Guns of Glory - Learn How to Farm Coins

Broaden your territory and conquer your enemies with a mobile strategy game called Guns of Glory. In this game, I get to build my kingdom, gather resources, build structures, defend my land, recruit troops, and destroy my enemies. 

However, getting that hard-earned victory doesn't happen overnight as your enemies are also doing the same thing. 


With that in mind, here are some of the best ways to improve your kingdom, learn how to get coins, what to do with your resources, and more in my guide below.

  • Complete Missions to Earn Coins
  • Using Speedups Effectively
  • Join an Alliance as Soon as Possible
  • Lead Your Army to Battle with Guards
  • Train as Many Troops as You Can
Guns of Glory - Learn How to Farm Coins
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Complete Missions to Earn Coins

As I went through the tutorial, the game constantly reminded me that there are a lot of missions that need to be accomplished. These missions have different objectives so I suggest reading them before you begin playing the game. 

Completing these missions will not only let you progress through the game but also help you earn rewards. Most of these rewards include resource packs, VIP items, coins, and precious speed-up items. 


However, one of the most essential reward that you should be looking out for is the extra builders. They are very useful since they allow you to construct and upgrade two buildings at once instead of one at a time. 

Apart from the usual missions, I've also received epic quests that have more complicated objectives which makes them very challenging. However, these epic quests also provide some of the best rewards in the game.

Protect Your Resources

It is very important that players learn how to get resources in this game. In Guns of Glory, resources such as gold and food are used to recruit and train troops to fight for your cause. Without strong troops. you're left defenceless and you often get attacked by others. 


You can train and upgrade your troops early on, but as you progress in the game, the requirements to train troops becomes more difficult as they need more resources. 

Protect your resources as much as possible as other players can steal them whenever they attack your base. Place a shield on your resources especially when you go offline to protect them from other players.

Using Speedups Effectively

I've already mentioned how speedups are very important in this game but let us break down the types of speedups first and how they are used. There are three types of speedups. These are training speedups, general speedups, and construction speedups. 

Guns of Glory - Learn How to Farm Coins
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General speedups are commonly used to decrease the amount of time that construction of buildings and training of troops normally takes. Construction and training speedups are specific only to building infrastructure and training new troops. 

I highly recommend that you use general speedups at the early stages of the game to promote your buildings and recruit troops faster

Use the other two later on when you need to build specific structures or upgrade them or recruit more troops for your army.

Prioritizing Building these Key Structures

With so many structures to build in this game, it can be very difficult to pick which ones to start with and which ones are needed to progress. Here are a few that I recommend you should start to keep things going. 

The warehouse is one of the few main buildings that you need to have at the start of the game. The warehouse helps protect your resources from the enemy and by upgrading it, you also increase its capacity to store more. 

The hospital is another key structure that you need to build as this is where you can heal your wounded troops after an attack. The academy is a building where you can research and upgrade your troops and buildings. Upgrading the academy will also unlock even more upgrades for your base.

Join an Alliance as Soon as Possible

Based on my experience, it can be very difficult to progress in the game when every other player is after your resources. You will need to rely on someone to protect your base while you're gone and this is where Alliances come in. 

Guns of Glory - Learn How to Farm Coins
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Whenever the option is available, I always make sure that I search for the best and most active Alliance in the game and send my application immediately. 

There's a lot of benefits to joining an Alliance but the most crucial part is that they're able to protect you when you are offline. 

I also get to use a skill where I can teleport my base nearer to my Alliance so they can also defend it.

Login Everyday to Collect Freebies

Guns of Glory wants you to log in and play every day and that's the reason why you'll always receive gifts when you log in. There's also a number of other things you can do in the game that will reward you with gifts and coins. 

The daily login rewards, as well as the missions, are two ways to earn a lot of coins. I also suggest that you check your mail every day as the game also sends out a lot of freebies via mail. 

Make good use of the items and coins that you've collected as they won't be around when you get to the later stages of the game. You may also check the Events tab and see which events you can participate in to earn even more gold coins.

Lead Your Army to Battle with Guards

Guards are special characters that you can purchase using gold coins to lead your army to battle. Each Guard will have their own set of abilities and special skills that will help you earn your victory. 

Guns of Glory - Learn How to Farm Coins
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Collect as many Guards as possible and read through each of their skills and adapt your army accordingly. There are several ways to get Guards in your army. 

One is through the recruitment process found in your Castle and another is through free recruitment. I receive three free normal recruitments every day which I use to recruit Guards. 

Another way is through Master recruitment which allows me to get high-tier Guards with powerful abilities.

Use Your Talent Points Effectively

Every time I level up in the game, I gain a talent point. Each talent point is essential to the progress of my game and if I want to upgrade my capabilities in the game, I have to spend a talent point. 

There are three main categories on which I can spend my talent points and each of these categories bring a certain advantage to the game. One is War, which lets me upgrade my troops and increase my defences. 

Economy allows me to gather more resources at one time, allowing me to produce more resources. Lastly, there is Balance which unlocks many other talents in the game . This includes beast hunting, production, gathering, and more.

Train as Many Troops as You Can

There is a reason why I heavily emphasize that you need to gather a lot of resources early on. Troops are your main method of attacking enemies and defending your base. 

Guns of Glory - Learn How to Farm Coins
Image Source: BlueStacks

The more troops that you have, the more powerful you become. However, you won't be able to recruit more troops if you don't have the resources or the gold coins to do so. 

Once you have enough resources, spend most of it on recruiting troops to attack your enemies and conquer their lands or defend your base. 

I can even plunder the enemy base for their resources whenever I defeat them, increasing my resources as well.

Scout First to Better Plan Your Attack

When it comes to attacking enemies, it is always best to come prepared. This means that you will need information as well as powerful troops to make a sweeping victory. Getting information is easy when you know how to scout

Scouting gives you information on the enemy as to whether they have a stronger army than you so you can adjust your troops accordingly. To properly scout an enemy, all you need to do is go to the Kingdom map and tap on the enemy base. 

Select “Scout” and then tap “Confirm”. This will open a window where all the necessary information is available so you can then plan your attack.


For a mobile game, Guns of Glory surely became one of my favorites to play due to its in-depth strategy and amazing graphics. One thing that I place heavy emphasis on in playing the game is to know where you can get your resources and protect them at all costs. 

With the tips mentioned above, I'm sure you'll be able to do so and progress through the game much easier. Check out Guns of Glory on the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for Apple devices today.