Bright Memory Mobile - How to Get Skins

There is no denying that Bright Memory Mobile is a gorgeous game. Running on Unreal Engine 4, the game tells the story of Shelia who works for the Natural Science Research Organization or SRO and must fight for survival in the middle of a beautiful but deadly landscape. 

As a player, you must create combos, use different special abilities, and travel through this dangerous unknown territory filled with monsters and demonic creatures.


Playing Bright Memory Mobile is quite an experience. However, you might still need help, especially when playing it on your mobile device. Here's how you can achieve perfect combos, learn how to get skins, and more with the guide below.

  • The Melee Weapon Is Your Best Friend
  • Use the Grappling Hook
  • Dodge as Much as Possible
  • Focus on Flying Enemies First
  • Unlock Achievements
Bright Memory Mobile - How to Get Skins
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The Melee Weapon Is Your Best Friend

Combat in Bright Memory Mobile can be quite challenging with its use of both range and melee weapons. However, one of the most important weapons in the game that is always being overlooked by many players, including myself, is the melee weapon. 

The melee weapon is one of the most underestimated weapons in the game. I suggest using this weapon often, especially when enemies get too close. You can hack and slash away minions that have very low health points. They are easily killed with the melee weapon. 


One great benefit in using melee weapons is that you get to conserve ammo for larger, more difficult enemies. Take advantage of the high damage that the melee weapon provides but also be careful to keep your distance when you use it. 

There are a lot of combos and dodge mechanics that you can perform to avoid getting hit but remember to use the melee weapon when enemies get too close.

Time Your Combos Correctly

One of Bright Memory Mobile's greatest features is the ability to perform different combos. The use of the melee weapon alongside performing combos is a deadly combination that could easily clear mobs and help you reach the end of the level faster. 


However, executing those combos also takes some skill. I don't just perform these combos out of the blue, they require perfect timing and performing the appropriate combo for the right type of enemy. 

Whenever an enemy gets close to me, I use a certain combo that knocks them over into another enemy thus causing more damage and allowing me more time to escape or position myself better. This can also help you avoid getting cornered in certain areas.

Use the Grappling Hook

During my time playing Bright Memory Mobile, I get to explore the game throughout different terrains. There are dark caverns to explore and cliffside pathways to discover. 

Bright Memory Mobile - How to Get Skins
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Sometimes, I encounter blocked pathways or trenches that need to be crossed to get to the next phase of the game. Traveling through rugged terrain can be very dangerous. 

To go through some of these setbacks, you can always use the grappling hook to get yourself across a certain terrain. The grappling hook is a great tool to get from point A to point B in the game. 

Make good use of this item especially when you need to cross a river or a cliff.

Utilize EMP Pulse Properly

Alongside the grappling hook, there are also other items and equipment in my arsenal that I can use to get away from trouble. The grappling hook may help me escape some rugged terrain but the EMP Pulse is better at stunning the enemies or pushing them away.

The EMP Pulse is a great way to escape a huge mob of monsters that are about to dive unto me. The item emits a blue pulse around me that knocks enemies back and damages them. There are also many other uses of the EMP Pulse such as destroying wooden planks that are in the way or simply blasting enemies that come near me. 

However, you still need to be careful with how you use the EMP Pulse. You simply cannot spam the pulse every time you see a monster since it needs to recharge. Make good use of the EMP Pulse and only use it when you really need it.

Dodge as Much as Possible

There are a lot of mechanics that players can utilize in Bright Memory Mobile to avoid getting hit. While the EMP Pulse and the grappling hook are great items to use to avoid damage, there is one mechanic in the game that players should master from the get-go. 

Bright Memory Mobile - How to Get Skins
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The dodge mechanic is an essential mechanic that can mean life and death. Countless times I've failed to dodge a critical attack and end up dying in this game. Make sure that you avoid suffering the same fate by learning how to dodge incoming attacks. 

Most attacks from monsters are slow and telegraphed so there should be enough time for you to pull this off. If you do need to practice, make sure to do it when there are smaller minions around so you don't have to worry about receiving lethal damage. 

This move is highly significant especially if you are dealing with bosses. They deal tremendous amounts of damage and are quite formidable. Make sure to perfect this skill before facing them and use dodge as much as possible.

Things to Do When Facing Bosses

Most of the bosses in this game are slow but are quite difficult to take down. Most of them have the toughest armor and even use a shield to protect themselves. Dealing with bosses can take a while so it is best to use the dodge mechanic whenever they get too close to reposition yourself. 

What I do is circle around them while reloading and use some of my skills and items to deal with their summoned minions. Don't worry too much about the smaller minions as they can be easily killed and will also die immediately once you defeat the boss. 

What I noticed with certain bosses in this game is that they move in a specific pattern. Observe the boss during the first few minutes of the game and understand their pattern. This will help you gain more understanding of how you can defeat them.

Focus on Flying Enemies First

There are a lot of enemies in this game. Most of them come in the form of shadow demons, lumbering zombie-like creatures that move slowly, and then, there are flying creatures. 

Bright Memory Mobile - How to Get Skins
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These flying creatures are some of the most annoying enemies in the game. While they are low in health points, they often fly around you and pick on you. 

Make sure that you focus on the flying enemies first whenever you encounter them. 

Use EMP Pulse to break them apart and then gun them down.

Play the Game Over Again

Bright Memory Mobile is a very short game. I can easily finish the entire game after a few hours. However, what makes this game great is the replayability

There are countless achievements to accomplish and the game also has some unlockable treats such as costumes and skins which I'll talk about later on. 

Once you finish the game, I suggest playing it all over again but this time, in a more difficult setting. You'll notice that the game is much more challenging and has a different feel to it.

Unlock Achievements

Apart from getting to the end, there are also mini-quests that you need to accomplish. One of which is through unlocking achievements. Certain achievements need to be unlocked for you to get stronger in the game. 

Bright Memory Mobile - How to Get Skins
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There's no need to specifically worry about these achievements as most of them are easy to accomplish. Most of the time, they are just killing a certain amount of monsters or achieving a certain rank in the game. 

However, as you progress through the game, you'll be able to notice that certain achievements were not met and can only be unlocked if you go through the game again with a higher difficulty setting.

Unlock Skins and Other Collectibles

As I've mentioned before, certain rewards can only be achieved once you get to finish the game. Some of these rewards include skins

Skins are simply cosmetic items that do not boost your character's stats whenever you use them in the game. 

Complete the story for the first time and you'll receive the school uniform skin. Apart from that, there are also other collectibles in the game that you should anticipate whenever you play the game.


These are just some of the best tips that you can use whenever you play Bright Memory Mobile. These tips should help you play the game much better and receive more rewards at the end of each game.

Bright Memory Mobile is available to download for all mobile devices including Android and iOS.