Bed Wars - Discover How to get Bed Wars Coins

My friends have been trying to convince me to play this game, and after months of back and forth, I finally tried Bed Wars. And you know what? I was totally disappointed at how long it took me to play such an amazing and fun game.

In Bed Wars, players are divided into four teams of four members each. Each team will be dropped in different parts of an island and will start building bridges and collecting resources in an attempt to destroy the opposing team's bed. It may sound easy, but the effort involved requires skill and patience.


There are a few things to learn first before jumping into the game. Check out my guide to learn strategies to help you win more games, find coins, and more. Let's go!

  • Play Using a Wide Variety of Strategies
  • Practice to Be Perfect
  • Where to Get Gold and Other Items
  • Avoid Rushing Your Items
  • Build Blocks Around Your Bed
Bed Wars - Discover How to get Bed Wars Coins
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Play Using a Wide Variety of Strategies

As a PVP-centric game, Bed Wars players often use different strategies to try and win the game. The main goal here is to try and destroy the opposing team's beds to stop them from respawning in the game. 

Many players immediately opt to play with a fast-paced strategy which is standard for Minecraft players. However, it's worth the reminder that this is a different game, and different strategies can be used by teams to win the game. 


Some want to play a defensive strategy where they wait for the enemies to come and defend their beds, while others want to utilize a more aggressive approach by invading their territory from the get-go. 

This is why no two games are alike in Bed Wars. With so many strategies to employ, there's bound to be a lot of fun and excitement when playing against each other.

Save Up Your Resources

Resources are collected in the game and can be used to craft different items. Many players spend a lot of their time at the item generator to collect precious resources. Most of the time, new players make the mistake of using these resources immediately. 


This is a bad move for players who want to last long in the game. Always save your resources and purchase only the essential ones at the start of the game. Use these resources and save them in your Ender Chest. 

You don't know when you'll need help later on, so it is best that you have some spare resources in your chest. The good thing about the Ender Chest is that only you can access it.

Practice to Be Perfect

Bed Wars is a very volatile game. One minute you're collecting resources, and the next, you're deep in a team fight against an enemy team. 

Bed Wars - Discover How to get Bed Wars Coins
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It can be pretty chaotic from one moment to another, and it will always catch you off guard. The best way to mitigate the chaotic nature of the game is to be prepared. Preparation comes from a lot of practice. 

During practice, I develop a lot of skills that have prevented me from dying a lot in the game. I get to utilize different strategies, try them out with my friends, and see which ones are effective. 

Practice will help you prepare for the incoming battle, and it will be one of the important factors that contribute to your victory.

Get Comfortable with the Controls

Alongside the tip mentioned above, another key method to getting more wins in the game is to get comfortable with the controls. Practicing your skills has many different layers, one of which is learning and understanding the controls. 

Learning the controls make you comfortable with using them. Understanding the controls ensures that you use all of the settings to your advantage. It also lets you understand why you're doing the things you do inside the game, unlike other players who just run around doing absolutely nothing. 

I know the controls can take a lot of time and patience to master, but while you're still in practice mode, go ahead and switch things up and try to learn the controls before you step into a real battle.

Where to Get Gold and Other Items

There are a lot of resources and in-game currencies used in the game. Iron bars are the most common form of currency used primarily to purchase items like swords and explosives. These items are then used to defend or attack the enemy team. 

Bed Wars - Discover How to get Bed Wars Coins
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Upgrading team perks can only be done through the use of Diamonds, while Emeralds are often used to trade for more powerful weapons. Diamond and Emeralds can only be farmed in specific areas of the game. 

However, there is one resource that is very hard to come by in this game, and that is gold. Gold is less often generated than Iron and is only produced by base generators

It is best to try and continue using the base generator to collect even more Gold. Gold is commonly used in many ways, such as using blocks or purchasing tools, weapons, and armor.

Understand How Each Weapon Works

With so many weapons to craft and choose from, it can be complicated for new players to determine which one suits them best. I've seen a lot of players make the wrong decisions when it comes to which weapon is used during combat

Understand how each weapon works, and you'll find yourself capable of using it to its greatest potential. Swords are great for close-quarters combat, while the bow and arrow are good for long-range attacks or sniping the enemy. 

I often use the bow and arrow when I want to ambush the enemy, but if they get close to me, I automatically switch weapons to a sword so I can properly defend myself. It's very difficult to use a bow and arrow and aim at your enemy when they are too close to you.

Avoid Rushing Your Items

One of the hard lessons I've learned when playing Bed Wars is rushing to gear up. This is also a common mistake done by newbies of the game. 

Bed Wars - Discover How to get Bed Wars Coins
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They immediately rush their gear by purchasing whatever weapon is available with their current resources. This kind of strategy is highly volatile, and you can end up losing early on. 

Avoid rushing and instead collect more resources and build yourself a good set of items so you can deal with your opponents quickly later in the game. 

Play the long game, and you'll find yourself winning more often.

Always Communicate with Your Team

Bed Wars is a team-based game where you need to rely on your skills as well as your teammates. Everything you do in this game will affect your team. Whether you play in solo mode or together with your friends, it is always best to communicate. 

Teamwork does not happen unless you are on the same page and the best way to do it is through proper communication. Talk about what you want to do in the game or discuss your strategies before playing and while playing the game. 

Open up and always provide your team with updates on what you're currently doing. A good team is measured by the number of discussions they have while playing, so don't be the player that causes chaos inside your team.

Build Blocks Around Your Bed

Players will immediately want to try and destroy your bed the moment they see it, but I have a tip to help protect your bed from incoming attacks. 

Bed Wars - Discover How to get Bed Wars Coins
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Place blocks around your bed randomly to protect it from opponents. While it may not hold forever, it will slow them down, thus giving you time to react and defend it. 

Opposing players will have to break the blocks first, which may take a lot of time depending on how much effort you put into the building. 

This is the only defense that you can do within the game apart from trying to eliminate opponents that come close to your bed. 

Try to Assign One Player to Defend

If you are playing with a group or with your friends, try to communicate and assign a player to stay behind and defend your team's bed. All members of them should work to build blocks to protect the bed, but only one player should be left behind to man the bed. 

If attacked, you and your team can delay your opponents until you can help defend it. This kind of strategy also lets other members of the team attack enemy beds while also making sure that yours is defended. 

If you are playing in solo mode, it is best that you try to defend your bed first, eliminate them, and then head over to destroy theirs.


For some, Bed Wars can be challenging to play and win games, especially for those who are still new. Follow the tips mentioned above, and you'll soon be able to grab those wins and even learn new strategies and techniques to play the game.

Find Bed Wars on the Google Play Store for your Android mobile device.