Check Out These Games That Are In Beach Settings

There are many settings used in many video games, but none is as common as beach settings. Not only do games that feature the beach show off high detailed graphics, but it also sets the tone of the game. 

I have noticed that most of the games that I have played, apart from the sci-fi games, mostly have a beach setting in them. In gaming, the setting immerses the player in the experience and what better way to indulge the player than to put them on the beach. Here are some games that take place on the beach.

Check Out These Games That Are In Beach Settings
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Dead Island

When the game's trailer was released back in 2011, I didn't think that this game would be one of my favorites due to its storyline and the emotion it brought. As you might know, Dead Island follows the story of four main characters as they try to escape an island after getting overrun by zombies. 

Check Out These Games That Are In Beach Settings
Image Source: Deep Silver

The trailer alone has set the tone of the game and what to expect from players, but I never expected it to be so involved with the game and root for all the characters to survive. 

The game's highly detailed rendition of the sands on the beach was one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Dead Island's entire experience is all about surviving, but a backdrop as beautiful as the ones within the tropical beaches of the island makes it very interesting. 


Usually, zombie games are set in a dark and dreary setting, but Dead Island changed everything, making it one of the most exciting zombie games that I have ever played.


Tropico is a simulation video game where I get to play the role of "El Presidente," who rules a tropical island while also managing different resources. 

Check Out These Games That Are In Beach Settings
Image Source: Tech Raptor

The game's ultimate goal is to stay in power using whatever means possible, and that can easily mean extortion and different methods involving electoral fraud and the use of totalitarianism. 


Many of the game's settings are set on the beach and the tropical islands, where I get to build different infrastructures or clear them up to control the land. There are several things that the player will have to contend with that are quite amusing for me. 

One is to keep your allies happy, including the Soviet Union and the US, and they'll be able to continue supporting my ascension to power and control over the islands. Failing to do so would mean an invasion can happen and overthrow the government that I have built.

Super Mario Sunshine

If there is one game that truly embodies the beach's fun experience, it's Super Mario Sunshine. Players must obtain Shine Sprites to prove Mario's innocence while also trying to uncover who is behind all the mayhem.

Check Out These Games That Are In Beach Settings
Image Source: Game Pur

This platform action-adventure game from the Super Mario franchise was developed for the GameCube and is the second 3D game developed by Nintendo after Super Mario 64. 

The game takes place predominantly on the beaches of the tropical island of Delfino, where Mario and his friends were on an adventure but got sidetracked when a villainous doppelganger causes chaos over the tropical island. 

Super Mario Sunshine follows most of the gameplay from Super Mario 64, but for a game set in a tropical setting, the beach levels of the game bring a very summer vibe to the entire game. Hidden areas and challenges can also be done along the beaches of Isle Delfino. 

Crash Bandicoot

One of the many childhood games that I played that reminds me of fun and adventure was Crash Bandicoot

Check Out These Games That Are In Beach Settings
Image Source: IGN

Crash Bandicoot is one of the many classic games that remain unrivaled to this very day, from the hilarious main character's iconic outfit to the overall satisfying gameplay. Crash's adventures take him to the sunny beaches, temple ruins, and tropical jungles. 

Many yesteryear players fondly remember Crash as the adorable protagonist, but the gameplay itself is far more iconic. The goal of the platformer game was to complete each level from beginning to end while also dodging different obstacles, avoiding enemies, or use different animals to complete each level. 

He can also run, jump, and spin through different environments and use those moves to defend himself against the enemy.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

Black Flag was released in 2013 and became one of the best-selling games of that year. 

Check Out These Games That Are In Beach Settings
Image Source: IGN

The game was set in an open world in a tropical environment that featured beautiful beaches, jungles, and different locations such as Havana, Nassau, and Port-au-Prince. 

Players get to explore different areas in the tropical landscape, such as shipwrecks, atolls, seaports, and even the Mayan Ruins. 

What I liked about Black Flag is that the entire franchise took the risk of introducing pirates into the game, which made it even more compelling. Players get to captain the Jackdaw, which can be upgraded throughout the entire game and is commonly used to travel through different areas.

Donkey Kong Country Returns

Made for the Wii console, Donkey Kong Country Returns is a side-scrolling platform adventure game from Retro Studios that features the beloved gorilla back into our screen. 

Check Out These Games That Are In Beach Settings
Image Source: Den of Geek

In the game, Donkey Kong and his friend Diddy must retrieve all the stolen bananas from the Tiki Tak Tribe that have hypnotized all the animals into stealing them. 

Donkey Kong Country Returns is one of the most beloved games in the franchise and is highly revered as a classic in the genre. In 2010, the game was awarded as Best Retro Game for its highly nostalgic gameplay experience.

Far Cry 3

Hunting down animals and crafting weapons to survive within an island has been used as a plot by many other games, but none has taken it to a more significant effect than Far Cry 3

Check Out These Games That Are In Beach Settings
Image Source: Gamepressure

Set in Rook Island, the game explores how getting stranded on an island filled with danger can take its toll on the human psyche. While the game does have its set of challenging missions, the one thing that I truly liked about the game is the survival aspect. 

Hunting down animals, taking enemy outposts, crafting weapons, and ambushing enemies using those weapons has never been this much fun. Far Cry 3 can be played on PC, PS3, PS4, and Xbox.


Crysis was released in November of 2007, and for an older game, Crysis still holds well today due to its beautiful locale. Set in the islands of the Philippines, Crysis follows the story of Jake Dunn, who uncovers a secret behind an alien structure within the jungles of the tropical islands. 

Check Out These Games That Are In Beach Settings
Image Source: Forbes

The game continues to bring awe as the game perfectly captures the pristine beauty of the Philippine beaches. 

Alongside the beach settings in the game, I also get to discover tropical jungles, and while up in the mountains, I can see the beaches during the sunset - a view that will forever be etched in my memory. Players would also be surprised at how well-developed this game is apart from its awe-inspiring scenario.

Developed by Crytek for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360, Crysis remains one of the best games in the series. I get to battle against North Korean forces and aliens at the same time.

Goof Troop

For the most part, I've played Goof Troop during my childhood years, and if there is one thing that I remember while playing the game is its beach setting. 

Check Out These Games That Are In Beach Settings
Image Source: Game Fabrique

The game starts at the beach, where you get to solve different puzzles through a maze, and sometimes, you also encounter different enemies along the way. 

As the game progresses, I move within the island, but it is the game's beach setting that makes it truly memorable. The swaying palm trees, the sand on the beach, and the different puzzles I encountered during those early stages were very memorable. 

Goof Troop is a fun action-adventure puzzle game that all ages can play. I had fun playing it as a kid, and I had a nostalgic experience playing it a while back.

Sonic Adventure

If there was one game that truly stands out that effectively uses its beach settings to its full potential, it's Sonic Adventure

Check Out These Games That Are In Beach Settings
Image Source: Game Revolution

The game might be played on the classic Sega Dreamcast console, but it features one of the best levels in the entire franchise. The beach level was filled with tricks and challenges that many of its players found fascinating. 

The game was highly praised for its visual detail, especially in those beach levels of the game. Mind you; those were just the first few levels in the game. 

The game's beach settings were so loved by the fans that the following games had to incorporate the same aesthetics.


Most of the iconic games that I have recommended above feature pristine beaches and use their beach setting to full effect by incorporating different gameplay to it. 

Games like Dead Island bring the nightmare of a zombie apocalypse to the tropical islands, while Far Cry 3 allows me to submerge myself into the survivalist experience.