Shape-Shifting - Learn How to Get Coins

With so many mobile racing games on the market, it can be tough to pick one that has unique gameplay. Those who are looking for an interesting and new racing game should check out Shape-Shifting.

Developed by Sixcube, Shape-Shifting is a mobile racing game where I get to transform my character into different vehicles and adapt to different environments to get to the finish line. Adaptation is key to winning the game and it will take a lot of quick thinking to win the game.


For more information about Shape-Shifting, how to play the game, how to get coins, and more, check out my guide below.

  • Learn When to Transform to a New Vehicle
  • Transform Right Before You Hit a New Terrain
  • Get Gold Coins from Winning the Race
  • Use Your Coins to Upgrade Your Transformations
  • Watch an Ad and Unlock a New Transformation
Shape-Shifting - Learn How to Get Coins
Image Source: JM Gameplay / YouTube

Learn When to Transform to a New Vehicle

Shape-Shifting is all about learning when to transform at the right time. The main goal of the game is to get to the finish line but some players find it difficult to do so if they don't know which vehicle to choose to cross obstacles. 

Shape-Shifting - Learn How to Get Coins
Image Source: Android Games / YouTube

Each level presents a new obstacle for players to overcome. If you don't know how to transform, you'll be stuck in the same place. Fortunately, transforming is quite easy in this game. 


All I needed to do is to tap on the vehicle options at the bottom of the screen. My character will transform into the corresponding vehicle and I will be able to cross the obstacle. 

It is important to know which options to pick. You will quickly learn which vehicles work in which situations.

Transform as Many Times as You Want

Another thing to remember when playing Shape-Shifting, apart from learning when to transform, is that I can transform as many times as I want. There is no limit to how many times I can transform within a specific level. 


This means that I can shift to another vehicle whenever I want even if it is detrimental to my position in the game. There have been countless times that I picked the wrong vehicle and I found myself laughing. 

Picking the speedboat in the middle of the road is as hilarious as you think it is. However, knowing that there are no limitations will help you think more clearly in the game.

Transform Right Before You Hit a New Terrain

Each level in Shape-Shifting introduces a new type of terrain and obstacles. Racing through different terrains and obstacles can be very difficult if you're new to the game. 

Shape-Shifting - Learn How to Get Coins
Image Source: Multi Gaming / YouTube

This is by far one of the most unique racing games that I've ever played so imagine the first time I played this game. I kept on waiting for my character to transform to another vehicle whenever it bumped into new terrain. 

However, I didn't realize that I have to control the transformation. This is the reason you need to pay attention to the terrain changes by looking ahead of the track. I quickly shift into another vehicle especially right before I hit new terrain. 

This way, my character just slides immediately into the new terrain and continues my momentum. This is a great trick to apply especially if you're head to head with an opponent towards the finish line.

Look at the Distance between Your Opponents

As I've already mentioned above, the goal of the game is to get to the finish line. I always make it a point that I get to the finish line first before any of my opponents. This is why I pay close attention to the distance between me and my opponents. 

This can be done by looking at the meter at the top of the screen. The green circle is where I'm currently located. If I am far ahead of the race, the meter will also tell me how far ahead I am from my next opponent. 

I never allow myself to be overtaken by the opponent especially when the game is at the early stages. This is why I am constantly looking at the meter even when I'm ahead.

Get Gold Coins from Winning the Race

Playing the game is already fun since I get to shapeshift into different vehicles. However, there are also rewards for finishing in first place. 

Shape-Shifting - Learn How to Get Coins
Image Source: DK Nem Gaming / YouTube

Gold coins are often given to those who excel in the game and this is the reason why I always want to get the top spot. 

I'm going to tell you the reason why you'll need to start collecting gold coins as early as possible later in the guide. For now, the simplest way to get them is to win the race. 

Getting first place is the best way to earn gold coins in the game. There are about 600 gold coins to collect after winning each race.

Get Even More Gold Coins by Watching Ads

Earning gold coins by winning each race might be enough for some players. But, there's also another way to get even more gold than just getting to the finish line first. For those who want to get even more gold coins, there's an option after winning each race to watch an ad

Watching ads will multiply the number of gold coins I receive after each race. This will surely help me improve my game and allow me to win more races. 

Some might think that ads are annoying but it's one way of supporting the game. There's always an option to skip the ad and continue playing the game but you won't be able to get the bonus gold coins.

Use Your Coins to Upgrade Your Transformations

Earning gold coins is very important when playing Shape-Shifting. There's a reason why I emphasized the need to collect as many gold coins as possible. The more I progress in the game, the more difficult it is to deal with opponents. 

Shape-Shifting - Learn How to Get Coins
Image Source: JM Gameplay / YouTube

My opponents begin to feel more competitive in the later stages of the game. Apart from that, the environment also becomes riddled with different obstacles. Having gold coins in my pocket allows me to get certain upgrades for my transformations. 

Upgrading my transformations increases their stats. For example, upgrading my car increases its speed by 10 percent. It is also the same when I try to upgrade my helicopter. 

Make sure that you always save enough gold coins to use them on upgrades. You won't be able to upgrade all of them in time but choose which one is most useful to you.

Play More Games to Unlock a New Vehicle for Free

In the early stages of the game, I was able to unlock the speedboat, car, and helicopter which helped me traverse through different terrain. These vehicles don't come for free though. 

I have to work hard and win a lot of races to unlock them. After winning each race, the game slowly fills up the meter where I can unlock the next vehicle. 

This is why playing more games and winning each race helps unlock a new vehicle much faster. You can always purchase a new vehicle using your gold coins but I suggest you save them for upgrades instead.

Watch an Ad and Unlock a New Transformation

Apart from playing and winning races, there is one other option for players to unlock a new vehicle—watching ads.

Shape-Shifting - Learn How to Get Coins
Image Source: Little Movies - Games & Fun / YouTube

I know you're probably tired of watching ads at this point but if watching ads help you win more games then, by all means, go ahead and watch all of them. 

There's no harm in watching ads as it helps support the game. The best part about it is it also unlocks new transformations or vehicles for free so you'll have a lot of choices when you're faced with different obstacles. 

You'll surely need a lot of these new transformations when you get to the later stages of the game.

Downloading the Game

Now that I've given you an ample amount of tips and tricks to win more races in Shape-Shifting, it's time to learn how to download this amazing mobile game. Shape-Shifting is available on all mobile devices through the Google Play Store and the App Store

To download, type the name of the game in the search menu and tap Install to begin downloading the game. Wait until the game is fully installed then tap Open to launch the game. 

The game offers in-app purchases and if you want to play the game ad-free, you can pay a small fee through the in-game store.


Transform your character and adapt to your environment to win the race. Playing Shape-Shifting is really simple but if you really need help, follow the tips and tricks mentioned above to beat all of your opponents.

 Check out Shape-Shifting today and enjoy playing this one-of-a-kind mobile racing game.