The "MultiNecroMan" Channel Youtuber Talks About How to Get Skins in League of Legends

There was a time when playing League of Legends for the first time that I saw an opponent with the KDA Akali skin. I was inquisitive and amazed at how cool the skin looked while playing and wanted to know how to get one myself. 

Unfortunately, the skin costs real money, and I wouldn't be able to afford one. So, I tried to search for the best ways to get skins for free in League of Legends, and while searching, I discovered a channel on YouTube called MultiNecroMan. 


In this article, I will cover these topics:

  • What Is League Of Legends?
  • Who Is MultiNecroMan?
  • Join the Community
  • Play the Best Champion
  • Join Events
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What Is League of Legends?

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena game developed by Riot Games in 2010. The game flew under the radar for awhile, and all of a sudden, it became one of the most popular and most played video games ever.

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League is often touted as a simple game to understand but difficult to master, which rewards players who invest their time playing the game, making it very addicting. 


This made the game easy for beginners of the genre to get into, allowing for a wide door to open for the game to be played by many people.

The game is played with 5 players on each team that are initially placed within the base on two opposing sides of the map. Each player will control a character or a champion as they fight to destroy the enemy base. The team that destroys the main building of the enemy base wins the game.

Where and How to Download

League of Legends can be downloaded through the game's official website. To download, I click on Play Now and wait for the entire client to download. I also created an account while the game was still downloading, which I use to log in to the game.


Once the game is done with the download, install it first and launch it through the Riot client. I use the login details to sign up for an account to access the game and start the tutorial.

Who Is MultiNecroMan?

Before I reveal the tips on getting free skins in League of Legends, I would like to share what I know about MultiNecroMan. This way, we can know the authenticity of the Youtube creator.

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Based on the official YouTube description, MultiNecroMan is based in the United Kingdom, and from what I've seen in his channel, he has been uploading content since 2014. 

All of his content is based on League of Legends, so we know that this guy knows a thing or two about League.

How to Get Free Skins

As I was exploring different ways to get free skins for my champion in League of Legends, I stumbled upon the YouTube channel called MultiNecroMan, which was filled with a wide variety of content. 

However, one video helped me find meaningful and legitimate ways to earn skins in League of Legends even without paying a single dollar.

Based on the video, I would only need to spend a lot of time and effort to get the skins that I want in this game. To know more about getting free skins, I have compiled all the tips from the creator down below.

Join the Community

One excellent tip that I have learned from my search for getting free League of Legends skin is joining different communities. League pro players, streamers, influencers, and content creators commonly stream either on YouTube or Twitch.

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I often see them requesting their viewers to subscribe to participate in upcoming giveaways. Streamers like Professor Akali, Yassuo, and even the popular Tyler1 regularly post some freebies into their stream, including free League of Legends skins and other drops. 

I have already followed them all and have gathered many rewards from just subscribing to their channels. You can even follow MultiNecroMan and get some freebies along the way while checking out all of his League content.

I have followed League of Legends and its developer Riot Games for quite some time now, including their popular esports called World Championships. Each region has its league where the top teams from that region race to the top spot to earn the chance to participate and play on the largest stage in the world. 

Watch Live Esports Games

In Europe, we get to have the League European Championship or the LEC, while North America gets the League of Legends Championship Series. Here's how I was able to get some free skins, skin shards, and chromas. 

I logged into my Riot account every time there is a broadcast from either one of the two leagues. Riot usually gives out drops or rewards from just watching the streams even when I was not actively watching.  

I've noticed that I still received the rewards as long as my account is logged in. I've also received a notification that the rewards have already been inserted into my account, and all I needed to do was launch the game to collect it.

Play the Best Champion

Another great tip that this video has provided me with when it comes to getting free skins in the game is to play the game. League has over 150 characters or champions to choose from, and the video instructed me to play the game and earn an S+ rank using my champion, and I would get a Hextech chest. 

The Hextech chest contains random loots, including skin shards, champion shards, blue essence, emotes, and orange essence. Since I only received a chest from playing the game, I had to play more games and waited until my teammates either rewarded me with honor or each of us gave the honor reward to one another. 

After getting an honor, I was lucky enough to receive a key shard used to construct a Hextech key. Three key shards would create one Hextech key, and one key can only open one Hextech chest.

Once I have both the Hextech Chest and Key within my Loots tab found in the in-game client, I open the chest and reward myself with a skin shard. Since I also have enough orange essences, I can use it to unlock the skin, and it goes immediately into my Collections tab, which means I can use the skin in my next game.

Rerolling Skin Shards

While I was following one of the tips that I've learned, I noticed with the skin shards that I can do two things with them. 

I can either disenchant the skin shard into orange essences and wait until I get a skin shard that I like or use three skin shards and re-roll them into a random permanent skin. 

I would highly suggest gathering enough skin shards first and see if you can get the skin shard of your choice before re-rolling the others into a random skin. This way, you will have enough orange essences to upgrade the skin shard into permanent skin and leave some extra for another time.

Join Events

As I played the game, I would always notice that League of Legends would hold different events in every patch. There was a time when the game had the Lunar Beast Event that featured the Chinese Lunar New Year. Currently, League has the Battle Academia Event, with the Space Groove event coming in just a few weeks.

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From what I learned through the video, I can always join these events for free and get some skins and chromas, depending on how many event tokens I have gathered. I've tried this out myself and was able to collect about 200 event tokens which were enough to purchase an event orb that contained skin shards, emotes, and many more. 

I can also use the extra event tokens to purchase chromas and other items at the Loots tab that features the tokens. While the game does give me limited amounts of event tokens for free, purchasing the Battle Pass would unlock more freebies and help me get more tokens by playing matches. 

Since the video only mentioned how to get skins for free, I could not purchase the battle pass to see what the rewards were.

Blue Essence Emporium

This is a secret that I discovered by asking a few friends of mine who have played the game for several years now. Every year, Riot Games opens up the Essence Emporium, where we can purchase selected skins using blue essences. 

Blue essences are commonly acquired by playing the game and disenchanting champion shards. The Essence Emporium features many rare skins, but they are also quite expensive, so we will have to save up a lot of blue essences to afford those skins, but they are free for us to purchase. 

I was also informed that we should be ready all the time as the Essence Emporium only opens twice a year.


I would be jealous of how awesome those champions would look while playing against them in the past. But now, thanks to MultiNecroMan, I have discovered different ways to get skins in League of Legends for free.