Need for Speed No Limits - See How to Get Coins and Unlock New Cars

If you're a fan of the Need for Speed franchise but don't have the time to play it on your gaming console? It's time to discover the mobile version of the game through Need for Speed No Limits.

Need for Speed No Limits is a mobile version of your favorite Need for Speed game. Players are treated to the same high octane, adrenaline-pumping racing action but this time, on your mobile device. Expect top-notch graphics, constant updates, special events, and non-stop racing action this time around.


This guide will provide more information on how to play the game, how to get coins, how to unlock new cars, and more down below.

  • Selecting the Appropriate Control Settings
  • Learn Where to Get Coins in Need for Speed No Limits
  • Use Nitro to Your Advantage
  • Get More Experience by Joining the Car Series Races
  • Claim Your Free Crates After Logging In
Need for Speed No Limits - See How to Get Coins and Unlock New Cars
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Selecting the Appropriate Control Settings

Playing Need for Speed No Limits is all about maintaining proper control of your car. This is why players need to learn to be comfortable with their controls. 

The tutorial will give you a basic understanding of what the settings are and how they can be used appropriately. However, there will be times when you'll need to change the controls to suit your needs. The default controls are good for beginners since the setup is geared towards steering. 


For those who want to take full control of their car, there are three different types of control settings in the game. First, you have Touch which uses the screen on your phone. Then, there is Tilt which lets you use your phone as if it is the steering wheel. 

Lastly, you have Virtual Steering which is a new setup that gives you full control of your car. Choose which one is appropriate for you.

Collecting Reputation for Longer Play Sessions

If you look at the fuel timer, you will notice that every time you go on a race, it will slowly deplete. This is because you will only be able to race a couple of times each day. While this limits the time you get to spend playing the game, there are many other ways to help you prolong your sessions in the game. 


The best way to do this is to earn a Reputation. Reputations can be earned by completing new races. Daily missions also allow you to collect as many Reputations as you want. You just need to complete them before your fuel meter gets depleted. 

Claim your Reputations alongside many other rewards from completing your daily missions and you should be good to go.

Learn Where to Get Coins and Cars in Need for Speed No Limits

You might be surprised to know that there are five different types of currencies used in the game. These are coins, gold, trophy points, event points, and mod shop points. 

Need for Speed No Limits - See How to Get Coins and Unlock New Cars
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While many of these currencies are used for specific reasons, the main currency, which is also one of the most important in the game, is coins. Coins are used to purchase crates and you can spend them to augment new parts for your car thereby increasing its stats. 

Now, the question is, where do you get coins? The best way to earn coins in Need for Speed No Limits is to win Underground and Car Series races. After each race, you'll receive coins but winning them will surely let you earn more. 

Performing stunts like drafting and drifting also increase the number of coins you earn after the race. Make sure that you collect as many as you can since you'll also be spending a lot of your coins later on if you want to excel in the game.

Use Your Coins Wisely

Once you have enough coins, you can start spending them to increase your chances of winning more races. There are a few things that you need to understand before you spend your coins. 

The very first thing that you need to do is to spend your hard-earned coins to augment certain parts of your car. This will increase stats. These parts add unique attributes to your car such as increasing the duration of your Nitro or increasing your acceleration. 

Overall, adding new parts to your car will enhance its performance. Once you're done with augmenting your main car, you can then use your coins to purchase a new one and start a new project. Remember that each car that you own should be an upgrade from your last one.

Use Nitro to Your Advantage

Need for Speed wouldn't be Need for Speed if there wasn't any Nitro in the game. One of the best features in any NFS game is the Nitro. 

Need for Speed No Limits - See How to Get Coins and Unlock New Cars
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As you already know, Nitro is used to instantly boost the speed of your car. This can be used in many different scenarios but it is commonly used to gain an advantage over your opponents. 

For new players, using the Nitro at the right time will take a lot of practice. It is all about using it at the right time so you can optimize its use. Use your Nitro if you are toe to toe with another car. 

This will give you the boost that you need to get ahead and stay ahead of the pack. You might be wondering how you can increase your nitro. The best way to do this is to drift and you'll slowly fill up your Nitro meter.

Don’t Worry About Damaging Your Car

Playing Need for Speed No Limits is all about racing but there will be a lot of times when you'll hit a lot of obstacles as your ride your way to the finish line. Many times you'll also be hitting other cars. You may think that this damages your car and slowly deteriorates your car's performance. 

However, you don't have to worry about hitting obstacles or other cars or even damaging your car since it doesn't have any impact on the game. Need for Speed doesn't have any repair mechanic so you don't need to spend your hard-earned coins on repairs. 

Hitting obstacles will only cause you to lose time and not lose money so go ahead and bump into other cars as much as you want and enjoy your time playing the game.

Get More Experience by Joining the Car Series Races

Many new players might be attracted to join the Underground races and there's no doubt that this feature can be very fun. 

Need for Speed No Limits - See How to Get Coins and Unlock New Cars
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However, if you're pressed about the experience and earning coins and other resources, it is best that you join the Car Series first

The Car Series will let you earn experience and help you gain more knowledge in the game. It will also help you hone your driving skills. 

You quickly move up the ranks when you play through the Car Series. Before you know it, you'll be racing with the top vehicles that the game has to offer.

Don’t Pass the Chance to Join Special Events

Need for Speed also conducts a lot of events in the game for players to enjoy. Never pass the chance to participate in them. Whether they are time-limited events or special events, it is always best to join them. 

These events will help you earn more coins, gold, event points, and other rewards that you can use later on. Joining these special events will also give you experience which will help unlock more features in the game for you to enjoy. 

It's a win-win situation for active players who participate in these events.

Claim Your Free Crates After Logging In

Another great reason to play Need for Speed No Limits is the free rewards. There are many ways to receive free gifts from the game such as winning races. 

Need for Speed No Limits - See How to Get Coins and Unlock New Cars
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There is one way to get these rewards in the easiest possible way. 

Every time you log in, you get to receive free crates each day where you'll receive Parts, Blueprints, Materials, and many other important items in the game. 

Log in to the game every day and you'll get these free rewards. 

Where to Download Need for Speed No Limits Safely

Now that you've learned a lot of tips and tricks in playing Need for Speed No Limits, it is time for you to test those in the game. Download the game at the Google Play Store or the App Store today. 

To download, search for the title of the game and tap Install. Wait for the game to be fully installed before launching it by tapping Open. 

Make sure that you only download through these exclusive platforms for your safety and security. Never download the game on any other platforms or suspicious links.


Need for Speed No Limits is indeed a mobile racing game without any limits if you know how to play through the tips and tricks mentioned above. 

If you're looking for the ultimate racing experience, it's time to download Need for Speed No Limits on your phone today.