Learn How to Get the New SKS Weapon in Call of Duty

Call of Duty is one of the many battle royale games that have risen in popularity in the past couple of years. I think what truly separates Call of Duty (COD) from the myriad of battle royale games is the complexity of its weapon systems. 

In many other games, I simply pick up a weapon and use them however, in this game, it is more nuanced than just scavenging for weapons and using it until your bullets run out.


As I move around the map in Call of Duty, each weapon that I get to discover has a glow to it. This means that there is a tier system for how good each weapon is and how rare it is in the game. In this article, we're going to learn how to get the new SKS weapon in COD.

  • A Different Kind of Battle Royale
  • Weapon Rarity System
  • The Importance of Weapons
  • Introducing the SKS Sniper Rifle
Learn How to Get the New SKS Weapon in Call of Duty
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A Different Kind of Battle Royale

Call of Duty offers a very different take on the battle royale game. Many of the standard features of a battle royale game are still present in CoD especially with Warzone and Modern Warfare, the fact that the game offers a weapon rarity system is unique to the entire genre. 

Learn How to Get the New SKS Weapon in Call of Duty
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To win the game, players must be able to survive until the very end and be the last player standing. COD's focus on weapon rarity allows players to experience a different kind of gameplay. This is where strategies are more prominent than just running around killing people left and right. 


I would rather have a weapon system that allows me to pick a playstyle that I like which is quite an interesting addition to the game. The game offers new multiplayer maps such as the 6v6 Apocalypse map and new game modes such as the Resurgence Extreme and Multiplayer modes like Gun Game and Stockpile. 

Call of Duty: Warzone features new operators like Naga, Rivas, Rolf, and Maxis with a new Zombie Experience as well. New weapons are also available and we will be talking about that later down below.

Downloading Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone by the developer Activision, is free to play and free to download. To download the game, I won't be needing the full version of Modern Warfare. Instead, I just get to download the game separately. 


Simply head over to the official website to download the game or head over to the store and search for "Warzone" to download the game.

Weapon Rarity System

Warzone offers a lot of maps and game modes for players to choose from. The game also features its weapon rarity system that I find to make the game even more interesting to play. 

Learn How to Get the New SKS Weapon in Call of Duty
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As I move around the map, there are weapons scattered all over and I have noticed that each of them has an aura or glow to them. The color of each aura surrounding the specific weapon tells me what type of weapon it is and how rare it is to find one in the game. 

It is very important for players to understand the weapon rarity system in the game so I get to know if a weapon is worth keeping and using before I go into a fight. What I like about the weapon rarity system is that it is very easy to understand and it makes choosing the type of weapon more efficient and strategic.

The most common type of weapon that you can find on the map will have a white glow around them. It has no attachments and is usually good to pick up early in the game when I just want to defend myself for the time being. I tend to upgrade them immediately since they usually diminish in value as the game goes on.

Color-Coded Weapons

Green weapons are the ones that have one attachment but I rarely advise players to get them. Blue on the other hand are rare guns that are a level above white and green and they come with three attachments. 

Purple weapons are equipped with four attachments and if you ever encounter one, pick them up without hesitation as they offer better grips and bigger ammo magazines than the previous tier.

Gold weapons or legendary ones are the best in the game apart from the ones on your loadout. They are often found in supply boxes or come as rewards from contracts. If there's one thing that I highly advise, it is to always grab legendary weapons - without a doubt.

The Importance of Weapons

In Call of Duty: Warzone, guns and other weapons are key to victory. I cannot stress it enough that having a set of weapons will help you win matches from the moment you parachute to the last player you encounter in the game. 

Learn How to Get the New SKS Weapon in Call of Duty
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It will take a lot of time for you to master each weapon in the game but the importance of having the best weapon remains unrivaled and absolutely can give you an edge.

Each weapon behaves differently in the game and with over 149 players playing against you, you will need all the help you can get when it comes to choosing the right weapon in Warzone. I do not want to be caught running around the map without any weapon to defend myself.

Choosing the Right Weapon

Warzone often introduces new weapons each season. This makes each season even more diverse as it drastically changes the meta. One weapon can even change an entire meta if we are to be realistic hence the reason why choosing the right weapon is significant to your game.

Of course, preference still plays a huge role in your game and I always advocate for diversity in this game. You can use the most basic rifle you can find and still have fun in the game. 

No one can tell you which weapon is the best in the game but I can always recommend one of the best weapons in the game right now if you want to win more matches.

Introducing the SKS Sniper Rifle

Easily the best weapon in the game in Season 3, the SKS Sniper Rifle is one the most versatile, easy-to-use, highly efficient weapons. There is simply no reason why you would not want to use this weapon if you want to win the game. 

Learn How to Get the New SKS Weapon in Call of Duty
Image Source: PC Invasion

The weapon can be unlocked at Tier 31 with the Season 3 Battle Pass and if you are looking for a weapon with a faster fire rate, good utility but still has decent firepower then, by all means, use the SKS Sniper Rifle as much as possible.

The reason why the SKS weapon is highly contested in the game is its versatility. The best thing that I find in this weapon is that it does not lose a lot against many other weapons in the game like the AK or the M4A1. 

The weapon feels snappy, reliable, and has a well-rounded utility that will make your experience playing the game much better. The SKS Sniper Rifle is also available in other versions of the game namely Modern Warfare and the mobile version of the game.

Breaking Down the SKS Weapon

The SKS comes with 20-round magazines firing at 7.62x39mm ammunition with a faster fire rate than most other rifles in the game, a very manageable recoil, and a good ammo supply. While the SKS Weapon is not meant to be a one-shot one-kill type of weapon, I still think this rifle is to be respected. 

It may offer your enemies some time to react but if you can make quick reactions and hit your target in the upper chest or head, it can make quick work on your foes. With Warzone's affinity for range and stealth, picking up the SKS Weapon is the best choice if you want to have the most ideal weapon in the game.

However, I highly recommend that you avoid using the SKS as a sniper rifle. Instead, I recommend using it as a medium-ranged weapon especially in situations that you want to target either your opponent's chest or head. Landing two to three shots in these areas of the body will deliver the killing blow to your enemy.


The versatility of the SKS weapon is unmatched. If I want to play solo and rack up some kills in the game, I would choose a good setup but if I also want to play for the team and snipe people left and right, the SKS weapon is still one of the best in the game. 

When it comes to being a strong contender in COD, the weapon you choose is important to helping you succeed. At the end of the day, there is absolutely no reason why you should not pick up the SKS Rifle and make it the primary weapon in your arsenal.