Find Out How to Get Rewards in Real Bike Racing

Want to play a racing game but do not have the best mobile device that will provide you with the full racing experience? I highly recommend downloading Real Bike Racing, a highly stylized motor racing game suited for low-end and high-end phones with realistic 3D graphics and lighting effects. 

Real Bike Racing offers an authentic experience, highly detailed graphics, and ambitious functionality all without having to consume the memory of your device. It even has functionality for use with VR headsets and devices.


If you are looking for tips on how to play the game, I can share a few pointers that will help you win more races and even become a trailblazer in this game. Find out more about Real Bike Racing, and how you can earn rewards by becoming a better racer below.

  • A Thrill-Ride Experience
  • Essential Tips for Playing Real Bike Racing
  • Speed Up at the Start
  • Importance of Cash, Gold, and Rewards
  • Keep Your Device Steady
  • Watch Your Opponents
Find Out How to Get Rewards in Real Bike Racing
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A Thrill-Ride Experience

Real Bike Racing is a thrilling motor racing mobile game that will surely change the way you play mobile games. 

Find Out How to Get Rewards in Real Bike Racing
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Experience high octane speed while handling a 200 HP motorcycle and ripping through different race tracks. Go head to head with riders from all over the world and earn your way to victory.


The game features realistic graphics and more than 10 different unique superbikes that you can use. There are also added functionalities like the rearview mirror which makes the game feel like a true racing experience

Real Bike Racing also features a VR mode that supports Google Cardboard and many other VR programs. Download the game now and experience a thrill ride that you've never experienced before in this highly recommended mobile racing game.

Downloading the Game

Real Bike Racing is currently available to download on all mobile devices including Android. Make sure to launch the Google Play Store for Android devices and search for ‘Real Bike Racing’. To begin the download, tap ‘Install’ and wait for the full installation to complete.


Meanwhile, you may also set up your payment method as the game offers in-app purchases. You may then tap ‘Open’ to launch the game once the installation is complete.

Essential Tips for Playing Real Bike Racing

Real Bike Racing is a classic game that does not involve a lot of gimmicks.

Find Out How to Get Rewards in Real Bike Racing
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I understand that many enjoy classic bike racing games for their sheer execution of skill and control and Real Bike Racing is one of the few mobile games that have this type of gameplay. 

This is what I like about the game - none of those fancy skills that many mobile racing games have right now. However, this also means that you will need to dedicate your time to enhance your driving skills. 

Many players often lag behind because they do not put in the effort of mastering different aspects of this mobile game. Luckily, here are some essential tips that I have gathered that will help put you in tip-top shape.

Master the Controls

The most important tip that I can provide to both new and seasoned players of this game is to master the game's controls. This is a requirement for all players who want to excel in this game. Mastering the game's controls is all about being able to control your bike fluidly and masterfully during the race in order to win.

Master the controls first before beginning to race, however. You can only gauge how good you are at the game when you are up against real opponents. If you find yourself lagging because you keep on bumping into roadblocks or obstacles, then it is time to go back to basics and improve your skills.

I highly suggest that you try to hold or hover your finger over the controls in case you need to react quickly, especially around curves. Most race tracks in this game require you to have full attention to the road ahead and hovering your finger over the controls will help you react quickly.

Speed Up at the Start

This is a controversial topic that many players argue about. I highly suggest speeding up as soon as the race begins to pull off a perfect start. 

Find Out How to Get Rewards in Real Bike Racing
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For new players, this is highly recommended so you get an advantage over your opponents during the race. This will help you gain distance. 

Newbies always tend to face challenges as soon as they encounter roadblocks or curves which can lead to having their opponents gaining distance. This issue doesn't plague seasoned players who can easily maneuver around steep curves in the race track. 

If you are a newbie player, speed up as soon as possible and take your time when dealing with those difficult curves.

Check Rear View Mirrors

One thing that I like about Real Bike Racing is the added feature of the rearview mirror. Just like in real bike racing, players can check for their opponent by viewing the rearview mirror and seeing where they are behind them. 

Information is key to the game and by checking the mirror and the player behind you, you can either decide to maintain your distance or speed up to the finish line and leave nothing to chance. But the question is, how often do you need to check your rearview mirror as opposed to focusing on the road ahead? 

The ideal time to check the mirror is every 10 seconds. You might be tempted to check on it every few seconds just to see where your opponents are but you also need to focus on what's in front of you so make sure to check less frequently so as to prevent any distractions while racing.

Importance of Cash, Gold, and Rewards

Cash is the in-game currency used in Real Bike Racing. It is commonly used to purchase new superbikes and upgrade those that you own.

Find Out How to Get Rewards in Real Bike Racing
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Gold is the premium currency in the game that is bought with real money. Players can also use Gold to purchase bikes and do upgrades.

Earning Cash and More Rewards

Every time you finish a race, you are rewarded with gold. The higher you place, the more gold you receive so I highly suggest that you polish your skills and get to the top to earn more rewards in the game.

Apart from finishing the highest position in each race, there are also missions that you can do that will earn you more rewards in the game.

Keep Your Device Steady

Real Bike Racing also features a VR mode where you can get full control of the bike. However, this also means that the controls are rather sensitive and affect how you handle your device. 

Find Out How to Get Rewards in Real Bike Racing
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Make sure to keep your device as steady as possible and avoid tilting it, especially if you are using VR mode.

New players have a habit of tilting their devices, especially when turning a corner. Avoid this habit at all times and it will improve how you control your bike during these times.

Try Out New Bikes

There are over 10 different superbikes available for you to purchase and use in this game. Each of them has its own style and different stats. One bike will have more speed while the other might have more control.

Choose one that is equivalent to your skill and your playstyle. If you want more control over your vehicle then choose ones that have better control. Speed is not necessarily the only way of winning the game as there are a lot of factors that help a good driver win the game.

I would also recommend new players to choose superbikes with better acceleration to help quickly recover from a mistake or simply make good use of the brake. Better acceleration should allow you to take more control of your bike especially if you are still new to the game.

Watch Your Opponents

When I fall behind in a race, I tend to get discouraged easily and find myself struggling to keep up with my opponents. 

Find Out How to Get Rewards in Real Bike Racing
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This usually results in me failing to win the race so I thought about how to deal with this kind of mindset. The first thing that I noticed is when I get behind, I have to change my perspective in the game.

Instead of focusing on trying to catch up on my opponents, I usually watch and study their movements to see how they were able to get ahead of me. 

These are the moments that I can begin to understand how my opponents work and how I can take advantage of the information that I have to win. 

Use Brakes

Speed is a critical factor in winning the game but the game is not all about having the fastest speed. It is all about having the best control of your bike. Newbie players tend to lose control of their bikes especially when they encounter a sharp turn.

To avoid this from happening, use your brakes properly when facing a sharp turn or if you are about to run into some obstacles. 

It is extremely important to have optimal control over your bike than anything else in this game. Speed will come naturally once you have perfected the use of your brakes.


Whether I want to race to get an adrenaline rush or simply prove to myself that I am a master of speed, Real Bike Racing is a mobile game worth downloading especially if you are a fan of motor racing games. 

The game has great potential with its masterful controls, great realistic graphics, and outstanding gameplay. Overall a fun and light racing game that you can play on your mobile device.