GRID Autosport - Learn How to Get Coins

Are you looking for an action-packed racing game on mobile? GRID Autosport is a good example of an exhilarating high-octane racing game that you can play while stuck in traffic or waiting for the train to arrive.

Grid Autosport incorporates a lot of mechanics that you will come to love with racing games on other platforms. Whether you want to race to get to the top spot or simply flex your new car, the game has it all. Grid Autosport also offers many other features that are unique from many other mobile games.


Seasoned players will find playing Grid Autosport to be easy. However, for new players, it's going to be a new and challenging adventure. Here's a guide on what the game is about, how to get better, how to get coins, and some tips and tricks.

  • Adjust Your Control Settings to Your Preferred Level of Comfort
  • Play Through the Tutorial
  • Adjust the Difficulty Setting
  • Learn the Difference Between Aggressive and Violent Driving
  • Learn How You Can Earn More Coins
GRID Autosport - Learn How to Get Coins
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Adjust Your Control Settings to Your Preferred Level of Comfort

Every mobile racing game has its controller setup. GRID Autosport is no different from the rest of them. The mobile game offers a unique default controller setup that you should try out first. 

This way, you get to familiarize the entire setup and see if you're comfortable with it. There are many new players that immediately find the default controls to be the standard setup when they play the game. 


However, it is still best that you try to adjust your control settings to fit your preferred level of comfort. 

There are certain buttons that you might find uncomfortable so try to modify them so you can use those buttons to their maximum potential

Choose Which Camera Mode Is Best for You

Apart from the control setup, there are many other in-game settings that you need to change that will fit your needs. The steering sensitivity as well as the dead zone and saturation are just some of the in-game settings that you should change. However, there is one that will truly define the way you play the game. 


There are about four to five camera mode settings available in the game. Choose your preferred camera mode and see what's best for you. This might make you lose the race if you are not careful during the selection process. 

Some camera modes provide you with a better view. Certain cars are also better driven using a certain camera mode. Choose which camera mode is ideal for the car that you've chosen.

Play Through the Tutorial

Seasoned players of mobile racing games might want to skip the tutorial. Many players already know by heart how to play games like Grid Autosport. 

GRID Autosport - Learn How to Get Coins
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However, new players should always play through the tutorial. The tutorial will teach you the fundamentals of the game. It will provide you with the basic skills that you'll need to understand how the game is played and how the game works. 

Each lesson is simple and is easily digestible so you should be able to understand the game better. Once you're done with the tutorial, the game will then offer to let you play against a computer which will test how you've understood the tutorial. 

You'll be finally ready to play the game once you're able to beat the computer and start racing against many other players.

Start Playing the Touring Category After the Tutorial

When you're finally done with the final challenge in the tutorial, it is time to test your skills by playing against better computer opponents or even real players of the game. One good way to test your skills and even hone them is to start playing the Touring category

The Touring mode plays pretty much like a continuation of the tutorial but provides a more advanced level of difficulty than the tutorial. Each race will slowly introduce a level of difficulty especially when you're against a computer. 

You get to play in different terrain and even on different tracks. You'll also get to play using another car and see the difference between them.

Adjust the Difficulty Setting

By now, you've already modified a lot of the game's main settings to your preferred comfort level. There is still one more setting that you need to adjust so it will be much easier for you as a new player to Grid Autosport

GRID Autosport - Learn How to Get Coins
Image Source: Droid Gamers

Change the game's difficulty level first to easy so you'll get used to racing in the game. Take note that you will still find it challenging as a new player even if the difficulty is on easy mode. 

This will teach you how to deal with other players and truly test your skill in the game. Once you feel that you're good enough, you can then change it to a more difficult setup.

Learn How to Use the Brake Properly

There are a lot of skills that you will need to learn as a newbie in this game. One of the best skills that you will ever learn in playing Grid Autosport is to learn how to use the brake properly. 

You should always have one hand close to the brakes so that you can easily tap it when you need to. You'll surely understand how crucial it is to hit the brakes when you turn on a corner. 

Practice is key to getting used to using the brakes more often. 

Learn the Difference Between Aggressive and Violent Driving

Once you've learned how to drive, you'll begin to discover that there are many types of drivers in this game. You might feel like you're driving way too slow or you consider yourself a timid driver. 

GRID Autosport - Learn How to Get Coins
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But there are many others who drive aggressively and sometimes, violently. Aggressive drivers are those that try to block your way so you won't get ahead of them. They often position themselves ahead of you so there's no way for you to get past them. 

Violent drivers on the other hand are far more dangerous. They're the ones that try to drive you off the tracks and try to smash you onto walls. You can be an aggressive driver but don't be a violent one. It is very unsportsmanlike and it doesn't show any kind of skill. 

Many players also don't like violent drivers so learn how to drive aggressively instead.

Always Try to Stay on Track

Driving in Grid Autosport is already a challenge in itself. You'll have to contend with other drivers and the tracks can also pose a challenge, especially for new players. No matter the type of track you're racing in, it is always best to try to stay on your track. 

It doesn't matter if you're currently in last place or if you're driving in first place. Staying on your track is the best possible way to win this game. Drivers who shift from one track to another often lose control and momentum. 

Going off track will also result in a time penalty that will ultimately work against you and your overall goal in this game.

Learn How You Can Earn More Coins

The goal in playing Grid Autosport is to finish in the first place. However, there are a lot of challenges towards getting to the finish line. 

GRID Autosport - Learn How to Get Coins
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There are other drivers as well as the twists and turns of the track to contend with. It is very exhilarating to know that if you do finish first, you'll earn coins that will increase your funds. 

Each race has a countdown timer that will gauge how fast you can get to the finish line. If you get to the finish line first and consume less time doing so, you'll end up getting even more coins. 

Coins are the basic resource in this game that will help you unlock many other features in Grid Autosports. Aim to earn more coins by winning more races.

Purchase New Cars Once You Have Enough Coins

Coins are going to play an important role, especially in the later stages of the game where you meet many other players online. These players usually own some of the best cars that will help them win the race. 

It is time that you should also invest in these cars by using your hard-earned coins. Some of these cars are very expensive and you'll need thousands of coins to afford them. 

These cars have the best stats in the game and will help you win more matches. Some of these cars can only be purchased using real money but don't worry, the game also offers cars for free-to-play players.


With its clear-cut graphics and high octane action, Grid Autosport is one of the best and most exhilarating mobile racing games that you will ever play. Don't forget to follow the tips mentioned above to guide you in the game.

Grid Autosport is now available on mobile for download through the Google Play Store and the App Store.