EA Sports UFC - Discover How to Earn Gold

The world of professional mixed martial arts is as highly competitive as it is brutal. This is why many are eager to play EA Sports UFC Mobile. Each fighter brings a unique skill set and it is up to you to take advantage of these skills to win the fight.

EA Sports UFC Mobile offers the most authentic MMA fights on mobile. Unlock your favorite fighters and level them up to increase their strength in fights. Learn new moves and combos as you test the limits of your chosen fighter.


In this guide, you'll learn more about how to play the game, how to earn gold, how to win fights, and more.

  • Look at the Changes and New Features of the Game First
  • Be Mindful of Your Stamina
  • Avoid Taking a Big Swing Early On
  • Use Popular Fighters to Win More Matches
  • Learn How to Get Gold in the Game
EA Sports UFC - Discover How to Earn Gold
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Look at the Changes and New Features of the Game First

UFC 2 shakes up the core gameplay of the first UFC mobile game. This follow-up offers a lot more features along with many other changes from the original game. 

Players of the previous games should learn to check out the changes first before jumping into the pit and fighting an opponent. In UFC 2, you will need to choose a fighter to represent your team from all divisions. 


Jumping in blind is never a good idea if you haven't played EA Sports UFC Mobile before. Try to play Skill Challenges first before you head to your first fight. 

This option might not work exactly like a tutorial but it fulfills the purpose of introducing you to the new features and changes of the game. Spend a couple of minutes on this to understand all the changes like controls, unique abilities, combos, and more. Then you can proceed to beat up your first opponent.

Learn the New Controls Immediately

EA Sports UFC Mobile 2 features a somewhat new control setting that players from the original game might be familiar with. However, the game still requires new and seasoned players to at least run through the new controls and get comfortable with them as soon as possible. 


The tutorial phase will cover all the basic controls of the game so it is highly recommended that you follow through with it early on. You can learn the basic offensive moves as well as the defensive ones. 

Basic combat moves like tapping will cause your chosen fighter to throw a jab while tapping consecutively will execute consecutive jabs. There are still a lot more moves that you need to know and master so make sure to undergo the necessary training.

Be Mindful of Your Stamina

There are a lot of things that you need to be mindful of when playing EA Sports UFC Mobile. Much like going into a real UFC fight, you will also need to look out for your fighter's stamina. 

EA Sports UFC - Discover How to Earn Gold
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Each punch, kick, grapple, or any other action you take in the fight will cost you to lose stamina. When the stamina bar goes empty, your attacks won't be as effective as it was when you had full stamina. This is why you need to be mindful of your stamina bar at all times. 

Using long combos will immediately drain your stamina. As such, it is much better to use short quick bursts of action to try and deal with your enemy. It is important that you keep your stamina up since it is also used for defense. 

Having low stamina means you won't be able to defend yourself properly. Strike a balance between spending your stamina using quick attacks and recovering your lost stamina.

Stay Alert and Keep on Moving

Recovering your stamina is a key way to keep yourself in the fight for a longer period. The only way you can recover your stamina is by keeping yourself from getting hit by the enemy. To do this, you will need to move around a lot. 

Try to move away from the enemy when your stamina is already low to give yourself a few seconds to recover it. However, try to keep on moving as your enemy will also try to follow and hit you. 

The best way to do this is to trick your opponent into hitting you while you dodge and move away from the opponent. The distance you create will give you ample time to recover your stamina. Once you do, you can then start to beat your enemy now that he's low on stamina.

Avoid Taking a Big Swing Early On

Playing EA Sports UFC Mobile is all about managing your stamina. If you're looking to end the game immediately, you can always try and risk it by throwing a strong devastating blow to your enemy. 

EA Sports UFC - Discover How to Earn Gold
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Landing this critical strike will ensure your victory but it will also come with a cost if you miss it. This is why it is not recommended that you take such a big swing early on. 

It will cost you a lot of stamina as you try to hit your enemy in such a powerful strike. Plus, if you miss it, it will leave more opportunities for your opponent to strike you down instead. 

Depleting your stamina will leave you with low defense and that's not a very good position to be in. It is best that you try to throw quick punches and then rest for a while instead of an all-in move like a big swing.

Finish the Fight as Soon as You Can

For those who are willing to make a big move early on and throw a powerful strike, it is always best to never leave your opponent with an opportunity to strike back. Finish the fight as soon as you can. 

It is important that when you strike, you follow it up immediately with another powerful shot so your opponent is left stunned. Move in as quickly as possible and slap their head to stun them even further. 

Perform a finishing move to end the fight while you still have your stamina. Take the risk and never give the upper hand to your opponents.

Use Popular Fighters to Win More Matches

There is a reason why many players want to use Conor McGregor and Jon Jones in this game. Both are very popular fighters that have what it takes to win the match. 

EA Sports UFC - Discover How to Earn Gold
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These fighters have the best stats, powerful combos, and are beginner-friendly. They are both very fast and deal a good amount of damage to the enemy. So, they are often picked even by seasoned players of the game. 

On the other hand, avoid using CM Punk if you want to win more matches. This former WWE Champion has one of the lowest ratings in the game and is a fighter that you should avoid at all costs.

Upgrade Your Fighter 

At the start of the game, you're given the chance to choose your fighter. Certain attributes like height, body type, weight, and others will be permanent once you hit save. However, that doesn't mean that you cannot choose to improve your fighter's ability to engage in battles. 

Every attribute aside from the permanent ones can be upgraded. It is important that you constantly aim to upgrade your fighter once you have collected a good amount of gold coins.

Learn How to Get Gold in the Game

Gold coins are your main resource in the game if you don't have plans on spending real cash. To upgrade your fighter, you will often need to spend real cash. However, if you do not want to spend any cash, you can choose to use gold coins instead. 

EA Sports UFC - Discover How to Earn Gold
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This process will take a lot longer than when you spend real money. One good way to earn gold in the game is to prolong the fight for as long as possible. Although this contrasts previous advice, longer fights mean more gold coins. 

While combos and submissions can help you earn more money, it is still best to prolong the fight for as long as you can and then strike hard when the right time comes.

Participate in Live Events

Earn a good amount of rewards by participating in live events. You can earn rewards by predicting the winner during UFC's live events. 

Correctly predicting the outcome of the fight will provide you with a lot of gold coins and other exclusive rewards

These live events will test your skills and understanding of the game so try to participate in them.


EA Sports UFC Mobile lets you experience what it's like to become a professional mixed martial arts fighter. You'll find yourself engulfed with how brutal and strategic this mobile game is. Don't forget to apply the tips mentioned above to help you win more fights.

Try out this game as it is much more realistic than other fighting games. EA Sports UFC Mobile is now available to download from the Google Play Store and the App Store.