MythWars & Puzzles - Discover How to Get Gold

MythWars & Puzzles is a hybrid mobile game that uses a match-3 puzzle game with RPG elements. Released by China-based mobile game developer Karma Game, MythWars & Puzzles offers a good mix of strategy and base-building mechanics.

In this game, I assemble a team of heroes to battle hostile monsters and bosses in a series of puzzles. The gameplay also revolves around building structures and gathering resources within my Fortress to improve the abilities of my heroes.


Find out how you can win more games, learn how to get gold, learn more about the different classes, and understand the Elemental Affinity System by checking out my guide below.

  • Focus on Matching Three or More Tiles
  • Check Out the Different Character Classes
  • The Elemental Affinity System and Its Role in Battle
  • Join an Alliance and Participate in Titan Battles
  • Use Up All of Your Energy When Playing
MythWars & Puzzles - Discover How to Get Gold
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Focus on Matching Three or More Tiles

The main objective of the game is to complete the main storyline. However, the only way players can progress is to play the main puzzle. The main puzzle board contains different colored puzzle tiles, and players have to match three of them to remove them from the board.

Now here's where it gets tricky. Every time that I match three puzzle pieces together, they are removed from the game, and it rearranges the entire board. 


While it is a good idea to match three pieces at once, it is also worth planning and trying to match three or more tiles. Matching puzzle pieces allows players to charge up special skills that will be used to attack the enemy. 

The more you match puzzle pieces, the more you'll be able to use those skills to defeat them.

Don't Worry About the Time

One thing that I like about playing MythWars & Puzzle is the unlimited time to play the game. Many other puzzle adventure games want to restrict their players by having a time limit for each round or level. 


In this game, I can play as long as I want to. This gives me more time to think about strategically planning and matching tiles carefully. The absence of a time limit helps players think more clearly without giving in to pressure. 

This allows me to work on more difficult puzzle boards, especially during the later stages of the game. So, feel free to strategize as long as you want since there's no time limit when playing the game.

Check Out the Different Character Classes

MythWars boasts a wide array of characters to add to my roster. Several character classes make up my team, and each team will have its own identity in battle. 

MythWars & Puzzles - Discover How to Get Gold
Image Source: Malavida

Players will have the option to choose the characters they want to put into their team, but I suggest mixing it up with different character classes

Some fighters have damaging abilities, while supports, healers, and defenders help sustain your team and keep them in the battle longer. 

Some of the best characters in the game include Chiron, Asura, Kukulkan, Sigurd, Seth, Khrim, Apollo, Hermes, Eris, Medusa, and Atropos. All of these characters have important skills that can help your team in battle.

Level Up Your Fortress

Apart from assembling a team of heroes and upgrading them, players are also tasked to build their Fortress and upgrade it. The best way to upgrade the Fortress is to produce food as fast as possible. 

Farms are the best sources of food and one of the most essential structures within your Fortress. The Warehouse and Barn store your food and allow you to produce high quantities of resources. These structures bolster your production to help you with the costs of improving and sustaining your Fortress. 

Mines are also required to produce iron to help you craft more items for your characters as well as build and improve structures.  Keep these structures in mind when trying to improve, upgrade, and level up your Fortress.

The Elemental Affinity System and Its Role in Battle

The combat system in MythWars is very simple. You'll need to match three puzzle pieces or more to charge up your attack through special skills. However, the battle system is highly complex, which makes for some great strategizing. 

MythWars & Puzzles - Discover How to Get Gold
Image Source: Karma Game / YouTube

The game incorporates the Elemental Affinity system wherein players have to learn about different elements, including their strengths and weaknesses, and incorporate them in battle. 

The elements include Fire, Earth, and Water. Fire is strong against Earth but weak against Water. Earth is strong against Water but weak against Fire, while Water is strong against Fire but weak against Earth. 

The corresponding elements will dictate how we play the game and how we attack using special skills. This allows for better strategic decisions to devise a plan of attack in each round.

Complete Missions to Get Gold and Gems

Missions can be found in the Missions menu and must be completed to receive several rewards. Many of these missions require players to eliminate a certain number of monsters or improve a certain building within your Fortress. 

Some missions include exploring the main map or defeating a certain boss or monster. Completing these missions is critical if you want to earn gold faster. Another great reward that you can get from finishing these missions is gems which are the rarest in-game currency. 

One tip to complete missions involving killing a certain number of monsters is to look at the map and see where there is a high concentration of monsters and attack that area.

Join an Alliance and Participate in Titan Battles

Another feature in MythWars & Puzzles that is currently being updated is the Alliance feature. Joining an Alliance brings a lot of benefits to your game. Not only will you be able to interact with other players in the game, but you also receive a good amount of rewards. 

MythWars & Puzzles - Discover How to Get Gold
Image Source: Brissa's Playground / YouTube

One feature that I like in joining an Alliance is participating in Titan Battles. Titan Battles are isolated battles that can only be activated when I'm in an Alliance. 

I get to play alongside my Alliance members and defeat powerful boss monsters. After defeating the boss monster, we receive powerful items. It is best to group up with your Alliance members when doing Titan Battles. 

Additionally, you'll only have three attempts to join the Titan Battles, so be sure to make good use of them.

Stop Relying on Auto Mode

I noticed that many new players rely heavily on the Auto Mode feature found at the top of the screen. While it is highly beneficial to use it in the early stages of the game, I recommend that you start relying on your skills as early as possible. 

Don't rely on the Auto Mode feature, or else you'll never learn how to fight in this game. Sure, the Auto Mode feature will help you early on, but you'll never get the chance to make mistakes and learn from them.

I also suggest that you turn off Auto Mode and practice with your roster of heroes. This way, you get to know each combo and develop a strategy with your team.

Use Up All of Your Energy When Playing

Energy is another resource in the game that is used whenever I complete tasks, raids, and missions. While the game does regenerate my Energy level within a few hours, I would rather use it up all at once while playing. 

MythWars & Puzzles - Discover How to Get Gold
Image Source: Google Play Store

Doing this lets me keep up with improving my Fortress, exploring the map, defeating monsters, and completing tasks and missions. 

Once I use up all my Energy, I log out from the game and wait for a few hours before I head back to play again. 

Sometimes, I play the game and use up all of my Energy before going to bed. Then, when I wake up, I can play the game again without interruptions.

Check Your Items Before Heading to Battle

One mistake players often make is overlooking the importance of items in this game. There are a lot of useful items that can help turn the tide of battle in MythWars & Puzzles. 

Healing potions and arrows are very important. I always make sure to check my items and see if I have enough in my inventory to last for several battles. 

These items can help decide the outcome of any battle, so be sure to always have these items in your inventory.


Playing MythWars & Puzzles is highly entertaining with its complex battle system. The use of elementals, items, different classes of heroes as well as missions makes the game fun to play. Solving the puzzles is engaging and challenging and keeps me playing for hours.

Make sure you apply all the tips mentioned above so you'll have a good time playing the game. Check out MythWars & Puzzles at the Google Play Store and the App Store today!