerning the controls, make sure that when you dribble the ball, you stay as close to it as much as possible. I always try not to move the left stick of the controller around when I'm handling or dribbling the ball in fear of losing control over it. 

eFootball 2022 is mechanically intensive to play and is quite challenging but that's where the fun is. When moving, try to hold the ball close to you as much as possible before letting it rip when you want to make a goal.

Modify the Camera Setting

Another trick to make your experience playing eFootball 2022 much easier is to change the camera settings. I've recently discovered that the default camera setup is too close to the field. 

eFootball 2022 - Learn How to Get myClub Coins
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This means that I don't have a good perspective on what's happening a few yards away. 

Change the camera setting to Dynamic Wide Custom and you'll realize that you've been playing the game with a very small perspective. 

I've done this since I first discovered this trick and never looked back. The change of perspective is very refreshing.

Keep the Player Indicator

Ever notice that there is a white circle around your player? Many people get annoyed by it and remove it from the game.  

I say keep it in the game since it will tell you your current position. We all know how things can get chaotic when playing eFootball 2022. 

Having the marker on your character will lead you to play better in the game.


eFootball 2022 is one of the most talked-about football games of the year and it's only beginning to make its mark in the gaming community. With its great mechanics built on a solid foundation, eFootball 2022 is just scratching the surface of what is a very fun game to play by yourself or with friends.

eFootball 2022 is available on Steam for PC, the PlayStation Store for PS4 and PS5, and the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X.