Discover Ways to Get Free Skins on Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, more commonly known as simply Mobile Legends, has taken the world by storm with its gameplay. It has made waves as one of the most downloaded games of all time, with 1 billion downloads. It is also one of the highest-grossing games, commanding $1 billion in revenue.

Apart from its notable gameplay, and of course, the convenience and portability it extends to avid game players, it cannot be denied that various aspects keep individuals hooked. One of these is the skins that users can get in the game.


Players of Mobile Legends know that gaining skins has been highly sought after in the game. For those who want to learn how to get free skins on Mobile Legends, make sure to read through this article to find out how.

  • What Is Mobile Legends?
  • Main Features of Mobile Legends
  • Get to Know Skins in the Game and Why It’s Important
  • Learn How to Get Free Skins on Mobile Legends
  • Tips for Playing Mobile Legends and Getting Skins
Discover Ways to Get Free Skins on Mobile Legends
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What Is Mobile Legends?

Mobile Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena game that was created and published by Mooton. Initially released in 2016, the game has since garnered unmatched popularity and demand around the globe, particularly in parts of Southeast Asia.

Discover Ways to Get Free Skins on Mobile Legends
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The multiplayer game is so widely played not just in Asia, but also in different parts of the world. That is why 44% of its $1 billion revenue stems from outside the region, thereby cementing its global appeal. It has around 100 million regular players.


Get to Know Mobile Legends’ Gameplay

Mobile Legends can be considered a strategy game of sorts that lets players work in teams of five, with two teams playing against each other in the matches. The matches last for 10 minutes, while matchmaking can last only for 10 seconds, and players are randomly selected.

With this random yet real-time selection, individuals can play with other people outside of their own countries. At the same time, players have a better chance of preventing their competition from catching up with them.

Players who take part in the matches choose their respective heroes to fight on their behalf. The main goal is to take their enemy’s tower, all the while still protecting their own. Players and teams will go through a series of challenges, from destroying enemy bases to clearing jungles and many others.


Main Features of Mobile Legends

There are various features of Mobile Legends. Apart from the classic mode that allows teams to compete in 5v5 battles, it has also released a version that appeals to many: the battle royale mode. Unlike the previous gameplay, only one out of about 100 people will win the game in the end.

Discover Ways to Get Free Skins on Mobile Legends
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In addition to this, players also have other modes to play, including brawls, where players have to work with two random heroes or characters are thrown their way, and Magic Chess where players have to employ the right strategy and delegate tasks to other players.

What’s great about Mobile Legends is that there are a variety of heroes to choose from. Players can choose from the extensive selection of heroes in the game based on their respective roles.

What You Need to Know About Playing the Game

As mentioned, one of the highlights of playing Mobile Legends is its heroes. These heroes usually vary depending on the role. The roles available include mages, marksmen, fighters, assassins, tanks, and supports. It’s imperative to fully know a person’s role so that they can fall into synergy with their team.

Once players familiarize themselves with their hero’s skills, they can learn to use this properly and help lead their team to victory. As such, individuals are encouraged to read through their hero’s skills before starting the game.

Mobile Legends also comes out with a Training Camp or a practice mode where players can get a feel of their hero’s skills before the match.

Get to Know Skins in the Game and Why It’s Important

Every hero in Mobile Legends is equipped with their own skin. These skins can be changed from time to time to improve not only the visual appearance of the characters but also to garner magical and jaw-dropping effects when fighting.

Discover Ways to Get Free Skins on Mobile Legends
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Although skins don’t necessarily make an impact on the gameplay, it does lend some attributes and abilities, adding points to the overall game. It helps individuals garner points or attributes early in the game, helping their strategy and leaving ample room or distance for the competition to catch on.

Of course, it goes without question that these skins help make heroes and characters stand out, something that can help fellow players and teammates distinguish them from enemies. By changing skins, teammates can make it easier to identify heroes that are on their side.

The skins bring a sense of intimidation and wonder, especially against opponents engaged in the battle. By upgrading skins, particularly to premium ones at that, enemies may be intimidated. This can be utilized in a skilled performance and fight.

The Best Skins to Have in Mobile Legends

Skins are one of the most sought-after items in Mobile Legends, and players go through so much just to get their hands on them. There are numerous skins categories ranging from elites to legends, with the latter allowing players to gain achievements or awards within the game.

One of the best in the league is perhaps Granger’s Starfall Knight. A limited-edition skin, that brings with it skill effects, voiceovers, and a grander animation. Lunox’s Eyes of Eternity is yet another skin that is highly coveted thanks to its more dramatic and bolder twilight orbs.

Lastly, those looking to add more skins to their roster should not miss out on Gusion’s Soul Revelation skin. The use of dark and light, as well as the various colors, make him a more enigmatic character. It also pays that this skin brings with it a mystical twilight orb theme, as well as new powers and voiceovers.

Learn How to Get Free Skins on Mobile Legends

Skins are usually sold in the game through diamonds, with some ranging from 299 to over 500 and more, with the rarer and limited-edition ones costing around 749 diamonds or more. These are roughly equivalent to $30 to $75, depending on the chosen skin.

Discover Ways to Get Free Skins on Mobile Legends
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Since these skins are not exactly affordable, players will be happy to know that they can get free skins on Mobile Legends. One of the easiest ways players can get free skins is simply by logging into their respective accounts and playing Mobile Legends every day. They are given prizes just for this, increasing their chances of getting free skin.

Playing the game religiously also helps players reach a higher rank. Using the ranked game mode, lets players achieve warrior, elite, master, or grandmaster status. When this happens, they will get the free skin at the end of the game.

Apart from this, players can also get Lucky Spins to play with every two weeks. This particular offering from the game menu lets players get prizes. One of the prizes here is a permanent skin, but the skin rewards typically vary as well.

Other Ways to Get Skins

Another way players can get skins for free is to use fragments. One of the currencies within Mobile Legends is fragments, such as premium skin fragments and rare skin fragments. Fragments can be obtained by participating in different events in the game. These fragments can be traded for skins afterward.

Joining competitions is also a good way to receive free skins from Mobile Legends if they win. Plus, this lets players get out of their comfort zone as they play with others around the world.

Tips for Playing Mobile Legends and Getting Skins

One of the tips that players can try out to get more skins is to host live streams. Individuals who are fond of sharing their game with other like-minded individuals can do live streaming events of their game. Here, they can reach more people and gain rewards from their viewers.

Discover Ways to Get Free Skins on Mobile Legends
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When a sultan comes, live streamers can get diamonds which they can use to purchase the skins they want without having to spend actual money.

Another tip that players might find useful is to utilize the free test skins available on Mobile Legends. The game provides several skins that heroes can try on. These skin trials can go anywhere from one day to seven days, depending on the skin.

Taking advantage of this skin trial feature lets users and heroes alike get a feel of what the skin has to offer. At the same time, it gives them a chance to try on different skins without having to buy and commit right away.

Downloading the App

Individuals who want to play Mobile Legends can do so by downloading the app. It is available from the App Store for iOS users and on Google Play Store for Android users.

Those who are using Android devices must do well to remember that they should have an Android system that runs on version 4.1 and up. Meanwhile, iOS devices must have iOS 10 or later in order for the game to run smoothly.

The Bottom Line

After learning how to get free skins on Mobile Legends, users can now play more purposefully in the hopes of getting their dream skin. In no time, not only will their hero’s appearance improve, the respective effects and skills of their heroes can increase as well. Who knows, with the right skin, you might become the next champion of this battle royale game.


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