Youtuber "Mythicism" How to Get Free Coins in Dream League Soccer

As the latest entry into the Dream League Soccer franchise, the 2021 version has seen improvement to the overall game. 

However, there are still instances in the game that I find very challenging, especially when it comes to getting more coins from the game. I understand how important it is to get as many coins as possible but there is just not enough to go around.


Fortunately, I discovered a YouTube channel called Mythicism which shared many different ways to get free coins fast. I'm here today to share with you the following:

  • About Dream League Soccer 2021
  • Getting Started
  • How to Get Free Coins
  • Play Matches
  • Tips to Play
  • Save Your Gems
Image Source: M Pro Gaming / YouTube

About Dream League Soccer 2021

Dream League Soccer 2021 is a mobile soccer game from First Touch Games that lets us build a team and choose from more than 4,000 real players. 

Image Source: CHIGOOD / YouTube

The mobile game covers mostly the same gameplay and features from the previous version such as different competitions, Career mode, and multiplayer player-versus-player action.


With so many things to do within the game, it takes several days just to set up the entire team and begin playing. There are a lot of things that need to be mastered first and fortunately, I have every bit of information that you need to do so.

Where and How to Download

Dream League Soccer 2021 is now available for download to all mobile platforms including Android and iOs devices. To download the game, use the title to search within the Google Play Store or the App Store

Tap ‘Install’ to download and install the game on your mobile device. Wait until it finishes the installation and launches the game by tapping ‘Open'. 


The mobile game features in-app purchases so you may want to set up your payment method beforehand.

Getting Started

For those who have played the 2020 version of the game, you can pick up right where you left off, but for the sake of those who are new to the game, I will be providing information from a new player's perspective. 

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First, I sign in using my social media credentials and the first thing to do is to play a team under the Academy Division. The team will have common players but I was given a free superstar player that helped me a lot during the tutorial phase.

The superstar player will be the captain and can be acquired after naming the team and the manager. You can choose a captain but it will depend on the type of play style that you have: if you want a fast-paced game, choose a forward. For a more slow-paced game, choose a defensive style.


Now that I have built a team with a manager, it is time to play a match. The controls can be found at the bottom of the screen with the joystick on the left. There are three buttons found on the right side of the screen which are the function buttons.

These buttons have different functions depending on whether you are on the offensive or defensive side during a match. If you are on the offense, tap ‘A’ for hard kicks, ‘B’ for low kicks, and ‘C’ for lofted kicks. 

Meanwhile, if you are on the defense, tapping ‘A’ will pull off a slide tackle, ‘B’ for pressure, and ‘C’ for the player switch.

How to Get Free Coins

Here are some tips that I recently discovered through the YouTube video to get free coins in Dream League Soccer 2021. The first thing I do is to log in using my Facebook account. 

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The reason behind this is that I get to add friends from Facebook into the game and share my progress on my Facebook newsfeed. This also lets me sign in to the game without having to remember my username and password.

Upgrade Your Stadium

The first thing that I did after signing into the game is to upgrade the stadium first. This is a priority for first-time players of the game. 

Upgrading the stadium will allow you to score a good amount of coins after the upgrade. Once done, upgrading the commercial center should be your next project until every important infrastructure in the game is fully upgraded. 

This helped me land a lot of coins on my account and it doesn't take a lot of time.

Play Matches

I've learned that playing matches will earn me a lot of coins. Winning a match will also net me even more coins but there is one secret that will even add more coins into your pocket.

Image Source: Malavida

We already know that there are two types of teams in a match - Home and Away. Play a match as Home and you will receive a hefty bonus. However, there will be times when you will be playing as an Away team so exit the match and start another one until you become the Home team.

Another tip is to try to avoid Player Recovery as it resets the counter and instead, click Bonus Coins at the bottom of the screen after a match and see that you have just earned yourself about a hundred coins.

Repeat this in every match that you make and you will have a sizable number of coins for you to spend on your team in no time.

Score More Goals

The true testament of a soccer player is when you can manage your team and make goals. The same happens if you want to make more coins from the game. Land more goals and you will get free coins at the end of each match.

You can land one goal and earn six coins but I have also learned that if you do a clean sheet, you get 8 coins for free. It's a very simple way of earning coins by playing the game so you just have to play as many matches as you want to earn them. 

Tips to Play

Now that you've learned how to get free coins in this game, it's time that I also share a few more tips to play the game and maybe give you a boost to get to the top.

Image Source: Usroid

I have already mentioned that the first things you need to upgrade in this game are the stadium and the commercial center since they increase the number of coins you earn in the game when you win.

However, you also need to upgrade your medical facility as well. The medical facility in the game will help lower the price for healing a player. This also lowers the risk of players getting injured which overall helps you save up your currencies in the game.

Play the Career Mode

If there is one thing that I highly suggest that you should always do in this game, it's to play in the Career Mode. Playing in Career Mode not only lets you progress into the game much faster, but it also helps you earn more coins faster as well.

What was surprising for me was that when I played around 20 matches in Career Mode, I noticed a green watch at the top left corner of the screen. It was an ad that I had to watch but surprisingly, it also gave me bonus coins

Make sure to watch those advertisement videos in between to get around 1,000 coins in the game per day.

Save Your Gems

I have to reiterate this especially when it comes to new players. You will find it very difficult to acquire gems in this game so better save it for something special. I have noticed a lot of new players who use gems to purchase Agents.

Image Source: Heavy Gamer

Avoid using your gem to buy Agents unless they are Legendary Agents. Use your precious gems to purchase legendary agents and coaches instead of the common ones.

Spend Your Coins Wisely

Now that I have a lot of coins in the game, it does not mean that I get to spend them all at once. There should be an investment made to grow my coins even further. One good way is to spend the coins wisely through online events.

These online events are great investments that multiply your coins exponentially. Spend your coins wisely and into areas in the game where they can grow instead of buying things that you don't need.


Playing Dream League Soccer 2021 is not difficult to play for a new player. Getting coins in the game can be difficult but if you know what to do to get them, it will make the process feel easier. 

This is all thanks to the YouTube video by Mythicism that I was able to discover different ways to earn coins for free and now I can spend them wisely in the game and never have to worry about running out.