Learn To Play The Modern Warfare Version Of Call Of Duty

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been around for quite some time, and I have always wanted to play this mobile game since it came out. I was intrigued by the difference between the PC version from the mobile version of the game. 

When I tried it out, there was a sense of familiarity with playing the game, including the legendary maps and some mechanics. Still, I was blown away at how Activision has managed to bring the fun and thrilling aspect of Modern Warfare into the mobile version.


There are some minor changes, especially when handling the controls, but from what I experienced, it only took a few minutes to get into the controls. However, this is where the similarities end, and things get more exciting as I discover more and more about Modern Warfare. In this article, I am going to share with you the following:

  • Genuinely Fun And Familiar Experience
  • The Basics Of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare
  • Play Often To Learn
  • Play Different Game Modes
  • Boost Your Weapons
Learn To Play The Modern Warfare Version Of Call Of Duty
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Genuinely Fun And Familiar Experience

Not to be mixed up with another Call of Duty mobile game set for the Eastern audience, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is developed and released by Activision and is readily available for download for the Western audience. 

Learn To Play The Modern Warfare Version Of Call Of Duty
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Exclusively played for mobile phones, the iconic shooter game features multiplayer maps, game modes, and even the very popular 100-player battle royale game that everyone is hyping about. 


Play high-definition, high-quality games on your phone filled with highly customizable controls to fit your playstyle and voice and chat settings to keep the line of communication going. Turn up the battle with dozens of load-outs and characters from the Call of Duty franchise. 

Play the iconic maps from Black Ops and Modern Warfare on mobile for free. Join millions of players worldwide and get to play one of the most exciting and well-received mobile shooter games in the market today.

Downloading On Your Phone

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is made available for all mobile devices, including Android and iOS. It is currently downloadable through the Google Play Store and the App Store, amongst many other mobile outlets. 


Tap Install after searching for the game's title to begin downloading and wait for the game to launch.

The game does have an option for in-app purchases, so I highly suggest setting up your payment options first before launching the game or while waiting for the game to download.

The Basics Of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

Upon launching the game, I get into the tutorial before being able to play the main game. I was prompted to create an Activision account which allows me to link all of the content that I have on all games from different platforms. 

Learn To Play The Modern Warfare Version Of Call Of Duty
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If you already have an Activision account, you might as well log in, but if not, it is best to create an account. 

Modern Warfare offers different game modes, such as the infamous battle royale mode, where I get to play against 99 other players or participate in a team deathmatch game against five other players. 

The mobile game also features a zombie mode where I get to shoot down zombies. I can even flex my sniping skills with a game mode that is dedicated to snipers.

Optimize Your Settings

Apart from ensuring that my phone can launch and play the game, I always want to remind other players, especially within the shooter genre, to optimize the settings. 

The most important in-game settings must be adjusted to fit your needs. These include sensitivity and aim assist. The sensitivity indicates how fast or slows my character reacts while the Aim Assist settings help me aim my weapon at a target. 

Try placing Aim Assist to standard while Sensitivity can be set to your personal preference. Once done, test your preferred settings in the game and see if certain adjustments need to be made.

Play Often To Learn

New players need to learn more about the game, and what better way to learn and understand how the game functions than to play often.

Learn To Play The Modern Warfare Version Of Call Of Duty
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I've gone through the tutorial and played different maps and game modes to fully understand how the game is played. 

With this type of approach to the game, I could formulate my playstyle according to the game mode that I want to play. This is one of the many advantages that I have over other new players since I took the time to learn the maps and the game itself. 

Whenever I am up against a newbie on a certain map, I know where to hide and snipe them or attack them by surprise since I put in a lot of time learning the game.

Get Rewards

Apart from playing the game regularly, I also get rewards from logging in every day. This is one of the many perks that I have noticed when playing the game. New players should take advantage of the benefits we get from just logging in to the game daily.

The rewards include in-game currency, a few items, and boosts that will help us level up the account and find better items to use in the game. 

Play Different Game Modes

I bet you were interested in playing this game for its battle royale game mode, but other game modes are equally fun and exciting as the popular battle royale. 

Learn To Play The Modern Warfare Version Of Call Of Duty
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The team deathmatch is a true testament of teamwork and player skill as you will be joining different players from different regions to play as a team and work together to bring down the other team. 

This is where skill and strategy truly shine as a player, so I highly advise that you play this game mode more often. Modern Warfare also features a highly competitive ranked game mode where you go up against seasoned players for a chance to be at the top. 

Harness your skills and sharpen those strategies if you want to leave a mark on the leaderboards. Not everything is serious in this game; I also play some fun game modes from time to time, such as Sniper Only and some themed game modes such as Halloween and Zombies.

Invest In The Battle Pass

The Battle Pass system is a staple in most mobile games, but there is a reason why it is so popular amongst the mobile gaming community. It often provides many rewards to the player who invests their time to play and have fun in the game. 

While it is a paid item in the game, there are meaningful and smart ways to get them for free if you know how to get them. The Battle Pass helps me gain more experience alongside playing the game. 

This system also gives you rewards and unlocks even more as I go on collecting experience. Apart from the tips I get from playing the game and joining events, the rewards that I collect are rare and exclusive to those who invest in the Battle Pass.

Boost Your Weapons

Gunsmith is a new feature in Call of Duty that allows us to customize our weapons and imbue them with different features such as skins and other attachments. 

Learn To Play The Modern Warfare Version Of Call Of Duty
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To unlock this feature, all I needed to do was play the game with the weapon that I wanted to upgrade, and through Weapon XP, I got to level up that certain weapon. 

This feature is found in the Loadout section of the main screen, so go ahead and check it out once you have the time. Upgrading your weapons have its own set of advantages. 

From adding scopes to extend the barrel to having more firepower, it pays to invest time and effort in upgrading the weapons of your choice.

Use Grenades

One of the essential weapons that I still find to be significantly underestimated in this game is grenades. Fights can break out at any moment in this game, and I could either start a war or disengage a battle using a grenade. 

Some grenades might even allow me to quickly heal up before charging in again. Never forget to grab a grenade at the start of the game.

I normally use grenades to open up a fight, but if I get into a sticky situation, a grenade can also help me disengage from a fight. It is fairly easy to use as long as you don't excessively throw them without any purpose to get everyone's attention.


As a mobile gamer myself, I am truly impressed at how Activision has brought Call of Duty Modern Warfare into the mobile gaming genre. It has been quite nostalgic for a CoD player to revisit familiar maps and iconic locales from previous games. 

Since its release, with millions of downloads, Call of Duty is off to a perfect start within a community filled with mobile shooters.