Multi Maze 3D - How to Get Coins Easily

What do you often do when you feel bored? I usually pull out my phone and play fun mobile games. One of which I highly recommend is Multi Maze 3D.

Multi Maze 3D is a mobile game where I get to manipulate the puzzle board to funnel balls into a cup at the bottom of the board. It's fun, simple, and very addicting.


Want to learn more about the game? Check out how to play the game, how to get coins, some tips and tricks, and more with my guide below.

  • Fun and Easy Puzzle Game
  • Look at the Puzzle First
  • Risk Some to Earn More
  • Look Out for Locked Gates
  • Rank Up to Get Coins
  • Restart the Level
Multi Maze 3D - How to Get Coins Easily
Image Source: TapTap Mobile / YouTube

Fun and Easy Puzzle Game

Multi Maze 3D is a fun and simple mobile game that doesn't require an in-depth strategy to enjoy playing. From my experience, it's a great game to play whenever I'm stuck in traffic or if I just want to take my mind off of something. 

Multi Maze 3D - How to Get Coins Easily
Image Source: Google Play Store

What I do know is that the mobile game is addicting and I've spent hundreds of hours playing the game. 


In Multi Maze 3D, players need to spin the wheel maze and drop all the balls inside a cup to earn points. Sounds easy, right? It depends if you're fond of playing these types of puzzle games. 

Don't worry, I'll teach you some meaningful ways to solve the puzzles, especially those that are quite difficult to complete.

Downloading Multi Maze 3D

First, let me tell you how to download the game. Multi Maze 3D is available as a mobile application through the Google Play Store for Android devices and the Apple App Store for iOS users. 


I downloaded the game by searching for the title of the game in my respective app store. I then tapped Install to start the download and waited until it was fully installed. 

After the game was fully installed, I tapped Open to launch the game. I also noticed that the game contains some ads so if you're not fond of ads then this game is not for you.

Look at the Puzzle First

The very first thing that you need to do when you start the game is examine the entire puzzle first. As with any puzzle game that I've played before, it is good to look at the entire puzzle before moving peices around. 

Multi Maze 3D - How to Get Coins Easily
Image Source: TapTap Mobile / YouTube

This helps me create a plan of where I need to move the balls to reach the cup. By studying the puzzle, I can create different scenarios and determine how I can finish the puzzle in the fastest time possible using fewer maneuvers. 

This also allows me to avoid dead ends that take a lot of time for me to recover from. Take as much time as you want when it comes to observing how the puzzle is built and how you intend to play the game. 

The game doesn't pressure you to finish each puzzle in the fastest way.

Pass Through the Gates

I also noticed that there are gates that the balls pass through. These gates can double or triple the number of points that I can get when I pass through them. Sometimes, there's even a gate that offers five times the amount of points. 

These gates are very rare but they are also very crucial if you want to get the highest score possible. Make it a point to pass through these gates. 

Locate all the possible routes and make sure that the balls pass through these gates, especially those that multiply your score five times. This is why I recommend that you try to study the puzzle first before playing the game.

Risk Some to Earn More

Apart from the gates that multiply the balls that I have, some gates take them away. These are the gates that I normally avoid. 

Multi Maze 3D - How to Get Coins Easily
Image Source: APK Pure

There are certain times that it is inevitable that I have to pass through them. It's okay to lose some of the balls as you pass through these negative gates. The main intention here is to lose some in order to gain more. 

Most of the time, when I pass through these negative gates, there are other gates along the way that help me earn the balls back and sometimes, even more. 

It's a risk that I am always willing to take so that I can earn more. Gates are a great way to help you earn more points but remember that they can only be used once.

Tilt the Puzzle Board to Divide the Balls

I know I've mentioned that you don't need a lot of skills to play this game. However, there is one skill that you need to master to get a lot of points at each level. There will be times in this game that you'll need to break the batch in half or sometimes even more. 

To do this, I try to funnel some balls through a gate and then tilt the puzzle immediately to break up the balls. I then switch the puzzle board and make my way to another gate that has another multiplier. 

This increases the points that I earn in each game. Try to practice this skill in the early levels so you can master them when you reach the later levels.

Look Out for Locked Gates

By the time I reached level 7, the game introduced a new mechanic called a locked gate. Locked gates are areas in the puzzle that requires me to reach a certain number of balls first before I can pass through, or unlock, the gate.

Multi Maze 3D - How to Get Coins Easily
Image Source: Google Play Store

Most of the time, these locked gates are situated near the middle portion of the puzzle which gives me a lot of time to search for other areas in the puzzle board to expand the number of balls that I have. 

Once I have enough, I can funnel the balls into the locked gate and it opens up automatically. You'll notice that the locked gate has a similar counter as the red cup below the puzzle. 

Once you feel that you have enough balls, make your way to the locked gate and pass through it if you have the correct number of balls.

Fill the Cup and More

You'll notice that once the balls hit the red cup at the bottom of the puzzle, there's a counter that will tell you how many balls have entered the cup. The number of balls required to fill the cup will increase at each level. 

I recommend that once you reach the limit of each cup that you continue to fill it up. This way, you'll get a better star rating and add more points to your overall score. 

There's even a chance that when you hit a 3-star rating you'll get bonus coins in the game. Once you've achieved a 3-star rating, you can move on to the next level.

Rank Up to Get Coins

Each level presents a new type of puzzle that makes things interesting. However, the goal remains the same—get as many balls into the red cup to earn points and coins. 

Multi Maze 3D - How to Get Coins Easily
Image Source: Malavida

One of the best ways to earn coins in Multi Maze 3D is to finish each level with a 3-star rating. Finishing each level in this fashion will increase your ranking on the overall leaderboard. 

Every time you rank up, you get additional coins to use at the in-game shop. Coins can be earned in many different ways but this is by far the simplest way to do so.

Watch an Ad to Earn More Coins

Earning coins in this game is fun to do when you play the game without really thinking about it. If you want to earn coins as fast as possible, there is another effective way to do so—watching ads

Ads are available within the game. I often receive an option to watch an ad in order to earn a few coins afterward. I don't worry too much about watching ads since I just let them play while I do something else. 

Most of these ads only run for about 30 seconds each so it's not a lot of waiting time. Afterward, I just collect the coins and play the game again.

Restart the Level

There are times in the game when I am not satisfied with the way I played the level.

Multi Maze 3D - How to Get Coins Easily
Image Source: Google Play Store

I often feel this way whenever I don't get a 3-star rating after finishing a particular level. There are also other times that I've made a mistake and end up having a smaller batch of balls whenever I pass through a gate. 

There is an option right before the end of each level to restart. Take advantage of this option whenever you are underwhelmed with the way you play the game.

Skip If You’re Done

On the other hand, if you feel like you've done enough to reach a 3-star rating, there's also an option to skip the entire level and move on to the next. 

Feel free to use this option if you've achieved your goal within the level and want to face a new challenge.


Multi Maze 3D is a game about moving balls around a maze-like puzzle. It's a fun mobile puzzle game that I highly recommend that you play whenever you feel bored. 

Don't forget to apply the tips mentioned above so you can optimize your experience playing the game.