See How To Get Diamonds In Disney Heroes: Battle Mode

Imagine having Disney movie characters jump out from the screen and into your mobile device as an adventure strategy game

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is the perfect blend of fun and strategy. I can use a slew of Disney characters to form a team that goes up against monsters, creatures, and many other enemies. Join the likes of Mickey Mouse, Hercules, Elsa, Aladdin, and more and gather a strong team to defeat these opponents. 


I've gathered a few tips to help you gain more ground in the game, including how you can increase your hero's power level, get more diamonds, earn rewards, and more with the guide below.

  • Save Your Skills For Last
  • Complete Quests And Level Up Your Team
  • Balancing Your Hero's Power Level
  • Different Roles, Different Positions, All Equal
  • Get Diamonds At The Events Tab
See How To Get Diamonds In Disney Heroes: Battle Mode
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Save Your Skills For Last

Battles in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode happens very quickly. I gathered five different heroes from the Disney Universe and put them together as a team. All of these characters have their skills which can be used to clear different enemies within each mission. 

Most of the time, opponents during the early parts of the mission can be defeated without using any of my powerful skills. Either way, it would take time before the skills are fully charged and ready to be used. 


There's simply no need to use these skills in battle early on unless you meet a difficult opponent. Once the skill is fully charged, I can finally use them against the enemy, but I would rather save those skills for near the end of the mission, where I encounter some of the toughest enemies in the game. 

Use these powerful skills and bring victory to the team. By the end of the mission, I would be able to get even more gold after finishing the mission in a quick time.

Learn How Enemies Work

Most of the time, enemies in this game can be dealt with using basic attacks or basic damage. Some minions are easily disposed of by just attacking them with basic attacks. While most minions are very vulnerable to these basic attacks, others are very resistant to them. 


This is why learning how enemies work and what type of damage they're most vulnerable to is important in the game. 

I would still keep my powerful skills reserved for tougher opponents, but when it comes to enemies that are resistant to basic damage, I would rather use a hero or two to deal damage to eliminate these types of foes.

Complete Quests And Level Up Your Team

Much like many other RPGs on mobile, completing quests is the best way to earn experience in the game. The team that I have had a much-needed boost of experience after completing certain quests. 

See How To Get Diamonds In Disney Heroes: Battle Mode
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Leveling up each hero will also level up the entire team, thus unlocking more skills and helping me defeat more challenging foes in certain missions. 

Quests such as the main ones and even the daily quests all give experience, so make sure that you finish them. After completing these quests, I've received rewards such as gold coins, diamonds, and many other boosts. 

Don't miss out on the chance to improve your team so keep on playing.

Increasing Hero Power With Badges

I've already mentioned that leveling up the team means unlocking new skills, thus increasing their power level. There are still many other ways to improve and increase your hero's power level. One of which is by adding badges. 

Badges help increase my hero's basic stats, and once I get all badges, my hero will be promoted. Promoting heroes will permanently increase their stats based on the badges that I've used before. 

Before adding badges to heroes, I always make sure that they have the best stats to help improve my hero's stats. You can improve the stats of a certain badge by paying gold coins to upgrade it.

Balancing Your Hero's Power Level

It is a tough call to make when you have a bias towards a certain hero. I always have a favorite hero in the team, which I would like to focus all of my attention on. 

See How To Get Diamonds In Disney Heroes: Battle Mode
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However, this is a bad strategy, especially if you leave other heroes on the team very vulnerable and weak. To make an ideal team that is both powerful and reliable in battle, I always have to make sure to balance each hero's power level by leveling them up together. 

I never leave a weak link on my team, so I tend to level them up as even as possible. If you don't, there's a chance that you may be vulnerable in some areas of the team, which can lead to sudden defeat, especially when up against formidable foes.

Go Through The Story To Earn Rewards

I've had the opportunity to play many hours with Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, and it has some of the best storylines in any mobile game. The story will immediately captivate you. 

However, you also need to focus on creating a team, especially in the early stages. The tips above should allow you to gather a good team and once you have a powerful team, go through the story as fast as possible to earn the rewards, including coins, diamonds, and valuable experience. 

My priority is to assemble a good team first and then make sure they are upgraded so that they can quickly sweep through the enemies.

Different Roles, Different Positions, All Equal

As they say, there is no I in a team, and every role and position in the game is equally important. There are different roles in the game, and each of these heroes brings something to the table that can lead to your victory in battle

See How To Get Diamonds In Disney Heroes: Battle Mode
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There are tanks that soak up the damage, while damage dealers often deal huge amounts of damage. Meanwhile, support provides utility and healing to the team while control roles tend to manipulate the environment to give my team an advantage. 

Some of the best tanks in the game are Mr. Incredible, Felix, and Bogo, while Elastigirl, Jack-Jack, and Dash are great damage dealers. If I ever need to pull out a miraculous save, I always use Yax or even Judy Hopps for support.

Join An Active Guild As Soon As Possible

Guilds offer many freebies and many other perks in this game, so I always want other players to join an active guild from the moment the feature is unlocked at Level 15. 

The downside to this is that not every guild is going to be active, so finding the right guild can be a task. You'll know that a guild is active when players are still playing the game, and they would want to reach out to you. 

An active guild also gains a lot of experience through its playing members. Having an active guild would help you gain more knowledge in the game so take advantage of these perks right away.

Get Diamonds At The Events Tab

Diamonds are the luxury currency used in the game. You need to have real money to purchase diamonds and use them. For those who can spend money in the game, you can immediately get the heroes that you want by purchasing them through your diamonds. 

See How To Get Diamonds In Disney Heroes: Battle Mode
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Those who don't want to spend will have to grind their way to get their diamonds for free and recruit new heroes. One good way to earn diamonds in the game for free is through the Events tab

This is where I can check out the different events held in the game. Make sure to check it out as well and see if there are any events currently running that you can participate in.

Play The First Seven Days Religiously

Apart from checking the events tab, another way to collect diamonds is to religiously play the game in the next seven days. I was gifted with many freebies by just logging in and playing the game for seven consecutive days

All of the hard work soon paid off as I was able to get rewards and rare items that I can use in battle. That doesn't stop there, though, as I can always continue to play the game religiously for up to 13 days or even up to a month as long as I can. 

For those who want to earn a lot of rewards, play the game religiously.


As a long-time fan of Disney, it's cool to see all of these beloved characters come to life once more in this mobile strategy game. Disney Heroes: Battle Mode truly brings Disney magic into the mobile platform. 

I hope you learned a lot about how to play the game better with the tips mentioned above. Download the game today on your mobile device through the Google Play Store and the App Store