Mobile Legends - How to Get Diamonds and BP Free

You may have already heard about this very popular multiplayer online battle arena but do you know how to play Mobile Legends? If you're looking for an exciting new mobile game that millions of other players are playing, it's time to take a good look at what Mobile Legends is all about.


While it may be easy on paper, playing Mobile Legends is very challenging with all the factors combined. You'll have to contend with other players, learn a new hero, and strategize with your teammates.

In this guide, you will learn what Mobile Legends is all about, what heroes are, how to optimize playing these heroes, how to get free BPs or Battle Points for your heroes, and more.

  • Delve Deeper into the Objective of Playing Mobile Legends
  • Choose the Right Hero for You
  • Diversify Your Choices of Heroes
  • How to Get Heroes in Mobile Legends
  • Always Claim Your Daily Login Rewards
Mobile Legends - How to Get Diamonds and BP Free
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Delve Deeper into the Objective of Playing Mobile Legends

Let's delve deeper into what Mobile Legends is all about. Players group up with others to form a team of five members. The team is then teleported into a map with three lanes and a jungle on each side.

Mobile Legends is a mobile MOBA game where you get to choose a hero with a set of skills. Players must team up to fight against another team and destroy the enemy base. The first team to destroy the enemy base wins the game.


Eight of the ten players will take a lane while the remaining two will battle it out for control of the jungle. Each player will control a hero depending on their role in the game.

As the game progresses, each team will have to destroy turrets that protect their base until the team reaches and destroys the enemy base which helps you win the entire match.

Downloading Mobile Legends to Your Mobile Device

Mobile Legends is available on all mobile devices including phones and tablets. The game is available to download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Simply search for the title of the game and tap Install to download. Wait until the game is fully installed then tap Open to launch it.

Log in using your social media account or email address depending on your choice and start playing the tutorial of the game to learn more about the basics.

Choose the Right Hero for You

Heroes are the characters you get to play with in Mobile Legends. There are over 110 unique heroes in the game and each of them has its separate skillsets and abilities.

Mobile Legends - How to Get Diamonds and BP Free
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Each of these heroes offers a very distinctive playstyle that will genuinely fit your role in the game. Most of these heroes have two basic skills and ultimate skills while others have three basic skills alongside a single ultimate skill.

These heroes are then controlled by the player at the start of the match. Players will then try to gain experience through killing minions and the opposing team's heroes to level up and unlock new skills.

The higher the level, the more powerful these heroes become thus allowing you to challenge your opponents until you earn your victory.

Different Classes of Heroes

As with many other mobile multiplayer online battle arena games, Mobile Legends also has a unique set of hero classes. There are many different classes and each of them offers a unique play style that makes up your entire team. These are tanks, fighters, supports, mages, marksmen, and assassins.

Tanks offer durability that will help them last in battle and absorb damage. Fighters are often in the middle of the battle and most of the time, they duel heroes of the same class while assassins want to take down a key opponent as fast as possible and get out.

Supports ensure that the team stays alive in battle while marksmen dish out constant damage. Lastly, Mages are the heavy magic damage dealers allowing them to wipe off the enemy team with their spells.

Diversify Your Choices of Heroes

Now that you know what are the different classes of heroes to choose from, you'll be facing many of them on the battlefield.

Mobile Legends - How to Get Diamonds and BP Free
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The problem now is that you don't know what each hero brings to the table, especially with their skillset. You may want to watch each hero spotlight on YouTube but the best way to fully understand what each hero is capable of is to play them all.

Try to purchase as many heroes as possible and learn from them by playing them on the battlefield. This should allow you to diversify your choices of heroes and enable you to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Try to Play Support Heroes as Well

Many players often want to be the star of the team by having a hero that deals a lot of damage. Many heroes in Mobile Legends end up dealing a ton of damage but some aim to support the team instead.

The support role is very underrated but is equally important to the rest of the team. One of the best teams in Mobile Legends celebrates the role of support and has been known to carry the team to victory on many occasions.

Start harnessing your support skills and play the role as earnestly as possible. You'll be surprised at how many friends you'll make in the game when you master the art of supporting your team.

How to Get Heroes in Mobile Legends

Now that you've understood the importance of heroes in Mobile Legends and their classes, it is time for you to learn how to get them. Getting heroes is very easy to do in the game.

Mobile Legends - How to Get Diamonds and BP Free
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Go through the tutorial and complete it to receive several heroes for free. The more you go through the game's early levels, you'll be rewarded with even more heroes. There are several more ways to get new heroes in Mobile Legends.

One of the main ways to get them is by purchasing them at the in-game store using Battle Points or BP. Another option to get new heroes is to purchase them using diamonds which can be bought using real money.

You can also check out the weekly hero rotation to see which ones you'd like to purchase. Sometimes, the game also gives out heroes for free through treasure chests and other events.

Get Free BP Fast

As mentioned above, Battle Points is one of the key methods of obtaining heroes in Mobile Legends. Earning BP is a must for those who want to own all of the heroes in the game. The problem now is where do you get BP for free?

It's quite easy. All you need to do is to play matches and at the end of your match, you'll receive BP. You will also receive even more BP if you win your match and sometimes more if you are the MVP of the match.

There are still so many ways to get free BP in the game so check them out below.

Always Claim Your Daily Login Rewards

Every day you log in to the game, you receive a lot of rewards. Take advantage of this feature in Mobile Legends so you'll be able to reach the number of Battle Points needed to purchase your next hero.

Mobile Legends - How to Get Diamonds and BP Free
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While the BP given through the daily login rewards might not be enough, it will help you supplement your current stash of BP in your account. This should help you reach the desired amount much faster.

Go ahead and log in to the game every day since the amount of BP you get increases for each consecutive day you log in, especially in the first seven days.

Apart from that, you'll also receive other rewards such as treasure chests which can randomly contain even more BP.

Use Your Double Battle Point Cards All the Time

Another great way to earn Battle Points is to use the items intended to boost your BP income. One of which is the Double Battle Point cards that are given to you as rewards for logging in or winning matches and events.

These Double Battle Point cards double the amount of BP you earn from winning matches. The more you play and win your matches, the faster you earn Battle Points when this card is activated.

You can also augment this card with many other cards so that you also get to make double the amount of BP and experience at the same time. There are different variations of this card. Some only last for a day while others last for three days or more.


Mobile Legends is a very popular mobile video game for a reason. It has everything you need to have a good time alone or with your friends. If you want to collect all heroes in the game, follow the tips above so you can have all the BP that you need to do so.